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3. Name: Van Pelt, John
  Area: 1849, Sacramento R. Calf.
  Boat: 1849: SACRAMENTO 

Name: Vanderbilt, Commodore Cornelius
  Boats: 1920s? Capt. of BELLONA 
         1824, Capt. of MOUSE
         1834-38, Dec Owner of LEXINGTON
         1840s? owner of COMMODORE VANDERBILT
         1850s? owner of DIRECTOR
         1850s, owner of PROMETHEUS 

Name: Vanderbuilt, Jacob, "Intrepid Jake"
Boats: 1835-40, LEXINGTON
Comments:  Brother to Commodore Cornelius Vanderbilt (above).

Name: Vandergrift, George
Boats: 1875 sometime after, commanded U.S. Lighthouse tender LILI.
            Resigned post Nov. 5, 1885 to manage the Burnet House, Cincinnati.

Name: Vandergrift, John M.
Area:  Upper Miss. R.
Boats: 1845, Owner and Capt. PRAIRIE BIRD  
       1862, Clerk on BRILL
       1871, Clerk on EXCHANGE
       1875, Capt. MESSENGER
       1878, JOHN L. RHOADS
       1879, Capt. of CLIFTON
Companies associated with:  1871, Cincinnati, Big Sandy and Pomeroy Packet Company 
       1879, Pittsburgh and St. Louis Packet Company
Comments: Uncle to Jacob J. Vandergrift.      

Name:Vankaren, W. S.
  Comments: Notes from The Tribune Telegraph,
            Pomeroy, Meigs County, Ohio, Wed. Aug. 18 1897

Name: Varian, C.H., Letart, W. Va. and Point Pleasant, W. Va.
Boats: c. 1899, with E.E. Varian, purchased KLONDIKE
		c. 1899, with Elmer Varian,(below) ONEIDA
		At one time, master of BOB BALLARD

1. Name: Varian, Elmer E., Letart, W. Va. and Point Pleasant, W. Va.
Area: 1890, Gallipolis - Marietta
Boats: 1889, Possibly master of HIBERNIA
	   1890, Master of BOB BALLARD, when built and for a while.
	   c. 1899, with C.H. Varian, purchased ONEIDA
	   1903, purchased the KATIE
	   1906-08, owner, FRENCH
	   1908-13, owned  J.O. WATSON.  Converted to towboat.
	   1916-17, owned KLONDIKE
Comments: Claimed home in Letart, W. Va. when purchased KLONDIKE

Name: Vaughan, James Monroe, of Cincinnati, Oh. and possibly Wood County Va.
Boat(s): 1857, Capt. of the PARKERSBURG 

Name: Vick, James D. of Monroe County, Ala.
AREA: 1890 or so, Alabama R., Montgomery to Mobile
Boats: 1890 or so, TINSIE MOORE
Comments: Above info is from site visitor, Art Green

Name: Voohries, F. P
Boats: 1868, Master of PRINCESS when she was snagged and lost

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