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Name: McAllister, John
Born: 1825, Jan. 27, Kentucky
Died: 1872, Nov. 4, Quincy, Lewis County, Kentucky
Married: 1846, Dec. 1, Scioto County, Ohio, Catherine S. Bagby
Boats: 1869, principal owner and master of MOUNTAIN BELLE
       1872, had built, FANNIE DUGAN to replace MOUNTAIN BELLE

Name: McClintock, George B.
Boats: 1853, Principal owner and master of HENRIETTA
       1885, master of HIBERNIA
       1885-86, master of MINNIE BAY
       1886, Master of LIZZIE BAY
       1887, master of OLIVETTE

1.Name: McCloy, John
Boats: 1852, Capt. of DUROCK, when she sank 
       1853, July, BLUFF CITY
       1854, SULTAN
      *1854, Apr. SAM CLOON
       1863, Possibly one of men who purchased the ROBERT CAMPBELL, JR.
       1865, sometime after, CONTINENTAL

Name: McCormick  (See)

*Name: McCormick, Henry
Boats: 1881, CADDO BELL
Comments: 1881, ?Sept.?  committed suicide on CADDO BELL

Name: McClure, John, Jr., Wheeling W. Va.
Boats: 1839, Part owner with James H. Lauderback of AMAZON
       1853, Capt. of THOMAS SWANN, Wheeling-Louisville

Name: McCourtney
Boat(s): 1841, WARSAW
Comments: from the Boone’s Lick Heritage

Name: McCullough,, M.J.
Area: 1864, New Orleans-Vicksburg, then up the Mo. R.
Boats: 1864, June, LANCASTER No. 4

Name:  McDermott, Dennis Patrick (posssibly a captain?)
Comments:  From site visitor, Beverly Crawford,
           I first accessed [your site] to see if I could find any information about
           my great-aunt's husband, Dennis Patrick McDermott (1844-1901).
           My aunt's obituary indicated that he had been a prominent river
           man and that he was on a steamer that ran the blockage at Memphis
           during the Civil War.
           I did not find his name on your site (I don't know if he was ever
           a captain.)
           I was wondering if you had any recommendations as to other sources
           I might check find information about him--either electronic or

Name: ?McGarity, James?  Could be same as McGarry?
Area: U. Mo. R.

Name: McGarry, James
Born: 1835 (about), County Leitrim, Ireland
Died: 1879, July, According to tombstone, July, 1879. 
     : 1872, spring - 1873, Mar. 19SIOUX CITY
Area: Mo. R.
Comments: Obituary

1. Name: McGee, Cornelius (Connie)
Died: 1938, April,  from cancer at the U.S. Marine Hospital. 
Area: 1915 or so, Miss. R.
Boats: 1915 or so, OHIO
Companies associated with: Diamond Jo Line
                        Streckfus Steamers
Comments: Rivermen and Riverboats, A site on this captain and family

*Name: McGuire, Hiram 
       1820s, a captain of a boat on the river

Name: McGuire
Boats: 1849, CONFIDENCE
       1861, J.H. BALDWIN
Area: 1849, Louisville - St. Louis
      1861, Louisville - Cumberland R. trade.
*Name: McGuire, James B.
Area: 1870s, pilot of a steamboat on the Kentucky River
Comments: 1873, was issued a licence

Name: McHarry, Francis (Frank)
Boats: 1867, the FRANK McHARRY was named after this captain.
Comments: Probably the same man as McHenry below.
		: Frank's son-in-law, James F. Irvin, was also a steamboat captain whose brother,
		  Moses Irvin, ran the New Albany-Portland ferry.
		: The bodies of this capt. and his wife were placed in an ornate burial
		  vault above the Ohio near near Elizabeth, IN. The vault was built for Alexander
		  and Margaret McHarry, this captain's father and mother.
		  After vandalism near the turn of the century the bodies
		  were moved to Cave Hill Cemetery in Louisville.

Name: McIntire, John
Boats: 1884, July, B.D. WOOD

1. Name: McIntyre, Sterling
Boats: 1904, when she burned, SUNSHINE

1. Name: McKinley
*Died: 1884, Oct. at home near Bellaire, ?W. Va.?
            He was 72 years of age. Burried Fri., Oct. 10 
Boats: 1854, DAVID GIBSON 

Name: McLean, Daniel
Area: 1840s, U. Miss. and St Croix Rs.

Name: McLure, Jno.,  Wheeling W. Va.
````Boats: 1839, Part owner with James H. Lauderback of AMAZON
       1853, Capt. of THOMAS SWANN, Wheeling-Louisville
Area: 1879, Out of Wheeling, W. Va
Comments: Note from the WHEELING NEWS-REGISTER,
                June 24, 1951

1.  Name: McLure, John, Jr. of Wheeling W. Va.
Area: 1853, Ohio R.
Boats: 1832, was striker on CHIEF JUSTICE MARSHALL, his first job afloat.
       1839, Stockholder in AMAZON
       1845, with Thomas C. Wilson built SENATE
       1845, Built 1854 SENATOR and soon sold her
       1847, Built DR. FRANKLIN. Sold that fall to Galena, Dubuque and Minnesota
             Packet Co.
       1848, built 1848 DR. FRANKLIN No. 2
       1848, owner with John Reed and John J. Roberts of Wheeling of
                  1848 ALLEGHENY CLIPPER
       1851, Built and wqas master of LADY PIKE
       1853, Owner of THOMAS SWANN and built CITY OF WHEELING
       1858, Master of 1857 COURIER
       1860-62, Master of EUNICE
       1865-66, Master NEW STATE
       1877, built PHAETON, but soon sold her 
       Companies Associated With:
                1851, U.S. Mail Line
                1853, Wheeling Union Packer Line
                At one time, Dean Line
       Comments: In 1861 EUNICE was fLagship in U.S. fleet of 12 steamboats up
                 the Kanawha R..  This resulted in the Capt. being made Commodor
                 of the Kanawha fleet.  He held this command unti transfered to
                 Tenn. river in summer of 1862.

Name: McMullan, O.H., of St.Louis in 1859/Parkersburgh, W. Va.
Died: 1859, Apr. 24, when the ST. NICHOLAS blew her boilers.  See
Boats: 1859, Apr. 24th, ST. NICHOLAS
Comments: This captain's wife also died by drowning after the explosion
          of the ST. NICHOLAS

Name: McPhail
Born: 1824, Inverness, Scotland.  Died: 1885, Stillwater
Area: 1840s - 1870s, U. Miss. and St Croix Rs.
Comments: Was one of the first log pilots on the waters of the Miss.
          and St. Croix Rs..

Name: McPherson, E. B.
Comments: Mentioned with his brother, below.

Name: McPherson, Henry
Boats: 1856-59 Capt. of MORNING STAR; 1862?-65, MARS; 1858-59, C. W. SOMBART;
       1859?-61?, CARRIER; 1869, JENNIE LEWIS; 1865, TWILIGHT; ISABELLA;
       1878, HEADLIGHT; 1882?, MARTHA STEPHENS; 1884? ROB ROY
Area: Mo. R.
Comments: from the Boone’s Lick Heritage 

Name: McVay, James C.  See Owners, M

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