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Name: J. J. Roe & Co of St. Louis
Area: 1860's, St Louis, Mo.
Owner(s) George Feller?

Name: Jacobs, J. West  Source
Boat(s): 1873: HENRY AMES

1. Name: Jackson, M.T.
Area: 1912, L. Miss. R
Boats: 1912, ELECRTA

Name: Jakes, George W.
Area: 1882-83, U. Miss. R., St Louis to St Paul.
Boats asssociated with: 1882-83, GEM CITY
Companies Associated with: 1882-83, St. Louis and St. Paul Packet Company

1. Name: Jameson, Jesse
Area: 1870, L. Miss R.
Boats: 1870, June 30, was one of the pilots on the ROB'T E. LEE
       When she raced the NATCHEZ

*Name: Jamison, Resin

*Name: Jamison, William 

Name: Jenkins, Napole
Boats: 1868, AMERICA

Name: Jenks
Area: 1857, U. Miss. R.
Boat(s): 1857, LUCY MAY
Companies associated with: 1857, Northern Line Packet Company
Comments: Source Article

Name: Jenks, M.W.
Area: 1850-51, New Orleans Vicksburg trade
Boats: 1850-51, Master of the EMPEROR

Name: Jewell, "Silent Ben"
Comments: Garrulous. Claimed to have escaped the James Gang with 
         half a million in silver in his pockets.  Saw indians behind
         every tree and solemnly reported them after each watch.

Name: Jewett, William C.
Area: Mo. R. out of Cambridge, Mo
Comments: from the Boone’s Lick Heritage 
        : The MARTHA JEWETT POLKA was named with respect
          for this Capt.

Name: Johnson, Andy
Companies associated with: Powers and Raker Line
Comments:  There was a riverboat named ANDY JOHNSON

Name: Johnson, Ben
Boats: 1857, built the 1857 SPREAD EAGLE
			Soon sold her to Capt. Joseph LaBarge and the American Fur Co.
		1864 - ? ZEPHYR
		1863, owner of the MAGENTA with others
Area: Miss. R., Ark. R.

Name: Johnson, Benjamin Franklin
Area: around 1900, Kanawha R., W. Vir.
Boats: Iron Duke, D.T. LANE, LEROY, T.N. BARNSDALL
Comments:  This info from: Andrea Castillo Who wrote:
               Could you give me any information on how to obtain a copy
               of my great grandfather's (Benjamin  Franklin Johnson)
               riverboat captians license?  He was a pilot on the Kanawha
               River in West Virginia around 1900.  The riverboats he
               worked on were the Iron Duke, the D. T. Lane and the LEROY.
               Please send any information.

Name: Johnson, T. P.
Boat(s): 1870's?, SIOUX CITY
Comments: From Way's Packet Directory

Name:Johnson, T. T.
Boat(s): 1. 1880-88, Part owner GRANITE STATE 
         1897, IRONTON; 1. 1899, URANIA
Comments: From The Tribune Telegraph,
           Pomeroy, Meigs County, Ohio, Wed. May. 12 1897
Comments: Notes from The Tribune Telegraph,
          Pomeroy, Meigs County, Ohio, Wed. Aug. 18 1897

Name: Jolly, Owen B.
Area: Ohio R.
Boats: 1875, Lighthouse tender LILI

Name: Jones, I.H.
Boats: 1956-C. War, J.C. SWON
Companies associated with: 1956-C. War, Railroad Line 

*Name: Jones, Resin

Name: Josie, Edward James (Josey)
Area:  Alkaska
Comments: You have a GREAT web site here but I still cannot find my Riverboat
          Captain [Edward James JOSIE]. He was a Captain on an Alaskan Riverboat
          for over 30 years. I sent you an email about him today. Nan 

Name: Junker, Wilson
Area: 1870s, Neches and Sabine Rs., Tex.
Boats: 1870s, PEARL RIVERS 
Comments: See source Article

1. Source: Way's Packet Directory, 1848 - 1994

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