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Name: Waddell, John
Boats: 1867, May, DENVER No. 1 when she burned.
       ????: Denver No. 2?
Comments: Related to Westport, Missouri's Waddell?

Name: Wade, Richard M.
Died: 1878, Feb. 19 at age 62, At home in Covington, Ky.
Boats: 1845, CINCINNATUS
       1846, DUCHESS
       1851-?53?, the 1851 SWALLOW
       1854, MANSFIELD
       185?9? at outbreak of C. War, the 1854 QUEEN OF THE WEST
       1857, JUDGE TORRENCE
       1861, CARONDELET, U.S Gunboat
       1862, the 1862 SWALLOW
       1868, Dec. 4, the 1865 UNITED STATES
       1869, the 1869 UNITED STATES
       1871-74, ROBT. MITCHELL
       1877, GENERAL LYTLE
Companies Associated with: 1854-78, U.S. Mail Line

1. Name: Wadlington, T.B.
Area: 1898 - 1900, L. Miss. R., St. Louis - New Orleans
Boats: 1898 - 1900, Pilot on HILL CITY
Owners Associated With: Capt. Thomas B. Sims

Name: Waggoner, Isaac Newton
Comments:  From site visitor Valerie Collins:
          I don't have much about this family,  but knew that nephews of my
          ggggrandmother were river boat captains on the Mississippi.
          This is what I have in my notes:
          JACOB WAGGONER, b ?,  m Unknown, who had a daughter  b Dec 25
          1792 OHIO named Rebekah WAGGONER  (Wife of Peter WILLIAMS). Other
          children were Gershom, Gad and John - b abt 1783 and was a stone
          mason and was the earliest settler in Montebello Twp, Hancock
          County IL (1824 from Cincinatti Ohio), as mentioned in Gregg's
          History of Hancock County. His son's were "steamboat pilots on the
          river" based in St. Louis.  
          John may have had a son named John W., one time owner of the
          It may be possible that John W. fathered Isaac Newton WAGGONER
          who was "One of the most knowledgeable men concerning river
          navigation on the Mississippi", who later retired to farm 200 acres
          of land and run a steam mill in the town of Riverside, IL  along
          the Mississippi.  He died in 1877.
          [We may be able to get rid of all the "possiblies" and "maybes"
          when further info comes in, just possibly. - Dave]

Name: Wagner, Earnest E.
Area: 1961, Miss. R.
Boats: 1947, Mate on ISLAND QUEEN
       1961, AVALON
     : 1961-??, DELTA QUEEN
       1977, July 20 and 21, 1st shakedown cruise, Master, MISSISSIPPI QUEEN

Name: Wagnon, Peter
Area: Coosa R.
Boats: 1888, owner of WILLIE C. WAGNON
       1904, master of ALABAMA

Name: Wait, W.B.
Boat: 1920's?, B.A. DOUGLAS
Comments: Chamberlain, S.D., nearly drowned when shoved overboard.  Was
           rescued downstream.
      Information from Burle County, S.D. Historical Society

Name: Wakeman, Ned
Area: 1850, New York Sound to California Delta 
Boats: 1850, NEW WORLD
Comments: See his exploits here. 

Name; Waldren, Thomas
Died: 1911, Nov. Natchez, Tenn.
Area: 1895, New Orleans-Vicksburg
Boats: 1895, ST. JOSEPH
Companies Associated with: 1895, Natchez and Vicksburg Packet Company

Name: Walke, Henry

Name: Wall, Niebe
Area: 1846, U. Miss. R
Boat(s): 1846 or so, PRARIE BIRD
Comments: Mentioned in this Article

Name: Wallace
Boat(s): 1897, AUG 18:LORENA and HAZEL RICE
       : 1898: 
Comments: From:Notes from The Tribune Telegraph,
           Pomeroy, Meigs County, Ohio, Wed. Aug. 18 1897

Name: Walworth, James
Boat(s): 1844 - 45 or so, PAUL JONES
Area: 1844 - 45 or so, New Orleans - Waterproof

Name: Ward, James
Area: U. Miss. R.
Boat(s): 1857, CANADA
Comments: Was one of principals in organizing the
			Northern Line Packet Company
		: Mentioned in this Article

1. Name: Warner, Charles P.
Area: 1864, St. Louis - New Orleans
Boat: 1864, MOLLIE ABLE

Name: Warner, Ed
Area: 1881, U. White R.
Boats: 1881, late, LADY BOONE
	 : Source

Name: Warner, John T.
Area: 1877, U. White R.
Boats: 1877, DUCK
		1881, late, temporarily, LADY BOONE
Comments: Mentioned in this Article

Name: Warner, Will T.
Area: 1892, U. White R., Ark.
Boats: 1892, RANDALL
		1894, built the DAUNTLESS
Comments: Source

3. Name: Warren
Area: 1849, late,  California Delta
Boats: 1849, late, JOHN A. SUTTER; 1850, EL DORADO

Name: Warton
Boats: At time of her sinking, owned SPREAD EAGLE with others

Name: Watson, James
Area: 1864, Vicksburg - Memphis under U/ S. service
Boats: 1863-65, JAMES WATSON

Name: Watson, John O., Lock 4, Monon R., Washington County, Pa.
Area: Monon, Monongahela Rs.
Boats: 1902-1908, May., J.O. WATSON
       1901-07, HAZEL L. WATSON
       1896, for short period sometime after, VENICE

Name: Way, Benjamin, Wellsville, Oh.
Boats: Sometime between 1853 and 57, commanded FOREST CITY
       At outbreak of Civil War, Master of EMPIRE CITY

Show you care, send a Bear!
Name: Way, Fredrick, Jr. Reference Born: in Sewickley, Pennsylvania, Died: Marietta Ohio, 1992. Boats: BETSY ANN, DELTA QUEEN 1921, summer and fall was clerk on GENERAL PERSHING 1923, purser on GENERAL CROWDER 1927, Purchased part of Pittsburgh, Wheeling & Cincinnati Packet Company Comments: from An American Rivers Bibliography Books. Fred dropped out of college to become a riverboat pilot. He had a long career as a captain, and his boating of note included owning the Betsy Ann for a brief period during the Great Depression and bringing the Delta Queen from California to the Ohio and overseeing her rebuilding for The Greene Line in about 1947. He was the founder and president-and-editor-for-life of S&D, the Sons and Daughters of Pioneer Rivermen. He was a compulsive documenter of river steamboats and a good spinner of tales. : Also See Name: Weems, George Area: Baltimore Boats: 1817, SURPRISE; later, EAGLE and PATUXENT Comments: Source Name: Wells, Charles V. Area: 1853, Wheeling-Louisville Boat(s): 1853, VIRGINIA 1860-63, 1860 PLANTER Companies Associated With: 1853, Wheeling Union Packet Line Comments: Credit *Name: Wells, Solly Boats: 1884, ONEIDA 1. Name: White, George L. Area: 1897 - 1907 or so, Miss. R., N.O. - Shreveport Boats: 1897 - 1907 or so, ELECTRA Name: White, J. M. Born: 1823 Died: 1880 Boats: 1850, 1. BELLE CREOLE; 1853, summer,FRANK LYON GOVENOR ALLEN 1851, GRADY BURK - 1/4 owner; SOUTHERN BELLE; 1855, LOUISA 2. 1857: The 1st VICKSBURG; 1860, BELLE LEE 1862, aprox. GRAND DUKE; 1863, T.J. EMORY; 1869, approx. GRAND ERA 1. 1866 - 68, the 2nd VICKSBURG, formerly the LOUISVILLE/OUACHITA 1868, J.M. SHARP; 1869 or so, BELLE LEE; **1871, KATIE; 1. 1878: J. M. WHITE; 1878, FRANK PARGAUD Name: White, John G. of Kountze, Tex. Born: Possibly Lexington, Ky. Wife: Rachel Ellen (Smith) White Area: Sabine R., East Texas Boats: 1897 - 19??,Pilot then mate of NECHES BELLE, sometimes pilot on the MINNIE Later was owner and master of DURA Comments: 1997, got his masters licence for rivers in east Tex. : See source Article 1. Name: White, Volney (Stogey) E. Area: 1925-34, Cincinnati-Pomeroy-Charleston Boats: CHRIS GREENE (the 2nd one) Companies Associated With: 1925- ??, Green Line Steamers, Inc. Comment: from site visitor who knew him: late 1950s, lived in Belview, Ky. Name: Whiting, Richard Area: 1840s?. St Croix and U. Miss. Rs. Source: ARTICLE Name: Whitney, James Boats: CHRYSOPOLIS Name: Whitten, David Boats: 1850, Capt. on ITASCA 1868, Master, AMERICA when she collided with UNITED STATES At one time, BELLE of the WEST Comments: 1858, Raced GRAY EAGLE Name:Whysall, Job Boat)s):Ajax :1897, Aug. 18, IRON AGE Comments: Notes from The Tribune Telegraph, Pomeroy, Meigs County, Ohio, Wed. Aug. 18 1897 Name: Wiess, William and Napoleon Area, Neches R., Tex. Boats: between 1866 and 72, ALAMO, ADRIANNE, JAMES L. GRAHAM and ALBERT GALLATIN Comments: See Source Article 1. Name:Wilkinson, James Edward 1870 - 1903 Area: Ohio R. 1880, Ravenswood - Middleport 1890-94, Parkersburg - Ravenswood trade. Boats: 1880, clerk on WALL CITY 1890-94, Capt. on HARRY D. KNOX Comments: A site visitor filled this in: ". . said to be from Tennessee originally, but lived in Lyon Co., KY on the Cumberland River. Was buried in Kuttawa Cemetery in Lyon Co., Ky." Name: Willard Area: U. Miss. R. Boats: 1860-??, SUNSHINE Comments: Mentioned in this Article Name: Williams, Justinian Boat(s): FAR WEST Area: 1834-36, Mo R. Comments: from the Boone’s Lick Heritage Name: Williamson, Sam Boats: 1878, With Capt. Fred Hornbrook, purchased the TELEPHONE 1897, sometime after, with Capt. Fred Kimple, purchased the BESSIE SMITH Commemts: * Name: Wilson Boats:1884, MAUD S Name: Wilson, F. C. Boats: He was the Chief Engineer on these ferry boats opperating at Boonville, Mo: 1871-87, BIRDIE BRENT; 1887-1909, JOSEPH L. STEPHENS; 1909, DORTHY Area: Boonville, Mo. on Mo. R. Comments: from the Boone’s Lick Heritage Quarterly. Name: Wilson, Tom Boats: 1875-76, AGGIE Mentioned in this Article. Name: Wilson, W. W. Boat(s): 1879, NEW STATE Area: 1879?, Ohio R.? Copmments: Note from the WHEELING NEWS-REGISTER, June 24, 1951 Name: Wineland, Andrew Born: 1810, Kentucky Died: 1859, 18 Oct., of typhoid at his summer home, White Place. Area: Mo. and Platte Rs. Boats: 1850-55, part owner and master, EL PASO : 1856, July, master, JAMES H. LUCAS : others, ADVENTURE, 1/4 ownerOMAHA, GLOBE, JOHN HANCOCK, HENRY BRY, VANDALIA, GENERAL LEVENWORTH Comments: See Source for much more on this captain : Mentioned in this short Article Name: Wingate, David R. Area: 1862, Neches and Sabine Rs. Tex Boats: 1862,purchased PEARL PLANT Comments: 1862, ran PEARL PLANT ashore and burned her to avoid capture by Union forces. Name: Winters, Ben Source Boat(s): Somewhere between 1917 and 1940 was excursion captain on SAINT PAUL : 1947, Excursion boat IDLEWILD Name: Wise, Robert W. Boats: 1874, JAMES B. PARKER 1. Name: Wisherd, Capt. D.W. Area: 1912-23, his boat tramped New Orleans - Pittsburgh Boat(s): co-owned G.W. HILL with Gregory, Sam Name: Wiswell Area: 1811, Hudson R. Boats: 1811, PARAGON Companies Associated With: 1811, Hucson River Steamboat Company Comments: Source 1. Name: Witherington, Agustus "Gus" Levan, Pidgion Hill, Ark. Born: 1818, December 31, Feliciana Parish, Louisiana Died: 1869, March 27, Shot three times in the back and head, murdered, at Moro Bay, Bradley County, Arkansas. Buried: New London Cemetery, Union County, ARK in the Finch Family Plot. Union County, New London, Arkansas Area: 1861, White R. 1862, May - 1865, June, hauled supplies up river for the Confederate States of America Army to various points on the Mississippi, Black, Red, Ouachita and Saline Rivers 1865, Ouachita R. Boats: 1861, Owner and Master of DR. BUFFINGTON : 1862, with Capt. Robert L. Withers, part owner of MORGAN NELSON. Comments: More on Capt. Witherington Name: Withers, Robert L. of Longview Ark. on Saline R. Burried: Longview, Ark. in Withers plot in Prarie Chappel Cemetery Area: 1862, May - 1865, June, hauled supplies up river for the Confederate States of America Army to various points on the Mississippi, Black, Red, Ouachita and Saline Rivers 1866, New Orleans - Red R. Boats: 1862-65 MORGAN NELSON, with Capt. A.L. Witherington 1866, Purchased CARRIE POOL and operated for several years 1866, sometinme after, operated a ferry on the Saline River near Longview at Cavaness Landing Comments: Source Name: Witt, John (Hans) Boat(s): DAVENPORT/W.J. QUINLAN Owners associated with: William J. Quinlan Comments: Source Name: Witten, James Boat: 1849, pilot on MESSENGER No. 2 Name: Wohlt, Albert G., Sr. Area: Mo. R. Boats: 1918-28, ferryboat LEXINGTON, Lexington Mo. Companies associated with: Lafayette Ferry Company, Lexington Mo. Comments: son of August Wohlt, below, and brother to Wesley Wohlt, below. Name: Wohlt, August Area: Mo. R. out of Herman, Mo. Boats: 1867-70, sometime between, owner of the 1867 ferryboat WASHINGTON 1872, owner with J.D. Hibbler of DORA 1877, owner with William Heckman of HOPE Comments: Father of Albert G. Wohlt, Sr., above and Gustave Wohlt, below. Name: Wohlt, Gustave Area: early 1900s out of Herman Mo. Comments: from the Boone’s Lick Heritage Quarterly. : son of August Wohlt, above Name: Wohlt, Henry Area: early 1900s out of Herman Mo. Comments: from the Boone’s Lick Heritage Quarterly. Name: Wohlt, Wesley Boats: 1930s, 40s and 50s ROBERT C. McGREGOR, WILLIAM S. MITCHELL, BIXBY, Area: Mo. R. out of Herman Mo. Comments: from the Boone’s Lick Heritage Quarterly. : brother to Albert Wohlt Name: Wolford, George, Orange, Tex. Area: late 1890s, Sabine R., Tex. Boats: 1890s, DURA Comments: See source Article Name: Wood, James, of Pittsburg, Pa. Boats: 1853, Had the ST. NICHOLAS built,
with P.R. Friend and P.O. Scully, all of Pittsburgh. Associated with: John A. Wood & Son Comments: Mentioned in this Article Name: Wood, James Was in the coal shipping business Boats: 1884, July, JIM WOOD a towboat * Name: Wood, Thomas Oscar Born: 1884, Feb. 24, Hardy, Arkansas. Died: 1961, Apr. 11, Pocahontas, Arkansas. Area: 19?18? - 1925, Miss. R. Boats: Dates unknown, ?QUICKSTEP?, GENEVA 19?18? - 1925, IDLEWILDE Comments: from a site visitor: Carolyn Boone My grandfather T. Oscar Wood was born in Hardy, Arkansas 2-24-l884 and died in Pocahontas, Arkansas 4-11-1961. Some of the steamboats he was Captain of were: 1) Quickstep, 2) Geneva, 3) Idlewild. He hauled wood on the Geneva. My mother who is 82 was born on the Geneva in 1917. She was named after the Geneva. When she began to walk, she disappeared one afternoon. Everyone on the steamboat thought she had fallen overboard. Fortunately, she was found and when my grandfather docked the boat, the family moved to Pocahontas, Arkansas and he became the Captain of the Idlewild.(about 1917-1918), and worked for Sallee Brothers Handle Mill hauling wood up and down the White, Black and St. Francis Rivers. When the Idlewild stopped hauling wood in l925, he continued working for Sallee Brothers Handle Mill in another capacity. He was still working for them in 1961 when he died, a total of forty-four years! At the time he was on the river, it was told that he was one of the best pilots on the rivers. He never had an accident. He knew every shallow place, every rock and every sand bar and could steer safely around them. He never "hung up" the boat. When the Idlewild returned from a trip, you could hear it for miles before it came in sight. They would blow the whistle and people would gather on the bank to watch the crew "tie-in" and throw down the gang plank. It was very special for a small town in those days. Name: Woods, Thomas J. Area: 1858, Upper White R., Ark. Boats: 1858-59, Owner with Captain Pete Fleming of the OAKLAND Comments: Source Name: Woodburry, Charles B., of Dayton Ky. Died: 1903, Aug 24, a Monday, Batesville, Ark. Area: 1873 - , White R., Ark. Boats: 1873 - 80 ARCHIE P. GREEN 1881, WHITEWATER 1884 JOHN F. ALLEN 1887 or 8 - 92, owned GOVERNOR JAMES P. EAGLE 1892, leased the J.A. WOODSON 1896, owner of the OZARK QUEEN Companies Associated With: *Yazoo & Tallahatchie Packet Co. Comments: Prominent in this Article Name: Woodward, D. W. Boat(s): 1870'S: IDA BUDD, PACIFIC Comments: Notes from The Tribune Telegraph, Pomeroy, Meigs County, Ohio, Wed. Aug. 18 1897 Name: Woodward, Isaac. C. Died: 1898, Sept. Brownsville, Pa Area: 1849, Pittsburgh-Cincinnati. Boats: 1849, MESSENGER No. 2 Comments: The I.C. WOODWARD was named after this captain. Name: Woolsey, B. F. Boats: 1840s, IOLAS 1. Name: Worden, Jones, of Galena and Dubuque Born: 1817, Oneida County New York Area: *1838, Great Lakes 1855, Dubuque - St. Paul Boats: *1830', mid, First found employement as a wheelman on a great lakes steamer, then became a second mate and later first mate. *1838, shortly after, master, CHESAPEAKE 1846, mate on ARGO 1855 or 56, Mate, WAR EAGLE *1855-57, Master and possibly part-owner, FANNY HARRIS *1861, Master, G.W. GRAHAM, probably for one trip St. Louis-Memphis. 1857-62, KEY CITY *1863 or so-65, JOHN D. PERRY during Civil War Service *1863, for a brief time, JENNIE WHIPPLE 1867, HAWK-EYE STATE 1870-74, LAKE SUPERIOR *Also possibly, CHESAPEAKE, SUCKER STATE, Companies associated with: 1857-62, Galena Dubuque, Dunleigh and Minnesota Packet Company 1870-74, Northern Line Packet Company *1863-65, Memphis Packet Company Comments: Third son was named Grant after Ulysses S. Grant whose family The Worden family had come to know. : *1860, Federal census shows he and his family in Galena with property valued at $1,000. *Jones Worden's Steamboats and Steamboating Career by Frederick J. Worden Name: George Name: Wright, Robert F. Boats: 1881, July 23, Capt. of BLACK HILLS Name: Wright, William Penn Married: 1869, Sarah Barnett, had at least one child, William Penn Wright Born: 1818, Sept. 9 Died: 1894, Oct. 12, Buried near the place of his birth, at Red House, W.Va. Area: Kanawah R. Boats: 1848, BLUE RIDGE 1869, ECHO NO. 3 Dates unknown, owned and operated the ACTIVE had controlling interest in the WILLIAM PENN Comments: One of the first pilots licensed by the Government for fresh water vessels, his "papers" covering the Mississippi River and tributaries. : 1869, Jan. was confined to quarentined boat ECHO NO.3 with smallpox. : Related to Capt. William McKinley Wright : See Article on this Capt. : There were many Wrights in the steamboat trade on the Kanawha & Ohio Rs., See article One Hundred And Fifty Years Of Wrights On The River Name: Whysall, Job Boat: IRON AGE 1. Way's Packet Directory, 1848 - 1994 2. Mark Twain Journal, Spring, 1990 3. Steamboats in the Valley

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