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1. Name: Gabbert, W. H.
Area: 1854, St. Paul, Minn.; 1857, Pittsburgh-St. Louis;
      1858, Dunleith - St. Paul  
Boats: 1854, ALHAMBRA
       1857, GRANITE STATE
       1858, WAR EAGLE
Owners Associated With: 1854-57 Minnesota Packet Company

1. Name: Ralph Emmerson Gaches
Boats:  Owner/Capt. of GRAND FLOATING PALACE Showboat
        1901, Master of the SPEEDWELL
        1911, purchased the DICK FOWLER
        191?, purchased the R. DUNBAR. 1914, sold her.
        1913-17, Dec. 8, ECLIPSE
        1921, purchased the W.W.

Name: Gallagher, Thomas M.
Born: Louisville, Ky.
Area: Cumberland R.
Boats: Early on, was 2nd clerk on the ELLA HUGHES
       Later became 1st clerk on Ryman's B.S. RHEA
       1880s, J.H. HILLMAN, capt. and part owner with Capt. Ryman
Comments: 1862, Feb. 23, this captain's father, Charles Gallagher, set fire to the
         JAMES WOOD to avoid its capture by union forces.
        : Eventually this captain became traffic Manager of the Ryman Line.
        : Mentioned 

*Name: Galligan, Albert Manwarren, 8/14/1887 - 2/13/1973
Area: Pugeot Sound area, Washington State
Boats:  Black Prince, Ora Elwell
Comments: The only sternwheel Capt. to obtain deep water rating for travel
          outside the Puget sound area.
        : *Info on this captain and the boats are from site visitor
           Gary Greer

Name: Gamble, J. Mack
Boat(s): 1882 - ? clerk on the COURIER
		 * 1884, with others (see below) purchased REGULAR DIURNAL and COURIER
         1885-86, winter, master of 2nd COURIER
         1892, Master of SUNSHINE.
		 1897, Mar, WILL J. CUMMINS
         1897, June, W R. CUMMINGS
         1906, May 1 - 1910, May 31, owner and Capt. of the 5th RUTH 
Area: Ohio R.
Comments:  1884. Nov., in partnership with Mr. Schmulbach,
                Frank Booth and Capt. Tom Prince
                a company was formd to purchase the above boats.
        : From The Tribune Telegraph,
           Pomeroy, Meigs County, Ohio, Wed. Mar. 31 1897

Name: Gaspardo, Gus
Area: 1999, Minneapolis excursion cruises; Tall Stacks at Cincinnati, Oh.

Name: Gatts, James H.
Boats: 1883, Master of PRINCE, Wheeling-Clarington
      *1884, Dec. 4, sold  his 1/3 interest in the TELEGRAM to Capt. J.K. Booth
Comments: Mentioned in this Article
		: Brother to Theodore Gatts

Name: Gerdes, Conrad
Area: 1999, Aurora, Ind.
Boat: 1999, DOTTIE G.

Name: Gibbons, Thomas
Boats: 1820s?, Owner of BELLONA ATLANTA

Name: Giesler, Joseph F.
Born: Peoria, Ill., on March 22, 1860
Died: Souix City, Iowa, April 19, 1942, at age 82.
Wife: 1894, Married Grace.
Boats: 1880- 1900, Boats on which he worked starting from youth as roustabout
                   through being a captain.
       1900-24, owner and captain, through 1920, of Yankton, S. Dakota ferry boat JOSIE L.K.
       Cir. 1920-24, with Yankton, S. Dakota chamber of Commerce,
                     owner and captain of the ferry B.A. DOUGLASS
Comments: Prior to the JOSIE K.L. this captain captained several government snagboats
        : Most of above from this Article contributed by Mark Frazier

Name: Gilchrist, J.M., of Jacksonport, Ark.
Area: 1858-59, Upper White R.
Boats: 1858, Owner of MONONGAHELA BELLE
	   1859, Capt. of INTERCHANGE
Comments: see Article

Name: Gillingham, Rick
Area: 1999, Nashville, tenn.

Name: Gilmer, Charles
Area: Memphis Tenn.
Companies associated with: 198?-Present, Memphis Queen Line
Comments: Brother to Capt. James Gilmer, below.

Name: Gilmer, James L.
Area: Memphis Tenn.
Boat: 199?- Present (1999), ISLAND QUEEN
Companies associated with: 198?-Present, Memphis Queen Line
Comments:  With MQL for 16 yrs, starting as deck hand and working his way
           up to Capt. of ISLAND QUEEN

Name: Gilmore, A.T.
Area: September 3, 1872, Louisville, Evansville and Henderson run
Boat(s): September 3, 1872, GREY EAGLE
Comments: Information in this listing from a passenger named Davison's ticket for boarding the GREY EAGLE.

1. Name: Gleim, E.H.
Area: 1853, Davenport-Galena-Dubuque
Boats: 1853, MONTAUK; 1854, ROYAL ARCH
Companies associated with: Galena & Minnesota Packet Company

Name: Glime, Benjamin, V. of the town of Kansas (later to become Kansas City. Mo.)
Born: 1827, PA
Died: 1859, Apr. 26 after explosion of ST. NICHOLAS in which he was badly scalded.
Boats: 1858 or so, master of VICTORIA
       1859, purchased with Capt. Ambrose Reeder the ST. NICHOLAS 
Comments: See account of The ST. NICHOLAS Disaster

1 Name: Gore, Patrick
Boats: 1857-?64, June 1? D.A. JANUARY
1. Name: Gormley
Area: 1851, Pittsburgh - St. Louis

1. Name: Graham, John, Shreveport, La.
Area: 1842, Red R.
Boats: *1842, CADDO
       1856-58?, WHITE CLIFF
Comments: *This information submitted by site visitor M. Bynum who would 
               like information on Capt. Graham.

Name: Gracey, William
Area: Cumberland R.
Boats: 1864, clerk for T.G. Ryman on the 1863 ALPHA
       1881, Master of J.P. DROUILLARD for Ryman Line
Comments: Mentioned Here

Name: Gramer, John
Comments: a retired steamboat pilot mentioned in this Article

1. Name: Grasty, Jim
Area: 1898 - 1900, L. Miss. R., St. Louis - New Orleans
Boats: 1898 - 1900, Pilot on HILL CITY
Owners Associated With: Capt. Thomas B. Sims

1. Name: Gray, Richard C., Pittsburgh, Pa.
Area: U. Miss. R.
Boat(s): In 1857, This captain was one of the founders and part owner of the 
			Northern Line Packet Company (Gray's Iron Line).   As his name comes up in association with
			that company's boats it is difficult to determine which boats he
			was actually the master of.  Below is a list of boats whith which he
			was associated.
		 1846, ALLEGHENY
		 1847-50, Principal owner and Capt. of PENNSYLVANIA
		 1849, MINNESOTA, supervised building of.
		 1850-55, Principal owner and captain of PAUL ANDERSON
		 1853, Owned 1/4 of ALTOONA
		 1855, Master and part owner with William H. Forcythe and Samuel G. Young
				of SAM YOUNG
		 1857, DENMARK
		 1858, CANADA, one of 1st boats in Northern Line Packet Co.
         1860, Directed building of SUCKER STATE and HAWK-EYE STATE.
				Was master of HAWH-EYE STATE in '61
		 1863, First master of DAVENPORT.  Supervised building of MUSCATINE
		 1864, Superintended building of BURLINGTON
		 1865, Purchased with Capt. Dan Able and others the GLEANER, Ran Memphis to Ark. R.
		 1867, supervised building of DUBUQUE
		 1870, supervised building of LAKE SUPERIOR
				Made trip on RESERVE this year, Pittsburgh-Nashville.
	Companies associated with: 1857-7?, Northern Line Packet Company
    Comments: Mentioned in this Article
			: Was a principal in organizing the Northern Line Packet Co.
			: R.C. GRAY was named after this captain.
			: Mentioned once in Way's Packet Directory as having operated Gray's Iron Line.
				This is the only mention I have found of this company.
				I have no basis for this thought, but might Gray's Iron Line have been a
				synonym for the Nothern Line Packet Co.?

1. Name: Greathouse, W.R.
Area: 1868, New Orleans-Bayou Sara
Boats: 1863, part owner, FAWN
       1868, Capt., NINA SIMMES
       1869, part owner and Capt. ST JOHN
       1873, owner, B.L. HODGE No. 2/SOUTHERN BELLE

Name: Green
Area: 1857, U. Miss. R.
Boat(s): WM. L. EWING
Companies Associated with: Northern Line Packet Company
Comments: Mentioned in this Article

Name: Greene, Chris
Area: 1919-22, Nov. 4 Cincinnati-Huntington
Boats: 1919-22, Nov. 4, CHRIS GREENE
Companies associated with: Greene Line Steamers, Inc.
Comments:  Son of Captain Gordon C. Green, below

Name: Greene, Gordon C.
Area: Ohio R.
Boats: 1890, H.K. BEDFORD
       1893, ARGAND
       1898-1925, GREENWOOD;
	   1902, Purchased the T.D. DALE for her machinery, to go to EVERGREEN
       1903, had built the GREENLAND
       1915-1922, CHRIS GREEN
       1925-47, CHRIS GREENE (the 2nd one)
       1935- GORDON C. GREENE
       See Greene Line Steamers for complete listing of this captain's boats.
Comments: Founder and President, Greene Line Steamers, Inc.
Outdoor 12
Name: Green, John
Boats: 1822 and 23, had built with Oliver Dodge of RUFUS PUTNAM

Name: Greene, Mary B
Position: Pilot on Green Line Steamers
Boats: 1897, H.K. BEDFORD
       1898-1925, GREENWOOD;  1925, Possibly, CHRIS GREENE
Comments: With husband, Gordon C. Greene owner of Greene Line Steamers.
          She was one of nation's first woman pilots.
        : 1949, at 75 years of age, died aboard the DELTA QUEEN
        : see Interview with Capt. Mary Greene

Name: Greene, Shepherd (Shep)
Area: Cumberland R.
Boats: 1897, master of the 1897 TENNESSEE in Nashville-Evensville trade
       1897, Dec. when she burned, master of the W.K. PHILLIPS
       1902, fall, pruchased  the HENRIETTA
       cir. 1910, master of the 1910 NASHVILLE
Associated with: the Parminters of Nashville
               : The Ryman Line
Comments: Mentioned Here

Name: Greene, Tom R. pres. Greene Line Steamers, Inc.
Born: 1904, Feb. 3, Pt. Pleasant, W. Va., aboard the GREENLAND while boat was laid for winter.
Died: 1950, July 10
Comments: Mentioned Here

1. Name: Greenough, John
Boats: 1867-70, Capt. of  MARY McDONALD	

Name: Greer James A.
Boats: 1863, possibly the JAMES BATTLE

Name: Gregory, William F.
Boats: 1861, pilot on MOSES McLELLAN
Comments: was brother-in-law to Capt John F. Rust.

Name: Greives, Alexander
Boats: 1997 - present: SPIRIT OF PEORIA
Area: Ill. R, around Peoria Ill.
Employers: 1997 - present: Owner, with his father, Lowell "Bud" Grieves
           of G & G Packet Co..
Comments:  1997: Received Captains Licence.

Name: Griffith
Area: U, Miss. R.
Boat(s): 1857, PEMBINIA
Companies associated with: 1857, Northern Line Packet Company
Comments: Mentioned in this Article

*Name: Grimes, Abasolm
Born: 1834, Aug. 22, near Anchorage, Jefferson County, Kentucky, fourteen
      miles from Louisville.
Area: Miss. R., St. Louis-Dubuque, later Lower Miss.
Boats: 1850, Fall, with father (below)to learn piloting, UNCLE TOBY
       1861, SUNSHINE
       1861, Pilot, WISCONSIN
Comments:  *From his Civil War Autobiography,
              Abasolm Grimes, Confederate Mail Runner 

*Name: Grimes, William Leander
Area: 1830s, late? U. Miss. R., St. Louis-Dubuque
Boat: 1830s, late?, WILLIAM WALLACE
Comments: *from Abasolm Grimes, Confederate Mail Runner,
         The Yale University Press, 1926, intro by M. M. Quaife,
         Burton Historical Collection, Detroit, August 1, 1926.

Name: Goodwin, Ben
Boat(s): 1864?,  BERTRAND

1. Name: Gunsollis, James 
Boats: 1867, owner in part of MARY McDONALD

1. Name: Guss of Trinity, La.
Area: 1900, fall, Black R., running seed for Baton Rouge oil mill.
Boat: 1900, fall, RUBY

Name: Gunter, R.C.
Boats: 1886, master of the R.C. GUNTER Comments: This captain headed up the Chattanooga & Decatur Packet Company 1 Way's Packet Directory, 1848 - 1994
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