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Name: Raines, William Cummins Born: 1839, Racine, Wi. Died: 1922 Area: Miss and Mo. Rs. Comments: Said by g. g. grandson to have ferried troops to Vicksburg during siege. Lived in Mo., possibly in Hannible area. Ferried troops to Vicksburg durring the siege. His name was William Cummins Raines, born in Racine, WI in 1839. I beleive he may have lived in the Hannable, MO area. I know he lived in MO. He died in 1922. Name: Ranson, Louis Boats: 1853, Part owner, MARY FOLEY, Enrolled, No. 71, Apr. 8, 1853,(ship registers and enrollments New Orleans, La. Vol. 5) 1. 1878, May, Master, CLARA S Name: Rawley, James, Jr. Boats: 1890's, mid to late: WILL J. CUMMINGS, H. M. STANLEY, KANAWHA Comments: Notes from The Tribune Telegraph, Pomeroy, Meigs County, Ohio, Wed. Aug. 18 1897 Name: Ray, P.S. Area: Mo. R. Boats: Mate, FAGAWAY (SP?); Mate, EL PASO; Mate, JAMES H. LUCAS 1854-56, Sept. 13, Mate, GENOA 1859, Nov. 25 - 18??, Master and 1/8 owner, OMAHA 1. Name: Rea, Capt. Ben C. Area: 1898 - 190?1?, Red R. Above Shreveport Boats: 1898 - 190?1?, GEM 1. Name: Rea, George W. Area: 1877, Red River - New Orleans Boats: 1877, ALEXANDRIA 1. Name: Readman, Samuel Compton Area: 1903, Red R. Boats: 1903 - 190?, Pilot on W. T. SCOVELL Owners Associated With: 1903, Red River Line Name: Reed, D. W. Boats: 1940s?, Capt. of GREENFIELD Name: Reed, James Boat(s): ZEBULON M. PIKE Comments: from Boone's Lick Heritage Quarterly. Name: Reed, James, pilot Boats: 1859, Apr 24, was pilot on the ST. ST. NICHOLAS when she exploded her boilers. 1. Name: Reed, William H. of St. Louis, Mo. Area: Mo. R. Boats: 1855, Dec. 7 when she burned at St. Louis, PARTHENIA 1. Name: Reed, William J. of New Orleans. Area: 1862, Miss. R. Boats: 1862, EMPIRE PARISH Name: Reeder, Ambrose V. Boats: 1859, purchased with Capt. Benjamin V. Glime the ST. NICHOLAS for $25,000 : Capt. Reeder was first clerk on ST. NICHOLAS at time of disaster. : See account of The ST. NICHOLAS Disaster Name: Reeves Area: 1840s, out of Zanesville, Oh. Boats: HOPE Comments: Mentioned in this Article Name: Reid, William Area: 1892, Mo. R. Boats: 1892, at time of his death MINER Comments: This info from Caroline Villier, Capt. Reid's great grandaughter who would like to know more about this Captain. 1. Name: Reid, William H. of St. Louis, Mo. Area: Mo. R. Boats: 1864-5, owner, ?and Capt.? of BELLE PEORIA 1. NameReilly, R. A. Area: 1855, St. Louis - New Orleans Boat: 1855, CRYSTAL PALACE 1. Name: Reno, Samuel J., Pittsburgh Born: 1810. Died: 4. 1850, Cincinnati, of erysipelas. Burried, Pittsburgh. Area: 1850, Pittsburgh-Cincinnati Boats: 1850, Feb.-Mar. 28, BUCKEYE STATE Companies Associated with: Pittsburgh and Cincinnati Packet Company. Comments: 4. At 40 years of age, suffered a stroke aboard the BUCKEYE STATE and was carried ashore at Cincinnati to the Broadway Hotel, where he died. This was after a month of fierce trade rivalry with the CINCINNATI, which Capt. Dean Kountz had placed in direct competition with the BUCKEYE STATE. : Capt. Reno's 6 yr. old son, Sam Jr. grew up to be a captain and pilot. : Capt. Reno's body was taken back to Pittsburgh aboard the BUCKEYE STATE Name: Rhoads, John L. of Haysville, Pa. Boats: 1862, built the DUCHESS 1875-78 or so, JOHN L. RHOADS Comments: His house atop a hill in Haysville was still standing in 1978 Name: J.R. Rhodes Area: 1857, U. Miss. R. Boat(s): 1857, METROPOLITAN Companies Associated With: 1857 & 66, Northern Line Packet Company Comments: Mentioned in this Article Name: Rice, Dan Boats: 1850s, RICE'S FLOATING CIRCUS Name: Richtman, Jack, Capt. or Pilot? Source and Pictures Boats: 1914, Nov.: DEBUQUE Comments: Took over the wheel when Captain Charles Martin dropped dead while approaching the Alton railway bridge. 1. Name: Riley, Robert K. Born: 1830, Oct. 11, Bridgeport, (Monongahela) Pa. Died: 1883, Aug., New York City, leaving wife and 4 daughters. Area: L. Miss. R. Boats: SKYLARK, PLATT VALLEY 1864, owned CITY of CAIRO 1870-80 CITY of VICKSBURG 1881-?94?, CITY of VICKSBURG, the 2nd one. Owners associated with: 1864, Memphis Packet Company 1870-?94?, Anchor Line Name: Ritchie, George Boats: Pilot under Capt. Horace Bixby on CITY of BATON ROUGE. : 1871, W. R. ARTHUR Comments: Blown into water near Memphis when W. R. ARTHUR went boom. Barely survived. More information: from Way's Packet Directory, compiled by John Hartford, river musician. Name: Rives, John Henry Born: 1836 Died: 1873 Area: New Orleans - Jefferson, Tex. Comments: Serve as a Sergeant in Company D, 18th Texas Infantry, Confederate Army. : See SOURCE Name: Roberts, Douglas Area: 1882-83, U. Miss. R., St. Louis - St. Paul. Boats Associated with: 1882-83, pilot on GEM CITY Companies associated with: 1882-83, St. Louis and St. Paul Packet Company Name: Robertson, James L. Area: Coosa R. Boats: CAPT. LYERLY Comments: Source 1. Name: Robinson, J.D. Area: 1910, July, Miss. R., Pittsburgh - Cincinnati trade Boats: 1910, july, LUCILLE NOWLAND Owners Associated With: 1910, July, Noll, Martin F. Name: Robinson, J.J. Died: 1865, June at Olive Street Hotel, St. Louis. Boats: DENMARK, SUCKER STATE, 1864, Mar. - 65, June, MUSCATINE, July, was on BURLINGTON Companies Associated with: Northern Line Packet Company Comments: burried, in Pennsylvania : brother to Capt Andrew Robinbson 1. Name: Rodgers Area: 1852-54, Pittsburgh-St. Louis Boat: 1852-54, GRANITE STATE 1. Name: Roe, Capt. William E. Area: U. Miss. and Ohio Rs. 1892, Marietta-New Matamoras, Oh. Boat(s): 1892, T.N. BARNSDALL 1907-??, Aug. 21, equal parts of AVALON with Noll, Capt. Martin F. and Pope, Capt. Ben S. Companies Associated With: Principal in Ohio and West Virginia Transportation Company Name: Rogers. Pat Died: 1870, Dec. Boats: 1852, the 1852 PIKE Companies Associated With: 1847, became major stockholder in United States Mail Line 1. Name: Rogers, Thomas Area: 1870, Jan. 5, was at St. Louis Boats: 1865, Capt. on W.H. OSBORN 1867, Built and owned SELMA sold in 1868 1870, Jan. 5, NELLIE ROGERS Name: Rogers, W.E. Area: 1869-71, Neches R., Tex. Boats: 1869-71, PELICAN STATE Comments: see source Article Name: Roorbach, Arthur Helme,b. abt 1778 NYC; d. bet 1825-1826 NYC Area: 1807, Albany - New York Boats: 1807, CAR of NEPTUNE also PARAGON and NORTH RIVER Companies Associated With: Hudson River Steamboat Company Comments: Source : On Sept 1, 1816 he was reported to be experimenting with the use of coal instead of wood as a fuel. See the "Annals of Albany" by Joel Munsell. Name; Roosevelt, Nicholas (Teddy Roosevelt's great granduncle.". Position: inventor-engineer. Pilot. Comments: 1811, took first of all western steamers, the NEW ORLEANS from Pittsburgh to New Orleans just to show that it could be done. Name: Ruby, Homer Sheldon Obituary Born: 1842 in Buffalo, Scott Co., IA. Married: 1861, Sept. 9, Andalusia, Rock Island Co., Ill. to Constantine Shuck Boats: 1897, May 15, pilot on CARRIER Source: 1870 Federal Census Buffalo, Scott Co., IA pg. 9. Occupation Steamboat Pilot. *Name: Ruby, Oscar M., Pilot, Buffalo, Io. Obituary Born: 1835, Feb. 14, Alleghany Co., N.Y. Married: 1857, Sept. 27 to Joanna Johnston Area: St. Paul-St. Louis Boats: c. 1854, trained as pilot on JENNY LIND Piloted J. McKEE, BEN CAMPBELL, TISHOMINGO, ROCK ISLAND, DUBUQUE, NEW BOSTON, KEITHSBURH, NORTH WESTERN, JENNIE WHIPPLE, "BELLE of La CROSS and DIAMOND JO Companies associated with: Keokuk Northern Line, Northwestern Union Packet Company Name: Rundle, S. E. Boats: 1864, MOLLIE FELLOWS Comments: mentioned here Name: Russell, Charles B. Boats: 1874, JAMES D. PARKER Name: Rust, John F. Area: Kanawha R. Comments: brother-in-law to Capt William F. Gregory 1. Name: Ryman, Thomas Green Died: 1904, Dec. 23, Boats: 1864-71, ALPHA (the 1st one) 187?-76, BERMUDA 1878, Bad built, B.S. RHEA 1886, Had built B.S. RHEA (the second one) 1897, Apr-Nov., P.D. STAGGS 1880s, Part owner with Thomas M. Gallagher of J.H. HILLMAN 1888-91, DOVER (the 2nd one) 1890-93, L.T. ARMSTRONG 1891, owner, ALEX PERRY Companies Associated With: Pres. or owner, Ryman Line Comments: Following the death of Capt. Tom Ryman, Dec. 23, 1904, son Tom Jr. ran the line until he, Jr., was shot and died aboard the JO HORTON FALL. : Ryman holdings went to forced sale. : More on Capt. Ryman 1. Name: Ryman, Thomas Green, Jr Died: 1915, fall, shot and killed aboard the JO HORTON FALL near Hunter's Landing on the Cumberland R. in Tennessee. Boats: 19??-14, R. DUNBAR 1913, Had built, the JO HORTON FALL Comments: Son of Thomas Green Ryman, above and heir to the Ryman Line : See The Cumberland River Steamboat Company : Mentioned Here 1. Source: Way's Packet Directory, 1848 - 1994

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