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Name: Terrell, William Boats: 1853, Made trips up Red R., master SONORA 1855, Owned EL PASO 1856-60, EMIGRANT Area: Mo. R. & Red. R. *Name: Thomas Boats: 1884, REGULAR Comments: Mentioned in this Document Name: Thomas, Thadddeus S. (Thad) Boat(s): 1882, SCIOTO Area: Ohio R. Comments: 1882, Was Capt of SCIOTO when she collided with JOHN LOMAS He lost his son in this accident. Pilots of both boats were charged with manslaughter. :Source Name: Thomas, William Austen, 1817-1852. Comments: Site visitor te is looking for info on this captain. Name: Thomas, William T. Area: 1892, White R. Boats: 1892, OAKLAND Comments: Source Name: Thommason, St.Clair Boats: 1857, VICKSBURG Name: Thompson Area: 1840s, Dresdon, Oh. trade. Boats: RELIEF Comments: Mentioned in this Article Name: Thompson Boat(s): 1879 TELEGRAM Area: 1879, Ohio R., Wheeling, W. Va. to Clarington Comments: Source Name: Thompson, G.W. Boats: * 1866, June, 6, clerk on the EDINBURGH with I.L. Thompson, master. 1869, fall, master of CHARMER 1871, With others, purchased EMPEROR 1872 and 1878, was clerk on JAMES D. PARKER Comments: mentioned in this Article Name: Thompson, L.L 1. Name: Thompson, Steven Boats: 1852, master, AURILLA WOOD 1860, Master of CAPITOLA 1865, part owner, EDINBURGH built for this capt. and others 1866, with Capt. Fred Kimpel, purchased gunboat GENERAL THOMAS and remade her into the packet INGOMAR This year also purchased the JAMES REES 1875, master of M.S. THANHOUSER 1876 Owned with others the TELEGRAM 1901, fall, purchased with C.C. Thomas the 1884 BIG SANDY At one time master of CHESAPEAKE Comments: this captain was a principal in the Wheeling & Sun Fish Packet Company : this captain is featured in this Article

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Name: Thompson, William Area: L. Miss. R. Boats: 1866, JULIA Companies associated with: 1866, Atlantic and Mississippi Steamship Company 1. Name: Thompson, William L. Area: 1907, Mo. R., St. Louis-Kansas City trade Boats: 1907, CHESTER Comments: was father of Capt. Leonard W. Thompson Name: Thorp, O. F. Area: Miss. and Mo. Rs. Boats: 1858, May, WILLIAM BAIRD Name: Thorngenan, W. H. Source Boats: 1877-87, CARONDELET 1898: CITY OF ST. LOUIS Name: Thornburg, Harry or Henry Area: Mo. R. Boats: 1860, Sept 3, owner of ASA WILGUS when it was lost Comments: Piloted with Horace Bixby when Sam Clemens was cubbing. Name: Throckmorton, Harry Comments: Either an owner or captain. Related to below? Name: Throckmorton, Joseph, of St. Louis Boat(s): 1832: built the WARRIOR 1847, Apr. Capt. on CORA 1854-56, Sept. 16, Part owner and master, GENOA Comments: Mentioned in article Name: Throop, George S. Boats: 1877 - Jan. 1880, SILVERTHORN Name: Throop, Josh V. Boats: 1872, SILVERTHORN Comments: George S. Throop was his clerk on the SILVERTHORN. Name: Tichenoe, W.C. Boats: 1887 or so, WILL S. HAYS Name: Timms, James Area: 1859 or so, White R. Boats: 1859 or so, CITY OF KNOXVILLE Comments: Mentioned in this Article : Might possibly be the captain in this query??? Name: Tobin, John W. Boats: 185?9?, TELEGRAM 1861, LOUISVILLE 1869, owned 1/4 of the 1868 BELLE LEE : Capt on J. M. WHITE Nos. 1 and 2, and possibly #4. Comments: Was Master of J.M. White no.4 pilot Anthony G. Medine beat Robert E. Lee's upstream record to a point below Vicksburg, Miss.. Reference Name: Todd, John, Wellsville, Oh. Boats: 1879, Part owner and Master on first trip of MONTANA Comments: Father of Josephus Todd I, below. : See source Name: Todd, Josephus, I (the first) Boats: ROSE BUD, JOSEPHINE, KEY WEST Comments: See source : Father of Josephus Todd II, below. Name: Todd, Josephus, II (the second) Comments: See source Name: Tolbert, John, (L.?) Boat(s): Unknown Area: Mo. R. Mid to late 1800's Comments: According to his G G G G grandson, Thomas D. Gatlin, Capt. Tolbert was in the tobacco trade on a "flat bottom" riverboat. Further info would be appreciated. Name: Townson Boats: 1840s, RICHMOND; Years: Position: Capt. Comments: Name: Twain, Mark - See Samuel Clemens Name: Tunstall, Thomas T. of Jacksonport, Ark. Area: White R. Ark. Boats: 1844, CARRIER 1845, WASP 1848, KATE KIRKWOOD Name: Tyner, James S., Nashville, Tenn. Area: Cumberland R. Boats: 1886, master of B.S. RHEA 1891, master of ALEX PERRY 1908, purchased the ROSE HITE and renamed her the GRACEY CHILDERS 1901, Master of H.W. BUTTORFF Associated with: the Ryman Line Comments: Mentioned HERE 1. Way's Packet Directory, 1848 - 1994

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