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1. Name: Keeling, Franklin, New Orleans, See Obituary Boat(s):1843, Aug.-1844, Nov., owned with others, FORT TOWSON 1846, Dec. 14, for a few days owned WARRIOR 1851, owner/master of LOUISA (No. 2); 1850s, during, CORA No. 3 or 4, Bouisa, 1858 - 1863, PAUL JONES 1867-74, sometime between, LOTTAWANNA 18??, FRANK KEELING JR. 1860s, JUDGE FLETCHER Name: Keiser, John P. Boats: 1863, FANNIE OGDEN, 1865, TWILIGHT Area: St. Louis, Mo. Comments: from the Boone’s Lick Heritage Quarterly. 1. Name: Keith, George G. Born: Lexington, Mo. Died: Burried, Lexington, Mo. Area: Mo. R. Boats: 1860, Sept 3, steersman on ASA WILGUS when it sank. 1865, Pilot of MOLLIE DOZIER on Mo. R. At one time Capt. of the DACOTAH 1871, Apr 12,-1874, June 6, had interest in EMILIE LA BARGE At one time Capt. of FANNIE LEWIS. 1872, JOE KINNEY 1873, MARY McDONALD when she burned. 1875, before, ST. LUKE, owner. 1876, Aug. Sometime after was owner with others of E.H. DURFEE 1884, Was the last Capt. of MONTANA 1889, Sept. 15, pilot on BENTON when snagged 5mi. above Washington MO. 1894, June, Was Captain of A.L. MASON, when sank. One of the stacks fell on his legs and he never quite recovered. Companies Associated With: Missouri River Packet Co. : Kansas City Packet Co. Comments: See Obituary : Was brother-in-law to Capt. William Rodney Massie 1. Name: Keith, Henry
Area: 1894, St. Louis-Shreveport Boats: 1894, CHEROKEE Name: Kells Source Boat: 1875, Summer, RIO BRAVO Name: Kelly Area: 1848, out of New Orleans Boat: 1848, April, Montezuma Name: Kennedy, James Boats: 1857, Was clerk on NEW LUCY 1865, BELLE when new, owned half along with Capt. T.W. Laughrey. Name: Kenedy, Mifflin Boat(s): 1840's: CORVETTE, COLONEL CROSS, MAJOR BROWN, WHITEVEILE Area: 1840's: Rio Grande R. Comments: Working with captains King, Richard and Sterling, Mark, he was the main captain involved with U.S. Army in transporting troops and supplies for General Taylor. It was he who chose the boats CORVETTE, COLONEL CROSS, WHITEVEILE and the MAJOR BROWN for this task. Whether these boats were actually his or the U. S. Army's, the below source does not make clear. Pennysilvania born. Had captained on the Mississippi and Ohio rivers. Comments: Source Article
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1. Name: Kerr, John L.
Area: 1907, Aug. - 1908, early, excursions in Pittsburgh
      1912, Feb. Pittsburgh-New Orleans and back.  1 trip.
      1913, Pittsburgh-Cincinnati
Boats: 1907, Aug. - 1908, early, ROSE HITE (the 2nd one)
       1912, Feb.  STEEL CITY
       1913, CITY of PARKERSBURG

1. Name: Kerr, Wash H. of Irontown, Oh.
Died; 1880
Area: Ohio R.
Boats: 1850, LADY BYRON; 1862, J. B. FORD; 1851, part owner, TIBER
       1855, pilot, MESSENGER; 1863-4, owner, CITIZEN;
       1864, part owner, GOLDEN ERA; 1865, clerk, REVENUE;
       1866-8, owner, ROBERT MOORE; 1868-9,
       1868, Purchased the KENTON
       1870-2, GRANITE STATE, the 2nd one;
       1878, Capt. and Part owner, BUCKEYE STATE
       1879-80, owner, GRANITE STATE the 3rd one.

Name: Ketchum, Fred
Boats: 1918, Master of the OMAHA in move from Mo. R. to Wheeling W. Va.
             for the Liberty Transit Company, Wheeling.

1. Name: Ketchum, Jacob, in 1856 of New Richmond, Oh.
Died: 1863, Apr., shot from shore by Rebel while aboard the J. W. CHEESMAN on Yazoo R. during Civil War.
Boats: 1856 or so, the J.W. CHEESMAN
       1880, owner with A.R. Ketchum, the CADDO BELLE
Companies asso. with: 1918, May, Liberty Transit Co.

Name: Killeen, John
Boat(s): 1878-??,  LIBBIE CONGER
         1896 - 19??, QUINCY
         192? - 1894: SAINT PAUL
         One Source
companies Associated With: 1878-96 or longer, Diamond Jo Line
Comments: Supervised the rebuild of SAINT PAUL.
        : 1890, A letter from Joseph (Diamond Jo) Reynolds assured Superintendent
               John Kileen that adverse conditions (of the river) rather than
               the superintendent's efforts were responsible for the boats not
               making any money."  

*Name: Kimber, Abraham  
Born: 1791, Brownsville, Pa.
Died: 1852, Burried in with wife, Elizabeth, in Quaker graveyard
            between Magnolia and McNabb.
Boats: 1813: Posswibly put up money for Henry Shreve's COMET
       1831, possibly part owner of CAROLINE and TRAVELER
       1832, possibly part owner of SOUVENER
       1836, possibly part owner of FRONTIER
       1853, possibly had interest in 1853 GARDEN CITY
       Later owner with Capt. Herman Price of a second GARDEN CITY
Comments: owned the Kimber Glass Works in Brownsville on Monongahela R. 
        : was father to steamboat engineers and owners, Joseph and Issac Kimber
          Also see his sons-in-law, Eli R. Mills and Hermon Price 
        : 1840, Retired from river to home 6 mi. N. of Hennipen and 3mi. S. of Florid.
*Source: Article

Name: Kimbrough, T. N.
Comments: Purchased GENERAL SHERMAN from P.P. Manion
          and renamed her the ELLA KIMBROUGH.  Kimbrough was co-owner and
          Captain of this boat even back when the U.S. Government owned

Name: Kimpel, Fred  Source
Boat(s): 1866, With Capt Steve Thompson and others purchased
			   U.S. Gunboat GENERAL THOMAS and turned her into the 
			   Packet INGOMAR. 
		 1888, BEN HUR
Area: 1988, Ohio R.

1. Name: Kimple, Fred Jr.
Area: Pittsburgh-Wheeling
Boats: 1882, the ELAINE
       1897, sometime after, with Capt. Sam Williamson, purchased the BESSIE SMITH

Name: Kindrick, J.P.
Boats: 1893 or so, master of CITY OF CHATTANOOGA

1. Name: King, Enoch
Area: 1870, L. Miss R.
Boats: 1870, June 30, was one of the pilots on the ROB'T E. LEE
       When she raced the NATCHEZ

Name: King, Henry Jasper of Chamberlain, So. Dakota
Born: 183?4?;  1837, Immigrated to U.S., at 3 yrs old as Koing
1. Died: 1905, Chamberlain, S.Dakota.
1. Area: U. Miss. R., Ohio R. and Missouri's Osage R.
Boats: *1855, as Capt. or pilot of GENOA made first trip to Chamberlain, S.D.
       *1866, Part owner, VIOLA BELLE
       1881, Master and pilot, FAR WEST
       1.1886, Aug. - 1899, owned with son *M.H. King, LAST CHANCE
Comments: *another Source or from Burle County, S.D. Historical Society

Name: King, J.F., of Belpre
Boats: 1875, Part owner with J.R. and J.K. King of IRON KING
Comments: One of these three Kings is mentioned in this Document

Name: King, J.K. 
Boats: Part owner with J.F. and J.R. King of  IRON KING

1. Name: King, J.R.
Area: Ohio R.
Boat(s): 1875 - ?? Part owner of IRON KING

Name: King Louis
Area: 1870s, Neches and Trinity Rs., Tex.
Boats: 1869-77, Sept., ORLEANS
Comments: See source Article

Name: King, Martin Blakely
Born: 1896.      Died: in Iowa. 
Comments; Son of Capt. Henry Jasper King

Name: King, Richard
Boats: 1846 or so: COLONEL CROSS
Area: 1846, Rio Grande R., Texas
Comments: A veteren of the Siminol war.
          A friend of Capt. Mifflin Kenedy, who coaxed him to the Rio Grande 
Comments: Source Article

Name: King, W. H.
Boats: 1870, July 27, CARRIE POOLE, when she burned.

Name: Kinman, Jim
Area: 1866, Aug. entered the U. White R. trade
Boats: 1866, Aug., J.R. HOYLE
Comments: Source
Name: Kinney, Joseph
Born: 1810
Died: 1892, Mar. 1
Area: Mo. R., 1860, built home, Rivercene, in Boonville, Mo.
Boats: 1856, Owner and Capt. of WILLIAM H. RUSSELL, his first boat.
       1862, FANNY OGDEN; 1864, KATE KINEY No. 1; 1873, KATE KINNEY No.2;
       1864, CORA KINNEY No. 1; 1865, CORA KINNEY No. 2;
       1870, ALICE; 1868-75, ST. LUKE;
       1872-82, JOE KINNEY; 1872-78, R.W. DUGAN
Comments: from the Boone’s Lick Heritage Quarterly.
        : Mentioned

Name: Kirkman, R. B.
Boat: ???? - 1913: ANNIE CADE, ferry boat at Kansas City Mo.
Credit: Book: "Bridge To The Past".  Published by North Kansas City, Mo. Chamber of Commerce, 1983 

Name: Kirkpatrick, Moses, Westport Ky.
Area:  1800s, mid to late., Miss. & Ohio Rs.
Comments: From site visitor -
          I am interested in getting info on my great grandfather,
          Capt. Moses Kirkpatrick. His boat was the "City of Savannah".
          He was from Westport, KY and was a riverboat captain on the Mississippi
          and Ohio Rivers from the mid 1800's till 1880's.
          Mabeth Kirkpatrick

Name: Kitchell, Joseph Syrus
Area: 1900s, early, Ohio and Monongahela Rs.
Source: Query

Name: Klinefelter, Jesse
Died: 1849, July, Pittsburgh, Pa, aboard HIBERNIA No. 2 as she was landing
            with cholera aboard.  Capt. C.W. Batchelor was engaged to take his place.
Boats: 1843, UTICA
Comments: Brother to John, below. 

1. Name: Klinefelter, John Simpson
Died: 1885, June 15, Bunker Hill, Ill.
Area: Ohio R.
Boats: 1843, Capt. of the 1st LANCASTER
       1844-47, Master and part owner of the 1st HIBERNIA.
       1845, ?Owner? of TRIBUTARY when she came out.
       1849-52, Capt. of HIBERNIA #2
       1851, Capt. of MESSENGER No. 2
       1853, Part owner of Pittsburgh and Cincinnati Packet Line, the company that
             owned MESSENGER #2.  Later that year he became her Master.
       1854, PENNSYLANIA, with others
       1855-6, Owned 1/4 of GYPSY, the 2nd one
       1856-?, part owner of LA CROSSE
       1858-63, June, took stock in and bacame Master of GLADIATOR, the 2nd one.
Comments: "Captain John Klinefelter succeeded Captain Woodward in command of the
          HIBERNIA #2 and was skipper when showman P.T. Barnum and the "Sweet-
          heart of Continents", Jenny Lind, were brought up in the spring
          of 1851.  A race had been arranged with the BUCKEYE STATE,
          then the speed-champ of the upper Ohio, in which the BUCKEYE
          ran away from the MESSENGER.  It is an old tradition that the
          MESSENGER #2 on this trip stuck on a bar at Old Town, everafter
          known as Jenny Lind Bar"
Comments: 1. "The Wheeling suspension bridge was demolished
          in a windstorm May 18, 1854, and the next day the PENNSYLVANIA
          came by with her stacks lowered, a gesture the Wheeling citizens
          interpreted as a slap in the face.  Tempers were hot inasmuch as the
          Pittsburgers (Cincinnati Packet Line and Klinefelter) had gone to
          The U.S. Supreme Court to have the bridge declared a hazard to
          navigation, dangerous to the high steamboat smokestacks.  When
          the Pittsburgh owned PENNSYLVANIA put on this exhibition of lowering
          her stacks, with no bridge there to lower them for, a mob gathered
          and stones and brickbats flew.  The CITY of WHEELING was also
          at the warf when these fireworks erupted, and both departed
              "The Wheeling Intelligencer issue, May 27, 1854, ran
          a scathing editorial denouncing Capt. John Klinefelter
          and his tactics headed "Pittsburgh Outrage."

1. Name: Klinefelter, Thomas
Boat: *Sometime between 1871 and '88, one of the last 2 GRANITE STATEs
Comments:* From site visitor,  Dean A. Thompson, from info he got many years
           ago from the Island River Museum (?now defunct?) in Sewickly, Pa..

Name: Knight, William
Boats: 1861, MOSES McLELLAN

Name: Knowles, Hod
Area: 1877, Pittsburg-Cincinnati on EMMA GRAHAM
Boats: 1877, master when she was new, EMMA GRAHAM
       1879, W.P. THOMPSON
		1886- LATE 1888, BENTON McMILLIN
Comments: Two mentions in this Article

1. Name: Knox, Charles W.
Boats: 1910, Dec. - 1911, early summer, LUCILLE NOWLAND
Owners Associated With: 1910, Dec. - 1911, early summer, Noll, Martin F.

Name: Kosmo, Jim
Area: 1999, St. Paul, Minn.

Name: Kouns, Louis E.
Comments: 1882, Mar. 25, President Island, Capt's. wife and 3 children
                parrished in burning of GOLDEN CITY.

1. Name: Kountz, Capt. William J. of Pittsburgh
Boats: 1845, pilot with C.W. Batchelor of FULTON
             pilot with C.W. Batchelor of PRAIRIE BIRD
             Built first boat, PILOT
       1843 or so, master, EXPRESS MAIL
       1846-49, Owned FINANCIER
       1847 or 8, captain of NEW ENGLAND
       1847-52, Owned largely, MT. VERNON
           -52 Owned PILOT No.2
           -53, Owned with others, the 1846 WYOMING
       1848, Owner with Capt. John Birmingham, AARON HART
       1850, Captain of CINCINNATI
             -55, Sept. 17, owned in part, the 1850 LUELLA
       1851, ?Owned? and was master of PITTSBURGH
       1853, Owned in part, CRYSTAL PALACE.  Was also master.
             -55, May 31, Owned in part, KEYSTONE STATE
       1857, Owned CITY of MEMPHIS
       1863, Owned with others, CARRIE
       1863, Apr. 16, purchased with D.S.H. Gilmore and others, ALLEGHENY BELLE No. 4
       1864, Mid-Dec., purchased with Capt. J. C. Saint, BAYARD
             Had built, KATIE
       1865, Had built with others, W.H. OSBORN
       1867, Had interest in the 1866 LUELLA
       1868, Had built, ANDREW ACKLEY
             -69, Owned in part, URILDA 
             -75, Owned the 1868 PENINAH*
       1869, Owned with others, CARRIE V. KOUNTZ
       1870, Had built, GENERAL CUSTER
             Owned HENRY C. YEAGER
             or so, bought interest in MOLLIE MOORE
       1871, Owned JOHN F. TOLLE
             -76, Feb. 20, Owned MAY LOWERY
             -80, owned, KATIE P. KOUNTZ
       1875, Had built, GENERAL MEADE
             or so, built 1875 E.O. STANDARD from wreck of 1873 PARAGON
             Built PENINAH No. 2 from remains of 1868 PENINAH
       1876-9?, Owned ferry boat WILLIAM THAW
       1877, Owned J.B.M. KEHLOR
       1878, May, purchased CARRIE BROOKS for machinery.
             Had built, GENERAL D.H. RUCKER
             Had built, with others, GENERAL CHAS. H. TOMPKINS
             Had built, JOHN D. SCULLY
Comments: Had title Commodore
        *Wife's name, Peninah
Show you care, send a Bear!
1. Name: Kraft, Harry R.
Area: 1912, With father, Henry, took LIBERTY From Mobile, through Gulf
            and to Pittsburgh.
Boats: 1912, LIBERTY (the 3rd one)
Comments: Son to Capt. Henry R Kraft, below.

1. Name: Kraft, Henry R.
Area: 1891, Wheeling-Parkersburg
      1898, Pittsburgh-Parkersburg
      1910, Pittsburgh-Morgantown W. Va.
      1912, Pittsburgh-Parkersburg
      1912, With son, Harry, took LIBERTY FROM Mobile, through Gulf
            and to Pittsburgh.
      1915, Pittsburgh-Parkersburg
Boats: 1891, MATT F. ALLEN, Capt. and owner with others
       1898, Capt. and half owner, H.K. BEDFORD
       1910, With Capt. Martin Noll, purchased BESSIE SMITH, entire.
       1912, GREENWOOD
       1912, LIBERTY (the 3rd one)
       1915, LORENA (the 2nd one)
Comments: Father to Capt. Harry R. Kraft, above.

*Name: Kraft, W.D. (Will?)(Commadore ?)
Boats: Named as possible master for the IDA SMITH
       *1884, Clerk on KATIE STOCKDALE
       *1884, Dec. clerk on EMMA GRAHAM 

Name: Krug, Brian
Area, 1999, Pittsburgh
Boat: 1999, MAJESTIC

Boats: 1848 or so, CINCINNATI
Comments: From The Wheeling Register, Monday, March 31, 1879

1. Name: Kyle, John
Boat: 1855, pilot, MESSENGER

1. Source: Way's Packet Directory, 1848 - 1994
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