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Name: Nanson, Joseph S. Born: 1827, Fayette, Mo. Boat(s): 1855, part owner with Holland, Josh B. of BANNER STATE 1855, April, TROPIC 1856, N. J. EATON; 1857, KATE HOWARD; 1859-60, JOHN D. PERRY 1. 1857 or so, KATE HOWARD 1. 1860, JOHN D. PERRY 1. 1864, SHREVEPORT Area: Mo. AND Red Rs. Comments: from the Boones Lick Heritage Name: Nelson, John Boats: INDEPENDENCE Area: 1819, Mo. R. Comments: from Boone's Lick Heritage Quarterly 1. Name: Nelson, John Boats: 1848, Jan., DISPATCH Area: 1848, Jan., Pittsburgh - Monongahela City, Pa. Comments: Though this capt. could be same as capt. above, the time frame is very long and the area is entirely different. Name: Newcomb, Milt Area: 1891-1907, Wabasha-St. Paul Boats: 1891-1907, CYCLONE 1907, Purchased rafter JUNIATA and renamed her RED WING Name: Neyland, A.A. Area: 1881, Neches R., Tex. Boats: 1881, D. VAN BUSKIRK Comments: See source Article Name: Neyland, William Boats: 1860, purshased the SUNFLOWER from Capt. John Clements Comments: See source Article Name: Nicholes Area: 1817, Miss. r. Boat: 1817, CONSTITUTION Comments: Source Name: Nicholes, Charles Area: Miss R. Boat(s): 1907, Piloted the E. DOUGLAS Name: Nolan, Robert, Jr. Area: 1999, Cincinnati Boats: 1999, SPIRIT of CINCINNATI Name: Noland, E.W.B. Area: 1886, came out of Pine Bluff, Ark Boat(s): 1886, E.W. COLE 1. Name: Noll, Martin F. Area: 1901, Miss and Ohio Rs. Boats: 1877, Was clerk on the new ANDES 1878, was clerk on EXPRESS No. 2 1880, At 31 yrs. of age was first master of SCOTIA 1907-?? owned equal part of AVALON with Roe, Capt William E. and Pope, Capt. Ben S. Owned and opperated, 1910, May - 1911, LUCILLE NOWLAND 1904, T.N. BARNSDALL, briefly 1904, LEROY 1910, With Capt. Harry Kraft, purchased the BESSIE SMITH, entire. Companies Associated With: Principal of Ohio and West Virginia Transportation Company Name: Noll, J. Orville Boat(s): VERNE SWAIN/ROSE ISLAND/CITY of MEMPHIS/ROOSEVELT. One boat had all of these names. Do not know which she was when Noll was Capt. 1911, was steward on NEW ORLEANS replica on its Pittsburgh-New Orleans run. Area: Ohio R. Comments: From The Wheeling Intelligencer, Oct. 23, 1960 Name: Norton, George W. Died: 1868, Jan. 4, killed when HARRY DEAN exploded her port boiler. Norton was a passenger. Area: 1853, Wheeling-Louisville Ohio R. Wheeling, W. Va. Boat(s): 1848: part owner of MARY STEPHENS 1849-53, Capt. on GEO. W. KENDALL 1853- early '54, Master of and owned 3/4 of ALVIN ADAMS and was its first capt.. 1857 or so, Master of 1853 EMPRESS Companies Associated with: Wheeling Union Line, Dean Line Comments: Mentioned in this Article Name: Nye Boat(s): Area: Ohio R. Comments:From The Tribune Telegraph, Pomeroy, Meigs County, Ohio, Wed. Feb. 24 1897 1. Way's Packet Directory, 1848 - 1994

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