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*Name: Eads/Edds (See), William, Sr. Born: Abt. 1810, Albemarle County, VA Died: 1866,Aug. 03. St. Louis, MO Married: 1830, Aug. 28, Alderson, VA to Francis (Fanny) Hill Crews Offspring: James Edgar Eads : 1834. Jan. 02, St. Louis, MO to Margaret Morin Offspring:1836, Sept. 11, William Pierre Edds, Jr., (Below) Area: 1858-59, Mo. R. Boats: 1848, owner of the ELIZA STEWART 1849-50, ROBERT CAMPBELL 1854, Capt. of EL PASO 1856, was on NEW LUCY 1. 1858-59, Master and part owner, DUNCAN S. CARTER. 1856-60, Master of WILLIAM CAMPBELL 1860, Probably sometime in, Capt. of OCEANA 1860, purchased the T.C. TWITCHELL, possibly to use her machinery on the McDOWELL 1860 Built the AUGUSTUS McDOWELL 1864, June, Master of PRAIRIE ROSE Comments: See article. Also see Also see Name: Eagon William Area: U. Miss. and the Mo. R. Boats: 1894 and long after was master of LILI Name: Ealer, George 1.Name: Ealer, Henry A. Boat(s): 1847, Way's has him as pilot of ALTON : 1856 - ?1861?, owned PLANET 1856-58, owned the JOSEPH H. OGLESBY *Name: Edds/Eads William Pierre, Jr of St. Louis See Born: 1836, Sept. 11, to William Eads/Edds, Sr. (Above) Died: 1863, Nov. 15, St. Louis, of tuberculosis. Area: 1856-60, Mo. R. 1.Name: Edwards, J.C. Boats: 1881, Master and *part owner of WALL CITY Was also part owner of VALLEY BELLE at this time 1884, did a turn as master of VALLEY BELLE 1.Name: Eisenbarth, E. E. Boats: Eisenbarth-Henderson Floating Palace Showboat 1902-04, ENOS TAYLOR towboat for theater 1905, Feb. 1 - 08, Mar. 25, COLUMBIA. towboat for theater Name: Elliot, Alex Area: White R., Ark. Boats: 1875 or so, ARCHIE P. GREEN Comments: Source Name: Elliot, James M. Jr. Boat(s): MAGNOLIA Area: Coosa R. (Ga. and Ala.) Comments: Source Name: Elliott, John D. Boats: EMMA C. ELLIOT, owner/Capt. Name: Elliott, James. M., Sr. Boats: 1863 ALPHRETTA; LAURA MOORE Area: Coosa R. (Ga. and Ala.) Comments: Source Name: Elliott, William M. Area: Coosa R. Boats: Master of HILL CITY Comments: William was the son of Capt. James M. Elliot, Sr. Name: Elliott, William Nelson Area: Miss. R. Pittsburg to New Orleans Time: mid 1800's Comments: This Captain is an ancestor of Theresa Culley, who would like more info on him, as would I - - Dave. Name: Ellison, J. Frank Area: Ohio R. 1883, Oct, Memphis - Vicksburg Boat(s): 1883, Oct, E.W. COLE Comments: From The Tribune Telegraph, Pomeroy, Meigs County, Ohio, Wed. June. 12 1897 Name: Ellet, John A. Boats: 1860s, SWITZERLAND; 1860s, early, Capt. of QUEEN of the WEST 1863, LANCASTER; Name: Embree, Davis Comments: 1848, Made a survey of destroyed boats. Info from introduction of steam on the rivers. Name: Emmerson, Ralph, see Ralph Emmerson Gaches 1. Name: English, William Area: 1913, Pittsburgh-Cincinnati 1915, Pittsburg-Louisville Boats: 1913, CITY of PARKERSBURG : 1915, Mate on JOE FOWLER Name: Evans, Henry Bradley Died: 1840, around. 1. Way's Packet Directory, 1848 - 1994

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