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Name: La Barge, John B. Boats: 1867. With Joseph, M. LaBarge, Purchased WAR EAGLE for $20,000 Comments: Mentioned in this Article Name: La Barge, Joseph Marie Mother: Eulalie Alvarez Hortiz Brother: Charles S. LaBarge Wife: Pelagie Daughters: Emilie, Octavia Boats: 1831 Was Clerk on YELLOWSTONE. 1838, Capt.of KANSAS. 1843, Pilot of OMEGA. 1846, Capt./owner GENERAL BROOKS. 1847, with others had built MARTHA. *1849, built ST. ANGE 1851 When new, SONORA *1852, purchased the HIGHLAND MARY 1. 1857, Capt. of A.C. GODDIN 1855, June, pilot on 1855 ST. MARY 1857-??, part owner with American Fur Company of SPREAD EAGLE 1859, with others, had built, EMILIE LABARGE 1861, CHIPPEWA 1862, June, EMILIE 1863, summer, Capt./owner, ROBERT CAMPBELL, JR. and ?SHREVEPORT? 1864, Purchased three quarters of the EFFIE DEANS for $40,000. *1866, OCTAVIA, named after Captain's. daughter. 1867, With John B. LaBarge, purchased WAR EAGLE for $20,000. 1867, Capt. of OCTAVIA. 1876, JOHN M. CHAMBERS. 18??, ST. ANGE 1872-74, Built and piloted, DE SMET Companies associated with: 1864, Owned EFFIE DEANS with Keokuk Packet Company 1857, American Fur Co. 1862, started La Barge, Harkness & Company. 1864, Company failed loosing La Barge $100,000. Comments: The most acclaimed of rivermen during the Rocky Mountain fur trade era. See the Boone’s Lick Heritage 1832, began his career. 1899, died in St. Louis at age 84. He never lost or badly dammaged a boat. Comments: *Another site - The Riverboats of Capt. LaBarge : Mentioned in this Article Name: LaFaye, Manard Boats: 1840s, SENATOR Comments: Rounded Cape Horn in 7 mos. 17 days in SENATOR?. Name: Lafferty, James Boats: COOSA Area: Coosa R. Comments: Article on the COOSA Name: Laffoon, Diana Area: 1999, Nashville, Tenn. Boat: 1999, MUSIC CITY QUEEN Name: Lamont, Alex (?Lammond?) Way's uses Lamont Areas: 1878, Ill. R. with J.M. KERR Boats: 1863, part owner and master of ISLAND CITY For many years, BALD EAGLE 1878 or so, part owner and master of J.M. KERR 1898 or so master of GUS FOWLER 1900, master of R.C. GUNTER Name: Lamothe, William P./La Motte/La Mothe Boats: 1. 1858, Had built, the 1858 R.J. LOCKWOOD 1. 1864-?, Owner and master of the 1864 GLASGOW Companies associated with: 1. 1867, St. Louis and Omaha Packet Company Comments: The following statement is in the pension records: The statement is made that a man by the name of La Motte was Captain of the Glasgow, and that he had a son living in Upper Alton, Ill. and that he had written claimant that there were no records kept of the death of her husband. And that afterwards, the boat was burned and all books destroyed. I wrote to Will La Motte, Upper Alton, and letter returned uncalled for. Name: Langford, Ed Area: 1955-60, Memphis, Tenn. Boats: 1955-60, owner and Capt., MEMPHIS QUEEN II Name: Lanham, F. C. Area: 1897Ohio R. Comments: From The Tribune Telegraph, Pomeroy, Meigs County, Ohio, Wed. Jan. 6 1897. Name: Lapoint, Antoine Area: 1840s, U. Miss. and St Croix Rs. Source: ARTICLE Name: Laughton Boat: 1857, Apr., GALENA Comments: Mentioned in this Article Name: Larimer Also see Queries Area: 1844, Cincinnati-Wabash R. Boats: WABASH VALEY Name: Lauderback, James H., Wheeling, W. Va. Boats: part owner with Capt. Jesse P. Huges of the 1839 AMAZON Comments: Was grandfather of Capt. Jesse P. Hughes : Mentioned in this Document Name: Law, George "Liveoak" Boats: GEORGE LAWS/CENTRAL AMERICA ?1817, ONTARIO? 1840s?: OREGON Name: Larsen, H. Area: 1908, Green R. Colo. Boats: 1908, "COMET" Companies Associated With:Green River Navigation Company Comments: Source Name: Lax, Hilmar Source Boat(s): 1937, SAINT PAUL, Pittsburg excursion captain WASHINGTON; PRESIDENT : Obituary Name: Lay, Cummins Boats: 1863: ALPHRETTA and LAURA MOORE Area: 1863: Coosa R. (Ga. and Ala.) Name: Layhe, Buck Boat(s): GOLDEN EAGLE Name: Leach, John Area: St. Croix R., Mich. Home: Marine, Mich, then Stillwater, Mich. Source: ARTICLE Name: Leathers, Blanch Douglas Boats:1894 NATCHEZ VIII Comments: Wife of Leathers, Bowling S. Was one of the few women to obtain a masters licence. Name: Leathers, Bowling S. Boats: NATCHEZ VIII Comments: Son of Leathers, Thomas P. Name: Leathers, Thomas P. Boats: 1846 - 1849, NATCHEZ I 1849 - 1853, NATCHEZ II 1853 - 1854, NATCHEZ III 1854 or 55 - 1860, NATCHEZ IV 1860 - 1863, NATCHEZ V 1869 - 1879, NATCHEZ VI 1879 - 1889, NATCHEZ VII 1884, Managed the EDWARD J. GAY 1891 - his death, NATCHEZ VIII 189?? - ?? T. P. LEATHERS 1896 - June: Died after being struck by a bicyclist on St. Charles Ave. in New Orleans. He was 80 yrs. old. Comments: 1870, June 30, Was Capt. of NATCHEZ VI when she raced the ROBERT E. LEE. Comments: One Source : Brief Profile : The Thomas P. Leathers Papers 1. Name: Leavitt, Charles P. of Belleville, W. Va., *1884, Parkersburg, W. Va. Boats: 1877, purchased with a Mr.Spencer, the BETTIE GILBERT 1882, Master of HENRY LOGAN 1883, built the GENERAL DAWES *1884, July 5, Purchased the R.R. DAWES Also had an interest in HARRY D. KNOX Comments: Was a Civil War vet and son in-law to Capt. Horatio Nelson Crooks. : Mentioned a few times in these Documents 1, 2 1. Name: Lee, James Comments: Capt. James Lee founded the Lee Line of steamers. out of Memphis. Lived most of his life in Memphis, Tenn. 1. Name: Lee, Peters Boats: c.1919 with Capt. D.Walter Wishard and others purchased REES LEE and converted her to excursion boat MAJESTIC. 1928 purchased DESOTO (The 8th one) c.1936 purchased with others the JO HORTON FALL and converted to excursion boat VALLEY QUEEN 1934 - 1936 JOE CURTIS Comments: Capt. Peters Lee was closely Associated with The Lee Line of steamers, so it is hard to tell which of his boats were actually Lee Line boats. : Became Manager of Valley Steamers Line after consolidation of the Lee Line with The Delta Line. 1. Name: Lee, Robert E. of Memphis Tenn. Died: 1942, June 12 Comments: This Robert E. Lee was the son of Capt. James Lee, Jr. and the grandson of James Lee, who founded the Lee Line of steamers. : His mother was Rowena Bayless Lee. : His son was named Robert E. Lee, Jr. 1. Name: Lee, Stacker Boats: 1882 Capt. of 1st JAMES LEE a Lee Line boat Comments: The steamer STACKER LEE was named after this Capt. Name: Legere, Edward Boats: Sometime between 1897 and 1952, AUCOCISCO Area: Cosco Bay, Maine 1. Name: Lenaillier, G.E. Area: 1860-69, Red River-New Orleans Boats: 1960-?69?, Owner, with others of NINA SIMMES

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Name: Leonard, Jack Boat(s): 1896, JOHN K. SPEED : 1897, May, Mate on QUEEN CITY Area: Ohio R. Comments: From The Tribune Telegraph, Pomeroy, Meigs County, Ohio, Wed. May. 12 1897 1. Name: Lepper, W.C. Area: Ohio and miss Rs. Boats: 1915, OHIO 1916, HOMER SMITH Associated with: Security Steamboat Company Name: LeRoy Area; 1853, Dec., California - Panama Boat 1853, Dec., CALIFORNIA Comments: Source Name: Lewis, Jacob Area: Ohio R., ?pre-1835? 1. Name: Lightner, A. S. Area: 1882-96, St. Louis - Vicksburg Boats: 1882-96, CITY of CAIRO (the 3rd one) Name: Lightner, J.H. Boats: 1862, Dec., Master of DUCHESS on her only trip as a packet, Pittsburgh-Cincinnati Name: Liles, John M. (Possibly Lyles) Area: Sabine R., Texas Boat(s): 1800s, late, owner with Capt. Sam Allidice of the NECHES BELLE Comments: 1873, Burr's Ferry, Tex., Was first postmaster : See source Article Name: List, Charles (D?) Boats: *1879, Dec. went as clerk on ST. LAWRENCE Comments: With William (below) was principal of Parkersburg & Ohio River Transportation Company Name: List, William M. Boats: 1880 - 1882?: SIDNEY 1884 through Sept.?, master of ST. LAWRENCE Comments: * Oct. 1884 elected president of the Commercial Bank of Cincinnati, Oh. : Mentioned in this Document also see Comments: With Charles (above) was principal of Parkersburg & Ohio River Transportation Company 1. Name: Litten, S. Walker Boats: 1886, EMMA 1889, D.B. BURNS 1893, C.H. WOODS 1895, FAVORITE 1912, Master of LIBERTY Name: Livingston, Robert Boats: CHANCELLOR LIVINGSTON Name: Lohman, Louis Charles, of Jefferson City, Mo. Area: Osage R., Missouri. Boats: 1873, sometime after-1885, the 1872 EMMA Also possibly, *HUGO, BLACK DIAMOND, CARRIER, EDNA, VIOLA BELLE Comments: *Son of Charles F. Lohman *Information from family records of Lee Lohman, GGG grandaughter of Charles F. 1. Name: Louderback, James H. Boats: 1839, part owner and master of the 1839 AMAZON with Capt. Jesse P. Huges Comments: Was grandfather of Capt. Jesse P. Hughes : Mentioned in this Document Name: Loving, Bill (Will) Area: 1870-80s, Sabine and Neches Rs., Tex. Boats: * was pilot on the NECHES BELLE *Pre 1885-88, owner with Capt Pearl Bunn of the VICKSBURG Name: Lozier, Dale Meanley Area: 1999, Memphis, Tenn. Boats: 1999, MEMPHIS QUEEN Name: LUCAS, M.E. of Steubenville, Oh. Boat(s): 1847, MARY STEPHENS 1848, owner of ZACHARY TAYLOR 1851, Spring, JOHN QUINCY ADAMS 1853, Sept. 12, Capt of U.S. MAIL when snagged and lost, Atchison, Ks, Mo. R. 1853, 1st Capt. and part owner of FANNY FERN 1856, Apr., Owner, LADY FRANKLIN Comments: Mentioned in this Article Name: Ludwick Area: Miss. R. Comments: Source Name: Lusk, W.J. Boats: 1861, Mar., BELLE CREOLE Name: Lyles, John See Liles, John M. above * Name: Lyon, John Died: 1884, Nov. 14, fell dead on streets of Zanesville, Oh. He was 65 years of age. Comments: 3. Name: Lysle Area: 1850s, Sacramento R. Calif. Boats: 1850s, early, J. BRAGDON 1. Way's Packet Directory, 1848 - 1994 3. Steamboats in the Valley
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