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Name: Sangster, Bill (See) Name: Sayer, Thos. Boats: 1868, Jan. 4, Master of HARRY DEAN when it blew its boilers Comments: See Article Name: Scales, William, of Zanesville, Oh. Boats: TUSCARAWAS, MUSKIGUM VALLEY, 1844-46, ZANESVILLE PACKET Comments: Mentioned in this Article Name: Schadler, Joe Area: 1999, Moline, Ill. Boat: 1999, CELEBRATION BELLE Name: Schadler, Scott Area: 1999, Moline, Ill. Boat: 1999, CELEBRATION BELLE Name; Sanders, Donald J. Area: Present, Rising Sun, Ind. Boats: 1959-60, summers, deck hand, AVALON Later, ?Pilot or Capt.?, DELTA QUEEN 1978-79, First Mate, MISSISSIPPI QUEEN 1990's Mate then Capt. of DIAMOND LADY in Bettendorf, Iowa; EMERALD LADY Capt./Mate, PLAYERS RIVERBOAT CASINO, Metropolis, Ill. Capt., GRAND VICTORIA I Present (1999) Senior Capt., GRAND VICTORIA II, ?Rising Sun, Ind.? Name: Scott Boat(s): 1897, AUG 18:LORENA and HAZEL RICE : 1898: Comments: Notes from The Tribune Telegraph, Pomeroy, Meigs County, Ohio, Wed. Aug. 18 1897 Name: Scott, Uriah B. Area: Ohio and Columbia rivers, Puget Sound Boats: 1863, had built, BEN GAYLORD 1864, Mar. purchased CLERMONT for $20,000 1866, was running VICTOR No.1 Portsmouth-Hunington 1868, with others built the LIGHTWOOD 1871, supervised the building of the CHESAPEAKE and was first master 1872, designed the FASHION Comments: 1. Name: Scovell, F.E. Area: 1895 - 190?, L. Miss. R., N.O. - Shreveport Boats: 1895 - 190?, W.T. SCOVELL Owners Associated With: 1895 - 190?3?, Red River Line 1. Name: Scudder, Michael R. Area: 1865-1866, Aug. 6, White R. Boat: 1865-1866, Aug. 6, pilot on GOVERNOR MORTON Companies Associated With: 1865-1866, Aug. 6, Indianapolis and White River Steamboat Company Name: Sellers, Isaiah, Captain Boats: 1825, Feb. shipped on steamer RAMBLER 1826, engaged on GENERAL CARROL (Nashville to N.O.) 1827, aboard PRESIDENT (Smithland to N.O.) 1828, joined JUBILEE as a pilot 183?6?, With others, purchased ALTON from Capt. John Simonds 1836, May 26, completed and left Pittsburgh with the Steamer PRAIRIE, the first "stateroom cabin" boat seen on the Miss. R. Comments: First steamboat trip said to be in 1811; Linked to Westport. Mo.; Clemens knew him in ?; Devised signals for meeting other boats. Well respected on boats and ashore. Buried: Bellefontaine Cemetery in St. Louis Mo. Name: Shallcross, Henry Clay Born: 1842 Died: 1922 Burried: Mouny Wood Cemetery, Wheeling, West Virginia Comments: held at least 9 steam engineering licences. : piloted Union vessels running the Confederate forts, Henry and Donaldson, on the Mississippii during the Civil War. : 1870 WV Census, Film M593, reel 1696, Page 161, Dwelling 571, Family 566, Ward 1, Wheeling, Ohio County, WV, Lists Henry Shallcross 28 Steamboat engineer, born in Va. Wife Rebecca 24, keeping house, born in Ohio, Hemry A, 4 born in W. Va., Jesse 1 born in W. Va. : See Name: Shallcross, John Boats: 1820's,DIANA 1840-?45?, Capt. of GREY EAGLE 1847-?66? Possibly the ferryboat BLACK LOCUST 1846, PEYTONA 1884, HIBERNIA See Comments: Capt. of DIANA when she sank Oct, 1834. : A native of Louisville, this captain worked his way up being a river engineer. He was active in getting up the original steamboat inspection laws in 1851. :See : The date 1884, in last boat entry makes me wonder if
there were two John Shallcroses, D. Name: Shallcross, William D., native of Wheeling, W. Va. Died: Marysville, California, 2 October 1870, at 49 years. Area: San Francisco-Suisin Companies Associated with: California Steam Navigation Co. Comments: See Name: Shaw, John Boats: 1853, had built, the ARABIA Name: Shaw, John H. Area: Mo. R. 1870, had built, the FONTENELLE 1. Name: Sheble, Edwin A. Boats: 1864, BEN STICKNEY; 1865, IRON CITY; 1864-68, owner MONSOON 1871, owned part of CITY OF ALTON Companies associated with: 1864-65, Atlantic and Mississippi Steamship Company 1. Name: Shouse, John Area: 1849 or so, around Pittsburgh, Pa. Boat: 1849, MESSINGER No. 2 Name: Shields, G. F. Boats: 1871 and 1874, sometime between, master of LADY LEE, St. Louis to Red R. Companies associated with: 1871, Carter Line Name: Shipp, N. C. Area: 1860, White R., Marion County landings Boats; 1860, BELVIDERE Comments: Mentioned in this Article : Father of White R. Capts. William C. and Hardin C. Shipp Name: Shipp, Hardin C., son of Capt. N.C. Shipp, above Area: U. White R. Boats: 1881, pilot on ALBERTA NO. 2 See Name: Shipp, William C., son of Capt. N.C. Shipp, above. Area: 1869, U. White R. To Talbert's Ferry Boats: 1869, F.W. BROOKS and ARGOS 1886, RALPH Comments: Mentioned in this Article Name: Shreve, Henry M. Born: Perryopolis, PA Boats: 1913, Designer and operator of COMET 1814, Capt./Co-owner of ENTERPRISE 1816 - 20, Capt./owner of WASHINGTON 1820s? HELIOPOLIS; Comments: Early 1910s, Co-owner with French, Daniel of Monongahela Steam Navigation Co. : The city of Shreveport was named after this captain. Comments: Notes from WHEELING, WEST VIRGINIA, WHEELING NEWS-REGISTER, June 24, 1951. Comments: Notes from WHEELING, WEST VIRGINIA, WHEELING NEWS-REGISTER, June 24, 1951 Many details of WASHINGTON'S life. Comments: Another mention in this article : Also See Name: Shorpshire, William. New Orleans Boats: 1853, Operated the N.W. THOMAS Name: Shropshire Area: c. 1880, Tombigbee R. Boats: 1881, Was sentenced for "abducting" the ALICE. Sentenced to 2 years in penitentary. Name: Shunk, John M. Area: 1876, Cincinnati-St. Louis Boats: 1876, MARY MILLER 1. Name: Silver, David H. Area: 1856, Mo. R., St. Louis - St. Joseph Boats: 1856, MARTHA JEWETT POLKA 1877, owner of TYRONE
Name: Simmonds, John, Sr. (Father)
Died: 1839
Area: 1817-39, St. Louis
Boats: 1829-31, owned with others, PHOENIX

Comments: Was harbormaster, St. Louis for severl years.

Name: Simmonds, John, Jr. (Son)
Born, 1800, Mar. 13, Windsor, Vermont
Married: 1824, Mar. 4 to Miss Theresa Geyer.  2 daughters before she died.
		 1852, May 5, ro Miss Susan M. Kennett
Area: 1817 - ??, St. Louis
Boats: 1829, Spring, with others, purchased PHOENIX
	   1832? built BOONS LICK
	   1833, Built the ALTON.  1835? Sold to Capt. Isiah Sellers.
Comments: 1819, was deputy constable, St. Louis
		: 1821, was deputy sheriff, St. Louis
		: 1825, was appointed United States Marshal - 
		  1828,	was removed because of politics,
				Decided to get out of politics.
		: 1835, opened large commission house which he owned until 1852.
		: 1852, commenced banking business with James M. Lucas.
		  1857, retired from that business.

Name: Sims
Boat(s):1913: LEOTA
Area:Coosa R. (Ga. and Ala.)
Comments: Source

1. Sims, Edward
Boats: 1904, BEN HUR

Name: Sims, Thomas B.
Boat(s): 1889, BENTON
      *: 1898-1900, HILL CITY 
Area: Mo. R. Out of St. Louis

Name: Sims, William  ("Captain Billy")
Comments: Began his career as cub to Capt. Blunt, Charles Sr.
          1869, at 27 years of age, had established himself as one of
                the steadiest and most respected masters of river.

Name: Sims, W.H., Chamberlain, S.D.
Comments, Mentioned in records of Burle County, S.D. Historical Society as
          a captain who settled in Chamberlain.  See King Family

Name: Singleton, Jacob H. of Wheeling W.V.Died:
Died: 1872, while living in Iowa.
Boats: At one time, the GENERAL MEIGS
Comments: During Civil War was Acting Ensign aboard Union Tinclad
Name: Sire, Joseph
Boats: 1843, OMEGA;

Name: Sites, Lee Thomas
Born: 1842, in Lamine township, Cooper County, Mo.
Boats: 1897-early 1900s, NADINE
Area: Mo. and Lamine Rs. in Mo.
Comments: from the Boone’s Lick Heritage Quarterly.

Name: Slaven, Al J.
Boats: 1877, was clerk on the EMMA GRAHAM
       1884, with Capt. Hod Knowles purchased HARRY D. KNOX
Comments: Mentioned in this Document and here

Name: Smith, Albert B.
Area: U. White R.
	  1872, Buffalo City and Talbert's Ferry
Boats: 1872, owner and capt. of BATESVILLE
	   1876, ALBERTA
	   1880, built the ALBERTA NO. 2
	   1880-81 season, chartered the C. B. WARNER
	   1884, ALBERTA NO. 3 
             Also this year possibly had the IDA SMITH built. See
	   1887-88 season, purchased GENERAL CHAS. H. TOMPKINS
Comments: brother-in-law to Captain Charles Coles,
		: Several mentions in this Article

Name: Smith, Carter Sewell
Boats: At one time, SPRAGUE

Name: Smith E.B.
Boats: 1881, PLOW BOY
	   1884, IDA DARRAGH

1. Name: Smith, Frank O.
Area: Louisville, Evansville and Henderson
Boats: 1875, JOHN S. BRANSFORD
Companies Associated With: 1875,
Louisville, Evansville & Henderson Mail Line. Name: Smith, Henry Clay Area: Neches R., Tex. Boats: 1857, had built with Henry Force, T.J. SMITH Comments: When this captain defected to the Union Navy in 1862, his boat, the SMITH was confiscated by the Confederate States Gov. : See source Article 1. Smith, J.J. Area: 1858, out of Rock Island, Ill Boats: 1858, ROYAL ARCH Name: Smith, John J. Area: U. Miss. R. Boat(s): 1848 or so, TEMPEST Comments: Mentioned in this Article *Name: Smith, Joseph Died: 1863 Area: 1848, U. Miss. R. Pittsburgh - Cincinnati trade Boats: 1848, NOMINEE; 1870, H. WEBER Name: Smith, Nicholas W. Died: 1893 Area: Mo. R., Osage R. in Mo., lived near Blackwater, Mo. Boats: PLOW BOY Comments: from the Boone’s Lick Heritage Quarterly. Name: Smith, Orrin, ?B.?, middle name possibly Bayington Boat(s): BRAVE, BRAZIL, 1849-50, SENATOR 1851-53, Master, NOMINEE 1855, clerk on the LADY FRANKLIN 1854-58, WAR EAGLE Area: 1849-53, Galena - St. Paul Companies Associated with: 1849-50, Galena, Dubuque and Minnisota Packet Company 1854, President of Minnesota Packet Company Comments: Notes from WHEELING, WEST VIRGINIA, WHEELING NEWS-REGISTER, June 24, 1951 : Mentioned in Article : Mentioned in Article : 1854, Was one of the founding stockholders in Galena & Minnesota Packet Co. : 1850, Apr. 19, NOMINEE and HIGHLAND MARY were first boats to St. Paul : A fervant Sabbath observer, Capt. Smith laid his boats up on Sundays. 1. Name: Smithers, D.Y. Boat(s): 1852, owner with others of the ILLINOIS Name: Smoker, John Area: 1848, Apr. 21, departed Shreveport for New Orleans Boats: 1848, Apr., SATONA 1867, had built, GOVERNOR ALLEN 1. 1869, Purchased BELLE LEE at auction at Louisville courthouse steps. This entry prompted by: Journal of Paul Haralson, March, 1848. Name: Smoker, John Boats: 4. 1870, Dec. ROB'T E. LEE Name: Smyth, Andrew, of Bevilport in Jasper County, Tex. Died: *1879, Beaumont, Tex., while docked with the LAURA, had fatal stroke. Buried in Magnolia Cemetery in that city. Area: 1870s, Neches R., Tex. Boats: 1869, with others pruchased the CAMARGO 1870s, LAURA Comments: See source Article 1. Name: Snapp, Capt. Lewis Boats: 1850-52, Owned 1/2 of the 1st GEM Name: Socwell, Henry Mansfield Area: Earlier, Ohio R. 1865-1866, Aug. 6, White R. Boat: 1865-1866, Aug. 6, GOVERNOR MORTON Companies Associated With: 1865-1866, Aug. 6, Indianapolis and White River Steamboat Company Comments: After the GOVERNOR MORTON sank, Capt. Socwell became a leading grocer in Indianapolis. Name: Spahr, Andrew Jackson (Bud) Boats: Capt. Kinney's boats and The Star Line Boats and the snaggboat U. S. S. SUTER Area: Mo. R. Comments: from the Boone’s Lick Heritage Quarterly. Name: Spencer Comments: * 1866, Nov. Is said Capt. Spencer was having the SILVER CLOUD built by Mr. Parsons 1. Name: Staines, Henry B. Area: 1862, u, Miss R.; 1866, Mo. R. Boats: 1862-66, POCAHONTAS Name: Stallings, Thomas B. Area: 1880, U. White R. Boats: 1880, built the LADY BOONE for U. White R. trade 1885, owner of MILT HARRY 1886, NEW HOME 1894, MYRTLE 1901, Possibly the MYRTLE COREY Comments: Mentioned in this Article : Once dubbed the Young Commodore of the Upper White River. Name: Stallnaker, Berry Area: Ohio R. Comments:Notes from The Tribune Telegraph, Pomeroy, Meigs County, Ohio, Wed. Aug. 18 1897 1. Name: Stapleton, Billy Area: 1915, Cincinnati-Memphis Boats: 1915, OHIO Name: Stark, Eben Fletcher Boat(s): unknown Area: Ohio R. Comments: 1836: Captain Stark is said to have died while attempting to rescue passengers after a boat wreck. This info is from Jim Stark It was in his grandfather's obituary notice. Any further info would be appriciated. Name: Stead, Area: St. Louis to Memphis Comments: Source: Great Grandaughter, Eileen, who is looking for more info. Name: Sterling, Mark Boat(s): 1846: MAJOR BROWN 1852, late-55, Dec. 7, owner/master, PRAIRIE CITY 1855, with others, the 1855 LACLEDE Area: 1846: Rio Grande R. 1852-55, Pittsburgh-St. Louis Comments: 1846, Oct. 24: reached Laredo. She was the only boat of size ever to reach Laredo. Was stuck there for a year because of low river levels. Comments: Source Article Name: John Sterrett Name: Stickel, Bill Boat(s):1998: LORENA No. 2 Name: Stillman, Charles Boat(s): 1828: BESSIE Area: Rio Grande R. Comments: Was first to traverse the Rio Grande R. Comments: Source Article Name: Stine, Frank Reference Boat(s): 1860'S: CLIFTON Name: Stine, J.A. Boats: 1882, Aug. 23, master of T.T. HILLMAN when snagged and lost 1. Name: Stockdale, Jackman Taylor of 1854, Georgetown, Pa., later Allegheny. Pa. Died: cir. 1886 Boats: 1845, Clerk on the AMERICAN 1851, Principal owner of the ALEONIA 1853, 1st master of the ADMIRAL 1861, Part owner with J.N. McCurdy of HORIZON, formerly named the JOHN C. FREEMONT 1868, Owned with Capt. T.S. Calhoon the SALLIE 1869, Master of the AUSTRALIA Supervised the building of the BARRANQUILLA Owned with others the NICK WALL, a Mo. R. Boat 1870, Owned with Capt Thomas S. Calhoon the GLENCO 1877, Owned 1/4 of KATIE STOCKDALE 1886, Owner of CITY OF CHARTIERS Comments: 1878, was the Pittsburgh manager of Pittsburgh and Cincinncti Packet Company : Daughter named Ida (IDA STOCKDALE) : Youngest daughter named Katie (KATIE STOCKDALE) : Mentioned in this Document 1. Name: Stockdale, Willis Boats: 1877, Owned 1/2 of KATIE STOCKDALE 1886, Master of CITY OF CHARTIERS Name: Stockholm, Peter D. Born:*Probably Brooklyn, NY Died: 1901. Beaumont, Tex. Area: 1860-1900, Neches and Sabine Rs., Tex. Boats: At various times the BERTHA ROBUCK and JUANITA *1862, pilot on JOSIAH H. BELL Comments: See source Article Name: Stoll, C. W. Reference and Photo Name: Stone Area: 1858, Tombigbee R. Boats: 1858, Mar. 1 when she burned, the ELIZA BATTLE 1. Name: Stowe, O.J. Area: 1883, Muskingum R. : 1886, Muskingum R., mostly Beverly-Parkersburg : 1888-89, Marietta-Zanesville Boats: Built the HARRY D. KNOX : Post 1885, master of T.D. DALE : 1886, Master of BURNSIDE : 1888, master of S.R. VAN METRE Name: Strader, Jacob See Name: Strasser, Paul C., Evansville, In., 1853-1902 Born: 1840, Wuerttemberg, Germany to Xavier and Anna Maria May Strasser Died: 1904, Nov. 24, St. Louis, Mo. Union Station Married: 1864, May 4, Martha (Mattie) Palmer. Had 7 children. Area: Ohio, Miss., White and Green Rs. Boats: 1900, transfer boat DE KOVEN Comments: was pilot, second class during time when piloting in 11th Mississippi Squadron. Eventually became Master Pilot. : This information from family records of Eleanor Dobbs Name: Streckfus, Capt. John, Capt. Joe, Capt. Roy, and Capt. Verne, Comments: see Streckfus Steamers Artical on Brothers Name: Strong, William Area: Cumberland R. Boats: 1860, master of RED ROVER 1870, master of TARASCON
Show you care, send a Bear!

Name: Sturgeon, Edward T., of Louisville, Ky.
Born: July 12, 1817   Died: July 6, 1884
Area: Miss. R.
Boats: 1852-57, early, had the 1852 ECLIPSE built when he was 35 yrs. of age.
       1857-62, DIANA
Comments: To learn a bit more about this captain see notes on accident aboard the Diana.

Name: Suarez, Bert
Area: 1999, New Orleans
Boats: 1999, CREOLE QUEEN

Name: Summers, Frank
Boats: 1897, Feb. 24, JESSIE
Area: Ohio R.
Comments: Brother of James Summers, below.
          From The Tribune Telegraph,
           Pomeroy, Meigs County, Ohio, Wed. Feb. 24 1897
Name: Summers, James
Born: 1831
Area: Ohio R.
Comments: Brother of Frank Summers, above.
         From The Tribune Telegraph,
           Pomeroy, Meigs County, Ohio, Wed. Apr. 28 1897

1. Name: Summons, John Blair
Born: 1792, Dec. 12, on the banks of the Allegheny River, in or near Olean NY
            to James Summons and his wife Nancy Blair. 
Married: 1818, Mar 30, Cincinnati to Prudence Ann Green
Children:  James Blair in 1819, Mary Jane in 1827, William Blair in 1829,
           and Ann Eliza in 1831
Died: 1858, Feb. 28, Cincinnati, Oh. of lung complaint.
            Buried in Cincinnati's Spring Grove Cemetery.
Area: 1853-58, Cincinnati-Louisville
Boats: 1826-27, owner with others of 1827 BEN FRANKLIN
       1834-35, Master, of 1834 BEN FRANKLIN
       1835-36, Master of 1835 SWIFTSHURE,
       1836, Master when new, 1836 BEN FRANKLIN
       1843, Master of 1943 Dr. Franklin
       1843-49, Master of BEN FRANKLIN No.6
       1853-58, 1st Master of JACOB STRADER.
Companies Associated with: 1818-1858, United States Mail Line
Comments: Note from this captain's G G Grandaughter, Jane Carlson 
          He began his boating career on rafts, flatboats and barges.
          As a boy working on keel boats, he went to Cincinnati OH,
          where he lived for the rest of his life. He was 47 years on the river.
          John Blair Summons was associated with the U.S. Mail Line from the very
          beginning in 1818, and remained with the company for 40 years.
          He never met with a serious accident to any boat while in his charge.
          He advanced from a poor, penniless deckhand. and steadily progressed,
          filling the stations of Mate, Pilot and Captain.
          In 1853 Captain John Blair Summons became the first commander of the
          newly-built and ultimately famous steamboat, the Jacob Strader. 
Name: Swager, Joesph
Boats: 1830s early, had DIANA built for company below.
       1. Owned 4 DIANAs starting with 1828 boat
Comments: Part founder of Cincinnati and Louisville Packet Co.
        : 4.  Captured reward of $500 in gold from U.S.
          Postal Department for being first steamboat to make New Orleans-Louisville
          in under 6 days.  Did it in 183?8? in 05/23/15.
        : 4.  The Captain became a rich man riding on this fast record.  5 yrs.
             later he owned a flock of race horses and donned a tall silk hat
             and gold headed cane. 
Name: Swain, David M. of Stillwater, Minn.
Died: 1918, July 3.
Boats: 1888, had built, BOREALIS REX
       1886 built the first VERNE SWAIN
       1913, built the second VERN SWAIN
Comments: See Owners Capt. David Swain for more on this captain.       

Name: Swain, Fred, Ohio, Ill.

Name: Swain, Percy, Peoria, Ill.
Boats: 1916, Capt. of CHARLES E. CESSNA

Name: Swain, Verne, Peoria, Ill.

Name: Swann, Sam B.
Comments: Mentioned in this Document

Name: Sweeney, John
Boats: Mate on VIRGINIA
     : Starting 1897, May 29 HUDSON
Area: Ohio R. 
Comments: From The Tribune Telegraph,
           Pomeroy, Meigs County, Ohio, Wed. May. 12 1897

Name: Swinney, W.D. of Glassgow, Missouri
Boat(s):1850s, KATE SWINNEY
Comments: Daughter was Kate for whom the sidewheeler KATE SWINNEY was
    Comments: from article from Elk Point~Jefferson High School,
              Elk Point South Dacota.

1. Name: Swon, John Coburn
Born in Kentucky and when quite young, both his parents died
       and he went to St. Louis, Mo. where he was adopted by
       a quite wealthy and respected family.   
Boats: 1842-47, ALEX SCOTT
       1846-47 Master and owner of the 1844 J.M. WHITE
       1848, ALECK SCOTT
Comments: This Capt may have been a principal of the Railroad Line.
        : The boat J.C. SWON named after this capt.

Name: Swymer, John
Area: Georgia Rivers
Cos. Associated With: Between 1823 and 1834, Steamboat Company of Georgia
Boats: Between 1823 and 1834, GEORGIA", SAMUEL HOWARD
Comments: Source

Name: Sylvus, Samuel W. (?Sylvis?)
Boats: *1845, engineer on the ARROW
		1884, July, this Article has a Capt. Samuel Sylvis of the firm of
			  John A. Wood & Son, coal shippers, passing through Parkersburgh, W. Va.
			  en route to Pittsburgh.

1. Name: Symmes, Henry H.
Areas: St. Louis - New Orleans
Boats: 1864, purchased burned wreck of DANIEL G. TAYLOR for machinery
       1864? BART ABLE 
       1865-67, sometime between, MOLLIE ABLE
       1870s, MARY E. FORSYTH
Companies associated with: 1864? Merchant and Peoples Line
                           1865-67, sometime between, Atlantic and Mississippi Steamship Company
Comments: Mid-Feb., For $1,000, bought wreck of DANIEL G. TAYLOR and took
          out machenery.

Name: Syphers, William F.
Boats: 1907, purchased part of HAZEL L. WATSON
       1909, purchased HAZEL L. WATSON entire.
       1920, fall, Capt. on LEROY

1. Source: Way's Packet Directory, 1848 - 1994
4. She Takes The Horns, by Fredrick Way, Jr.

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