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3. Name: Haggerty, John Area: 1862, San Joaquin and Mokelumne Rs., calf. Boat: 1862, FANNY ANN Name: Hall, Bengamin F. Born: 1927, Ohio Area: 1884, Ohio R. Boats: H.B. PLANT 1886, Purchased the CHESAPEAKE at public auction Comments: 1870 census, City of Williamstown, Wood county W.Va., occupation, S.B. Captain. : 1880 census, Williams Dist., "seafaring". : Mentioned in one paragraph of this Document. Name: Hanford, John Died: Stillwater, Mich Area: 1840s, St. Croix R. Mich. Source: ARTICLE Name: Hanks, Stephen B. Area: St Croix R., Minnisota. Comments: formerly of Albany, Illinois, he piloted the first raft from St. Croix Falls to St. Louis in 1842. He followed piloting rafts and steamboats until 1885. : Said to be a cousin to Abraham Lincoln. Source: ARTICLE Name: Hanks, Samuel S. Area: 1840s - ??, St Croix R. Mich. Comments: Brother of Stephen B Hanks Source: ARTICLE 1. Name: Hanna, John Died: 1863, Mar. 20 Area: 1840s-early 60s, Allegheny and Ohio Rs. Boats: 1837, PULASKI 1842-43, Master and owner, ALLEGHENY BELLE 1850-60, ALLEGHENY BELLE No, 2, probably part owner with Brother William. 1850-59, Master, and owner with brother William, ALLEGHENY BELL No.3 1859-63, when he died, part owner with brother William, ALLEGHENY BELLE NO. 4 Comments: Oil City on Allegheny R., errected and ran oil warehouse. : Brother to William Hanna (below). 1. Name: Hanna, William Area: 1840s-early 60s, Allegheny and Ohio Rs. Boats: 1842-43, Master and owner, ALLEGHENY BELLE 1846-, Master, AMERICAN STAR 1850-60, Master and owner, ALLEGHENY BELLE No, 2, probably in part with Brother John. 1850-59, Owner with brother John, ALLEGHENY BELL No.3 1859-63, Master, and part owner with brother John, ALLEGHENY BELLE NO. 4 Comments: Brother to John Hanna (above). Name: Hannigan, Henderson of Kanawah County, W. Va. Area: 1850-60, possibly Kanawah R. Comment: info from Kanawah County Census, 1850 and 1860 via site visitor Carol Booher Name: Harcha, Manuel (possibly Harscha, Harchas) Name: Hardy, Asa, 1st wife Jane Shook from New England. 2nd wife, Miss Horton from Kentucky died in insane asylum. Brother John. Boats: SUNFLOWER Comments: Stepped on nail ????, Dec. 2. Died of lockjaw ????, Mar. 3 Name: Hardy, D.H. Area: 1852, Upper White R. Boats: 1852, Pilot of YOHOGANY Comments: Source Article


A note on the Captains Harris: It is difficult to tell which brother owned or captained which of the boats listed under their names. Name: Harris, Daniel Smith, of Galena Area: U. Miss R. Out of Galena Boats: 1835 - 38, SMELTER 1843 - 45, OTTER 1846 - 1855 or so, WAR EAGLE 1848 SENATOR 1858, Mar., Capt. of GRAY EAGLE 1853, WEST NEWTON 1880s, GRAY EAGLE Comments: *Daniel Smith Harris was made wealthy before becoming a steamboatman by his lead mining activities in the Galena Area : With brother, Robert Scribe Harris (below), owned and operated several boats. : Mentioned in this Article : Capt. D. S. Harris is mentioned in this Article *Jones Worden's Steamboats and Steamboating Career by Frederick J. Worden Name: Harris, Robert Scribe Area: U. Miss R. out of Galena Boat(s): ?1818? ?GRAY EAGLE No. 1? 1835-38, SMELTER 1843 - 45, OTTER 1846 - 1855 or so, WAR EAGLE 1848 SENATOR 1853, WEST NEWTON 1880s, GRAY EAGLE Comments: Source Comments: With brother, Robert Smith Harris, owned and operated several boats. Mentioned in this Article

Name: Harrison,
Boat(s); 1879, COURIER
Area: Ohio R.
Comments: Notes from WHEELING NEWS-REGISTER,
                June 24, 1951

Name: Harrison, Charles W. of Paducha
Area: Ohio and Miss. R.
Boats: 1845-54, part owner, HUNTSVILLE
       1854-55, part owner, HUNTSVILLE No. 2
       1854, Master, HUNTSVILLE No. 2

Name: Harry, Milt
Area: 1896, Feb., St. Louis-Memphis
Boats: 1885, JOHN S. BRANSFORD
	   1896, Feb., MARY MORTAN
Companies associated with: 1896, Feb., Diamond Jo Line

Name: Hartford, John
Comments:  Mr. Hartford was a riverboat pilot of some many years experience.
           He was also one of the river's premier banjo playing singers.
           See his Web Site

Name: Hartley, D. A.
Area: Ohio R. 1880's?
Comments: From The Tribune Telegraph,
          Pomeroy, Meigs County, Ohio, Wed. Mar. 31 1897

*Name: Hauenstein, William Henry, Tuscunbia, Mo.   Obituary
Area: 1870, Osage R.  
      Also, Mo. R., St. Louis-Linn Creek trade
Boat: 1870, probably capt. of ALICE GRAY, his father's boat.
      1883, designed and built FREDERIC
      1909, sometime after, JOHN R. WELLS
Companies associated with; Osage and Missouri River Packet Company
Source: *Information from site visitor Kelly Hokkanen

Name: Hawley, Clarke (Doc)
Boats: Early 1960?, IDLEWILD
Companies:  Early 1960s?, Steamer Avalon Company
Comments: Source

Name: Hazlep, Jacob
Boats: 1849, Feb. 17? when passing throughice flow TELEGRAPH No. 1 - See
	   1862-1865 EMPIRE CITY
* Name: Hazlett, A.C. Boats: 1896, July 31, SUNSHINE Name: Hazlett, Robert Area: Zanesville, Oh, Muskingum R. Boats: 1840s, Part owner of MUSKINGUM, RELIEF and MOXAHALA Comments: Mentioned in this Article Name: Heckmann, Ed Area: Mo. R. out of Hermann, Mo. Boats: 1919-?22?, Capt. of JOHN HECKMANN Comments: See Name: Heckmann, Lewis, Sr. Name: Heckmann, William L., Sr. Boats: 1874, purchased the R.W. DUGAN Name: Heckmann, William L. (Steamboat Bill) Area: 1900s Mo. R. out of Herman Mo. Boats: 1901-06, bought new the KENNEDY 1912, master of CHESTER Comments: from the Boone’s Lick Heritage Quarterly. Name: Hegler, Jacob Dice Area: 1867, Louisville-Cincinnati 1871-75, Cincinnati-Kanawha River trade 1875, Cincinnati-Memphis and Pittsburgh-Cincinnati 1876, Little Rock-New Orleans Boats: 1867-69, ANNIE LAURIE 1871-76, Jan., owner with Capt. McIntyre of KITTIE HEGLER 1876, with others purchased 1866 LOUISVILLE to use machinery in GOLDEN CITY. 1876-82, Owner, with Capt Sterling McIntyre of GOLDEN CITY 1877 or so, owner with Capt. August Wohlt of HOPE 1883, Purchased GUIDING STAR Companies Associated With: 1876, Southern Transportation Company 1877 or so, part owner of Hermann Ferry and Packet Co, Herman, Mo. Comments: 1886, With Capt. William F. McIntyer purchased a local Cincinnati picnic grounds named Parker's Grove in early 1886 for a purchase price of $17,500. The captains changed the name of the property to Ohio Grove, Coney Island of the West, and added rides and food stands. Name: Heniken Area: 1901, White R., Ark. Boats: 1900-01, JESSIE BLAIR Name: Herschberger (See) *Name:Heritage, Firman C. (FC or Firm) Born: 24 May 1838 or 1840 in Cincinnati Ohio Died: 22 Feb 1917 Boats: During the civil war he was captain and pilot of one of the mail blockade runners. 1881, Jan., CONDOR 1881, Feb., towboat LIBERTY probably same as LIBERTY No.4, below. 1881, Mar., pilot on the Kanawha towing steamer LIBERTY No.4 1882, July, J.R. PEEBLES Name: Hicks, J. Frank Boats: 1874, BELLE LEE : 1876, owner, CARONDELET, with Capt. Alf Grissom 1878, had built the HENRY FRANK
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Name: Hickman, James Area: 1840s, St Croix R. Mich., U, Miss. R. Source: ARTICLE Name: Hill, Thomas B. Area: 1857, U. Miss. R. Boats: MINNESOTA BELLE At one time the 1867 DUBUQUE Owners associated with: Northern Line Packet Company Comments: Mentioned in this Article Name: Hissom, Ott Boats: shortly after 1890, purchased T.D. DALE : 1890, built the LEE H. BROOKS for Short trades around Cincinnati. Name: Hodge, Clarence Area: 1901, fall, Miss. R., Memphis - Vicksburg Boats: 1901, Fall, Pilot on LUCILLE NOWLAND Owners Associated With: 1901, Memphis and Arkansas River Packet Company Name: Hoel, William R. Boats: 1875, Nov. replaced former capt. on lighthouse tender LILLY Name: Holland, ?I. B. or Josh .B. Area: 1855, Mo. R. Boats: 1851, May 27, part owner with Capt. Andrew Wineland of EL PASO 1855, Apr. 11, part owner with Capt. Joseph S. Nanson and others of BANNER STATE when she was snagged and lost. Name: Holmes, Richard Boats: 4. 1870, Oct. NATCHEZ 1. Name: Honshell, Wash Area: Ohio and Mo. Rs. Boats: 1855, SCIOTO #2 (the 7th boat with that name); 1869, GOLDEN EAGLE; 1869, fall, LAWRENCE; 1872, GRANITE STATE #2; 1873 or so, owned part of POTOMAC #3; 1879, Part owner, CLIFTON #4 1876, TELEGRAPH #2 1879, with Capt. J.N. Williamson purchased the HUDSON 1883, part owner of BUCKEYE STATE #2 and maybe #3; 1884, GRANITE STATE - See Also associated with BOSTON; BOSTONIA; *Name: Hoobler, Thomas Benton, Lewis County, Ky. Boats: At one time, VIGO Comments: 1897, This captain was murdered at the door of his home by a man in disguise who threw acid in his face. : Hoobler's great-granddaughter, Marianne Jeanne Hoobler, is the wife of football great, Roger Staubach Name:Hoople, George D. Reference Boat(s): 1860's?: CLIFTON, owner with others Name: Hook, Isaac N. Boats: 1855-56, master, FREEDOM 1858, built SILVER HEELS 1864, May also have been involved with the SILVER SPRAY Comments: This capt was an inventor of things river. See Article Name: Hornbrook, E. Boat(s): Owner of HORNBROOK Area: Ohio R. Name: Hornbrook, Fred

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Area: 1900, went to U.Ohio R. with TELEPHONE 1912 - 1915, Miss. R., Nashville excursions Boats: 1885, Clerk on the 1870 FAVORITE 1897, shortly after, purchased with Capt. Harry Donnally the BESSIE SMITH 1900, Purchased the TELEPHONE 1910-18, RUTH 1912 - 1915, Owner with Capt. Harry Donnally, ABIGAIL , KLONDIKE 1916 for a few months, LORENA. 1914-18, owner of R. DUNBAR 1923, master of S.L. ELAM 1824- 27, Part owner and captain, GENERAL WOOD 1900, May, and for several seasons, owner with Capt. Sam Williamson of the TELEPHONE 1915, purchased VIRGINIA for $2,775 and almost immediatly traded her as part payment on the TELL CITY. 1916, Spring, with others purchased the TELL CITY 1924 - 25, With others owned OUACHITA 1934 until Feb. 15th, SENATOR CORDILL Comments: 1924-27 was a principal of the Pittsburgh, Wheeling & Cincinnati Packet Company Name: HORTON Boat(s): 1897, Apr., GOLDENROD Comments: From The Tribune Telegraph, Pomeroy, Meigs County, Ohio, Wed. Apr. 28 1897 1. Name: Howard, Ben Area: 1887, l. Miss. R., St. Louis - New Orleans Boats: Mid 1870s? ARKANSAS BELL 1887, CITY of MONROE 1893, sometime after, the DICK FOWLER *Name: Howell Boats: 1847, early, HATCHEE PLANTER 1. Name: Hughes, Capt. Area: Miss. R. Boats: 1839, Part owner with James H. Lauderback of the 1839 AMAZON 1863-1869, Nov. 9, owner of the 2nd GEM 1. Name: Hughes, Jesse P. Married: 1904, Telia Vasughn Comments: Grandson of Capt. James H, Louderback : Owned or was captain of many other boats. : 1904, Capt. Hughs and bride took wedding trip to St. Louis aboard GREENLAND. Name: Hulings, Harry B Boats: 1914Purchased the burned out BESSIE SMITH for parts for his new rowboat, the UNCLE SAM 1. Name: Humphreys, William H. Boats: 1860, July, CHIPPEWA Comments: 1860, July 2, with this captain as master of the CHIPPEWA, it with the KEY WEST were the first two boats ever to reach Fort Benton, Mont. on the U. Mo. R. Name: Hunt, Campbell Area: 1882 or so, Miss. R. St. Louis - St. Paul Boats associated with: 1882 or so Pilot on GEM CITY Companies associated with: 1882 or so, St. Louis and St. Paul Packet Company 1. Name: Hunter, Tom Area: Ohio R. Boats: 1880, GRANITE STATE *1885, master of HUDSON 1887, master of GENERAL PIKE 1888, LOUIS A. SHERLEY Name: Hunter, Walter Boats: OTTUMWA BELLE Name: Huntington, Ira B. Boats: 1870, was a clerk on the EMMA GRAHAM 1879-87, Clerk on W.N. CHANCELLOR 1886, 1st clerk on BENTON McMILLIN 1896, Jan.-Sept. master of RUTH 1896, Master of the KANAWHA At one time worked on CHESAPEAKE Comments: Mentioned in this Document Name: Hurd, Jacob S., Brother to Jesse Y Hurd. Boat: 1864-6, W.R. CARTER 1. Name: Hurd, Jesse Y., Portsmouth, Ohio Born: Franklin Furnace, Scioto, Ohio. Attended Marietta College. Brother to Capt Jacob S. Hurd. Died: 1867, Oct. 23, Portsmouth, Oh. Area: 1856, Ohio. R.; 1861-2, U. Miss. R. Boats: 1853-5, MADISON; 1855. EFFIE AFTON, 1856, GRANITE STATE; 1858-9, NORTHERN BELLE; 1861-2, ITASCA; 1865, ROBERT MOORE; 1866, MISSISSIPI; 1866, Jan. 30, the 3rd MISSOURI; ?1865?, MOLLIE ABLE Companies Associated with: 1856, Galena, Dubuque, Dunleith and Minnesota Packet Company 1866, Atlantic and Mississippi Steam Ship Company Name: A. M. Hutchinson Area: 1881, Miss. R. St Louis - St Paul Boats: 1881, GEM CITY Companies associated with: 1881, St. Louis and St. Paul Packet Company 1. Way's Packet Directory, 1848 - 1994 3. Steamboats in the Valley 4. She Takes The Horns, by Fredrick Way, Jr.

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