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Name: Mabrey, Edgar (Eddie) F.  Source
Boat(s): 1938 - 1939, SAINT PAUL/SENATOR, Pittsburgh excursion captain.
       :S. S. WASHINGTON, for The Streckfus Line.
Died: 1965
Comments: Was Port Captain in Paducah during 1937 flood.
        :  Note from Ralph Mabrey 

1. Name: Maddy, Edwin F.
Area: *1884, Oct. CHESAPEAKE 
	  *1886, Sept., Carrollton, Ky. - Louisville. 
	  1886, Oct. Capt. of MINNI BAY
	  1904, U. Miss and Ohio Rs.
Boats: 1878, With brothers, had built the TELEPHONE
       1883-86, Owner with others of CHESAPEAKE
	  *1886, Sept, MINNIE BAY
	   1904,  AVALON
Comments: 1890, supervised the building of the CONGO

Name: Maddy, W. A.
Boats: 1881, HIBERNIA
Comments: J.J. Maddy was his clerk on the HIBERNIA

Name: Maddy, William F.
Comments: From The Tribune Telegraph,
           Pomeroy, Meigs County, Ohio, Wed. Jan. 6 1897

Name: Maffatt, Francis A.
Area: Upper White R., Ark.
Boats: 1856, Jan. 6 - Nov. 22, owner of THOMAS P. RAY
Comments: see Source

Name: Magennis, James L.
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Boats: * 1857, possibly capt on ROSE DOUGLASS 1. 1868, spring, master of ROB ROY Comments: 1. Name: Maikell, William Area: 1899, Sherveport-Garland City; 1901, Red R. Boat: 1899-1900, fall, Owner, RUBY; 1901, LILLY M. BARLOW Comments: from site visitor: B. Maikell Dave, Thank you so much for the information. I recently found realitives in New Orleans with the same last name (there are only 13 families by the name in th U.S.) We got together and compared pic's (We only had one of Capt. Maikell) They had the same pic. , same Great Grandfather, different marriages and they knew no more than we did. 1. Name: Malin, Ira N. See Area: Ohio R. Boat: 1864, HAVANA, 1867, HARRY JOHNSON Companies associated with: 1864-69, W.E. Gibson & Company Comments; nephew to Capt John W. Malin 1. Name: Malin, John W. See Born: 1818, Oct., Vevay, Switzerland County, Ind.. Father- Judge Joseph Malin of same, but from Charleston W. Va. Died: 1874, Sept. 9, Hot Springs (Ark.?) where he was seeking remedy for various afflictions. Boats: Jeanie Deans, John Drennan, HAMBURG, STATESMAN 1851, Mar. MARY STEPHENS, ROYAL ARCH 1865, WARSAW Companies Associated with: Star and Anchor Lines Name: Malloy, John Boat(s): 1856 - start of Civil War, PLANET
Outdoor 12
Name: Malone, B. J.
Comments: From The Tribune Telegraph,
           Pomeroy, Meigs County, Ohio, Wed. Apr. 28 1897

Manchester, Stephen
Died: 1840, Jan. 13, in LEXINGTON disaster
Area: 1830 to 1840, Long Island Sound
Boat: 1830, late -1840, Jan. 13 Pilot on LEXINGTON

Name: Manthey, Joy
Area: 1999, Galveston, Tex.
Boat: 1999 COLONEL

Name: Manthey, Troy
Area: 1999, Galveston, Tex.
Boat: 1999 COLONEL

Name: Maratta, Daniel Webster "Slippery Dan"
Boats: FONTANELLE, was his last boat before leaving river to
        oversee a company fleet from a desk.
Years: 1850s, Started as cabin boy
Comments: Worked for Coulson Line.

1. Name: Maratta, Frank
Area: 1862, Jan., Pittsburgh-Cincinnati
Boats: 1862, Jan., Capt. of LACON
		1862, Part owner with J.H. Maratta (below) of EMMA
		1863, had built with Capt. G.W. Cullen, the PRINCESS
			  1864, Mar. 3 sold PRINCESS to U.S Navy
        1883, SCOTIA

1. Name: Maratta, J.H. 
Area: 1862, Jan., Pittsburgh-Cincinnati
Boats: 1862, Jan., Part owner with Frank Maratta and Capt. of EMMA

1. Name: Marr, Don
Area: 1888, Ohio R.; 1899, Mo. R.
Boats: 1888, GRANITE STATE
       1890, OHIO, formerly the CLIFTON; 1899, STATE OF KANSAS 
Companies associated with: 1888, Memphis and Cincinnati Packet Company

Name: Marsh, Grant Prince
Born: 1834
Died: 1916, Bismarck
Boats: At one time piloted the RUBICON
	   At one time MARCELLA (MARSELLA?);
      1847 or so, Cabin boy on Allegheny R. on steamer DOVER
      1856, was watchman on A. B. CHAMBERS during St. Louis Ice Gorge.
      1857, fall, mate on HESPERIAN 
      Served as mate on N.O. Packet JOHN J. ROE
      1860: SILVER LAKE;
      1860S?: Capt., NEZ PIERCE CHIEF
      1866: LUELLA
      1867: IDA STOCKDALE
      1868: NILE
      1869: The 1862 TEMPEST
      1869, Oct. took NORTH ALABAMA upriver on supply run to various forts.
      1869: NORTH ALABAMA
      1870, KATE KEARNEY, St. Louis to lower Mo. R. towns
      1870s: NORTH ECLIPSE
      1871, NELLIE PECK on lower Mo. R.
      1871, Nov, took SILVER LAKE to Ft. Buford and back down to near
                 Ft.Thompson where she became frozen in ice.
      1872, Made 2 trips with NELLIE PECK, Sioux City-Ft. Benton
      1873: KEY WEST
      1873-75: JOSEPHINE
      1876: FAR WEST
      1877, Took the new Coulson Line boat ROSE BUD St. Louis-Yellowstone R-Big Horn R.
      1877: * BENTON
      1878-80, 1878, Took command of Coulson Line's new boat F.Y. BATCHELOR
            at Pittsburgh and took her to Ft. Custer on Yellowstone R.
            Worked her for 3 seasons on U. Mo. R. and Yellowstone R. 
      1881: LIVINGSTON
      1882, Purchased the W. J. BEHAN.  Late Apr. that year he transported Sitting Bull
            and his remaining 171 followers from Fort Randall, where they had been detained
            after their return from Canada, up the river to Fort Yates.
      1894: LITTLE EAGLE
      1900-02: the 1899 KATE ADAMS
			At one time: DEER LODGE
Comments: Possibly the greatest steamboatman ever.
         Drawn up the Mo. R. during the Montana gold boom.
        1866, June 17, ended his first voyage as a captain, at
              34 years of age, tied LUELLA up at Fort Benton.  Was first
              to stay far past usual leaving time in Aug. until Sept.
              to bring down miners who wanted to stay that long.
              Left docks with $1,250,000 aboard, the most valuable
              shipment ever.
          1868, took NILE up river during fall and was first to successfully
              winter a boat and return downriver in spring undamaged.
          1869, aboard NORTH ALABAMA, risked another ice entrapment to
                deliver supplies to forts along U. Mo. R.  Made it.
          1871, joined other investors in forming the Colson Packet
                Line, whose major contractor was the military.
          1873, was chosen by army to explore the Yellowstone R..
                Joined with others to form the Coulson Line.
                Took Colson Packet Line packet KEY WEST 460 miles up river to
                mouth of Powder R.
          1875. took JOSEPHINE 483 mi. up Yellowstone R..  Stopped June
                7 just below "Hell Roaring Rapids" within 60 mi. of
                modern Yellowstone Nat. Park.  No other steamer ever
                went that far.
           1876, May 27, Owned and Captained Custer's support boat,
                FAR WEST.
           1876, July 4 & 5, Brought Custer's survivors down the 700 mi.
                to Fort Abraham Lincoln in 54 hrs.  Pulled into Ft. at
                11 PM July 5 1876. In doing this, he set a time/distance
                speed never again equaled.
                Carried the peace commissioners up to meet with The sioux.
           1890s,worked for Benton Transportation Line.
           1894, LITTLE EAGLE, flipped and sank after twister.
         : In later years played a prominent roll in Yankton, S.D. ferry services.
         : Younger brother, M.L. Marsh
         : 4. Capt. Grant Marsh was ". . . a rather heavy-set, chunky individual."

1. Name: Marshall, Robert Melville
Area: Osage R., Mo.
       1879, sometime after, JOHN R. HUGO
       1887-94, Capt. part owner, then full owner, FREDERICK
Companies associated with:  was an officer of, Osage and Missouri River Packet Company
         More on this captain
    Mentioned in this Article. Also see

Name: Martin, Charles R. 
Boats: 1914: DEBUQUE
Comments: 1914, Nov.: Approaching the Alton railway bridge, he dropped dead
          at the wheel of DEBUQUE.  Was relieved by Capt. Jack Richtman.
Name: Mason, J. C.  Credit
Boat(s): SULTANA
Comments: Was SULTANA'S captain when she blew up

Name: Mason, Henry, of Pittsburgh
Boats: 1841, TIOGA  See
       1852, owner of PRAIRIE CITY with Capt. Mark Sterling and Evan Evans

1. Name: Mason, Sam
Area: Ohio and Miss. Rs.
Boats: 1846,  the 1846 ST. CLOUD
       1847, part owner of WILLIAM PENN
       1848 or so, possibly owner and capt. of the 1844 BERTRAND
       1848-50, Capt. TELEGRAPH No. 2
       1853-5?7?, ?Owner? and master, 1853 FALLS CITY
       1861, advertised as Capt. of 1857 COURIER, Wheeling-Cincinnati
       1862-68, owner, ST PATRICK
       1864, part owner of 1846 ST. JOSEPH
       1865, Capt. of C.E. HILLMAN
Companies Associated With: 1853, Wheeling Union Packet Line.
Comments: Note from the WHEELING NEWS-REGISTER,
                June 24, 1951

Name: Massie, John Tarleton  See

Name: Massie, William Rodney
Born: November 5, 1831 in Near Berger, Franklin Co., Missouri.
Married: 1855, May 15, to Fannie Keith, b. 1839, Newport, Kentucky
Died: January 29, 1910, after contracting a cold in St. Louis. 79 yrs old.
		Buried, Bellefontaine Cemetery, St. Louis
Area: 1860, Mo. R
Boats: 1848, (or 1846) Pilot on BERTRAND
  	   1850 Pilot on SPREAD EAGLE
	   1854, Pilot on HONDURAS
	   1855, Pilot on NEW LUCY
       1855, Apr. 10, Pilot on EL PASO when she hit snag and sank.
	   1856, Capt. of EDINBURGH
	   1857, Capt. of OMAHA
	   1858, pilot of MORNING STAR 
       1860, Sept. 3, Capt. or pilot of ASA WILGUS
	   1861, SPREAD EAGLE
	   1865, Master of TWILIGHT
 	   1866-69, ANTELOPE
       At one time, ELK, MONTANA, CORA, 
Companies Associated With: Lightning Line , Coulson Line, Eagle Packet Company
Comments: See more about this captain
		: This captain was playing cards with Wild Bill Hickock when the latter was
          shot to death.  See
		: Also see this major Article about this captain on Steamboats.org.

Name: Massingale, John E.
Boats: 1880s, ?mid? purchased from Benton Transportation Co., JUDITH with Agustus W. Block
Name: Matingly, Joseph B. of Randolph Co. Ill.
Comments: from site visitor:  I am Ellen A. Hernandez, Seattle, WA
          Just found your site. Thank you for offering this service.
          Federal Census, Chester P. O., Randolph Co., ILL, enumerated
          20 Aug 1860, is Jos. B. Matingly, age 57, male, Steamboat Captain,
          real estate 1500, personal estate 2000, born KY; Sarah, age 34,
          born Ark.; Fridinian, (probably should be Ferdinand), age 4, male,
          born MO; Jacob, age 2, male, born MO.

Name: Mauck, Eli, of Cincinnati
Comments: Mentioned in this Document

Name: Mattingly, Eddie
Area: 1999, Louisville Ky.

Name: Mattox, Jim
       1993: Mate on SPIRIT OF PEORIA
       1994-1998, May: SPIRIT OF PEORIA
       Present:  Serves as part-time trip captain on SPIRIT OF PEORIA.

Name: May, John, Beaver Pa.
Died: 1865
Area: Ohio R.
Boat: 1858-62, Dec., Master and 6/16ths owner of IDA MAY

Name: Mayo, O.D.
Born: Rindge, New Hampshire
Died: 50 years later
Area: Lake Michigan, then the Mississippi 
Companies Associated With:
		Illinois and Lake Michigan Canal company.
		Northern Line Packet Company
Comments: Info on this captain came from his GGrandaughter, Dr. Judy Mayo
			See her note to me, here.
To captains whose last names start with Mc

Name: McCullough,, M.J. Area: 1864, New Orleans-Vicksburg, then up the Mo. R. Boats: 1864, June, LANCASTER No. 4 Name: Meanley, Tom Died: 1996, Memphis,Tenn. Area: Memphis, Tenn. Boats: 1955-96, MEMPHIS QUEEN II 1964-96, MEMPHIS SHOWBOAT 1967-??, BELLE CAROL Around 1970, Harbor tug CAPTAIN JAKE 1983-96, ISLAND QUEEN 1979-96, MEMPHIS QUEEN III, Companies associated with: Founder, Memphis Queen Line Name: Meaher, Burns Boats: 1881, Feb. W. B. SEAWELL Name: Medine, Anthony Gatien (Captain Tony) Born: 1859, December 31, Donaldsonville, Louisiana. Died: 1937, May 27, 1937 New Orleans. Area: Miss. R. Boats: 1880s, J. M. WHITE Comments: See his Obituary. : Was piloting the J. M. WHITE when she beat the ROBT. E. LEE's record from New Orleans to point below Vicksburg, Miss.. : His Obituary Name: Menke, Bill Boats: 1922-??, owner, showboat GOLDENROD 1. Name: Miller, Charles Area: 1855, Miss. R. 1880, Cincinnati - New Orleans Boats: 1855, EMPIRE; 1880, NEW MARY HOUSTON 1. Name: Miller, William B. Boats: 1865, Aug., Purchased IBEX and renamed her HARRY DEAN 1874, Spring, Master of the 1869 BEN FRANKLIN, Cincinnati-Memphis. 1878-1881, June, when he lost her at a U.S. Marshal's sale, GUIDING STAR Name: Milliken, Samuel Ramsey Area: 1832-59, Mississippi, Tennessee, Ohio and Cumberland Rs. Comments: brother Ulysses Milliken was also a pilot. : Built steamboats which plied the Mississippi, Tennessee and Cumberland Rivers." In 1859 Captain Milliken disposed of his three packet lines and moved to Texas. : This Info came from a query by Robert Combs 1. Name: Minick, Hiram Area: 1865-1866, Aug. 6, White R. Boat: 1865-1866, Aug. 6, pilot on GOVERNOR MORTON Companies Associated With: 1865-1866, Aug. 6, Indianapolis and White River Steamboat Company
Show you care, send a Bear!

1. Name: Mitchell, Alexander Beard
*Died: 1861, Ft. Adams, MS, in accident 
Area: 1861, Dunlieth-St. Paul
Boats: 1861, WAR EAGLE
Comments: *Site visitor George Mitchell tells us this capt.
          ". . . operated a large number of barges on the
          Mississippi, from Cincinnati or Louisville to New Orleans.
          He was killed in an accident of some type at Ft. Adams, MS in 1861.
          He left a new wife and a one-year old son in New Madrid, MO."

Name: Mitchell, John Beard
Area: 1861, Dunlieth-St. Paul
Boats: ?1861, WAR EAGLE?
Comments: from site visitor George Mitchell
         "In the 1860's family tradition, as well as a Captain's certificate,
         say that my gggrandfather, John Beard Mitchell, was Captain of the
         boat "War Eagle," operating out of Louisville and Cincinnati."       

Name: Montgomery,
Years: 1850's ?
Position: Pilot of CRESCENT CITY, when Mark Twain was cub on her. 
Comments: When his last boat burned, he was the only person to die.
          Remained at wheel until ashore, then, afire himself, dove
          overboard.  Hours later, he died.

*Name: Montgomery, J.Ed.
Boats: **1857, Dec. 13 - 1858, Jan. 22 (N.O. - St. Louis), Pilot of
         D. A. JANUARY
         1. 1860, CITY of MEMPHIS
         *1862, Mar. 30, was pilot on the ALTON
**Comments: Same dates, Sam Clemens was steersman for this pilot.
*Source: Mark Twain Journal, Spring, 1990

Name: Moore
Boat(s): 1849, April, NELSON
Area: Ohio R.
Comments: From The Daily Wheeling Gazette, April 2, 1849, p. 2

1. Name: Moore, Dan
Boats, 1852, Part owner of 1852 WINCHESTER
Comments: brother to Geo. Moore, below.

Name: Moore, E. E. 
Boats: 1887, Nov. 2 & 1888, Feb. 22 was logged a master of BONANZA.

1. Name: Moore, George D.
Area: Ohio and Mo. Rs.
     1869, Pittsburgh-Cincinnati  
Boats: 1848, 1st master and part owner of JAMES NELSON
       1851, capt. of 1851 WINCHESTER
       1852, part owner, of 1852 WINCHESTER
       1853, fall, with others, owner of FOREST CITY
       1854, owner, 1854 ECLIPSE
       1857, With others, built 1857 GLADIATOR	
       1862, 1st. owner of 1862 ECLIPSE
       1862, Under U.S. service, PRIMA DONNA
       1863, Capt. ALLEGHENY BELLE No. 4 
       1864, clerk, BAYARD.
       1865, March, bought control of BAYARD and assumed command.
	   1868, Apr. 23, master, J. N. McCULLOUGH  with Dan Moore (above), clerk
       1869, capt. ARGOSY No. 3
       1870, part Master and owner, MOLLIE MOORE
       1878, part owner and Capt., 1878 ECLIPSE
Comments: brother to Dan Moore, above.

1. Name: Moore, John T.
Died: 1909, May, Wauban Plantation, la.
Boats: 1865-66, June,  sometime between, Master, IDA HANDY

1. Name: Moore, L.T.
Area: 1858-60, Miss. and White Rs.
Boats: 1858-60, DR. BUFFINGTON
Owners Associated With: Buffington, A. J.

Name: Moreau, Amable ( A French U. Miss. Pilot)
Date: 1845  See

Name: Morin, Ken
Area, 1999, Pittsburgh
Boat: 1999, MAJESTIC

Name: Morledge, John
Area: 1880, Cincinnati - New Orleans

Name: Morris, Lewis (Lew) of New Richmound
Boats: 1861-63, LANCASTER No. 4
	   1868, spring, clerk on the 1864 ROB ROY
	   At one time, clerk on NORMAN
	   1871, clerk on ADA HEILMAN
Associated with: 1861-64, David Gibson & Company

Name: Muhleman, Charles  One Source
Died: 1912, Sept. At home in Hannibal, Mo.
Boat(s): 1. 1864, in part, KATE CASSEL
         1. 1866, WILD WAGONER
		 1877, ANDES
         1879, DIURNAL
Area: 1879, Ohio R., 3 trips weekly, Wheeling, W. Va. to St. mary's
Comments: Notes from WHEELING NEWS-REGISTER, June 24, 1951
		: 1877, was Superintendent of Wheeling and Cincinnati Packet Line
		: This captain was raised below Clarington, Oh..  He was a bachelor all his life.

Name: Mullen, Kevin
Area: 1999, Louisville, Ky.

Name: Mullin, Joshua
Area:  from Louisville, KY ,1850's-1867. 

Name: Munford
Area: Miss. R.
Comments:  Source

Name: Murphy, Orion
Boat(s): post Civil War, JEWEL of the NATCHEZ

Name: Murray, Geary W.
Boat(s): 1891, last master of HELENA
Comments: Was master when HELENA sank

Name: Myers, Robert Franklin
Married: cir. 1920, Willora Morris, 16 yrs. old when he was 35 yrs. old
Area: 1920, Pittsburgh-New Orleans
Boats: 1920, S.L. ELAM
       1923, CAPE GIRARDEAU
Comments: Source for this listing

1. Way's Packet Directory, 1848 - 1994
4. She Takes The Horns, by Fredrick Way, Jr.

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