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1. Name: Cable, George B. Boats: 1847, had ST. PAUL built Comments: this capt. also had the JOHN AULL built. 1. Name: Calhoon, Richard Boats: 1861, Master of the HORIZON formerly the JOHN C. FREEMONT 1. Name: Calhoon, Thomas S. Boats: 1861, Clerk on the HORIZON, formerly the JOHN C. FREEMONT 1868, Part owner with J.T. Stockdale the SALLIE 1867, Clerk on the IDA STOCKDALE 1877, KATIE STOCKDALE when new 1. Callahan, John Wesley Area: 1800s Late to 1900s, early, Appalacicola, Chattahoutchee and Flint Rs. Boats: 1906-13, Owned RUTH No. 2 (The 7th and last boat in a string of Ruths) : possibly a boat named for the owner, the JOHN W. CALLAHAN Companies associated With: Owner of Callahan Line Comments: Callahan's was one of the founding families of Bainbridge Ga.. He built a house shaped like a steamboat, which is still standing and well preserved. It is called the Steamboat House. 1.Name: Campbell, Hugh Born: 1815, Feb. 6, near Newtownards, County Down, Ireland. Immigrated 1835. Died: 1871, Sept 9, Crawford County, Ill. at sister's home Boats: 1839, *First mate, VALLEY FORGE. 1845, owner/captain of ROBERT MORRIS 1849-55, sometime between, owner/capt., HINDOO 1852, between and 1857, Capt. of PITTSBURGH 1855-58, probably part-owner/capt. of WILLIAM BAIRD. 1855-62, Dec. 7/8 owner, SIR WILLIAM WALLACE. 1857-62, Part owner and sometimes Master, MARY COOK 1859, Sometime after, JEANNETTE 1864-68, Capt., W.R. ARHTUR 1864, *sometime after, capt. or owner of WILD WAGONER 18?? *Part owner and capt. of MARY DAVAGE Comments: *From Campbell family records. Name: Campbell, John S. Boats: U.S. Government boats. Area: 1828-79, Mo. R.. From Wooldridge, Mo. Comments: from the Boone’s Lick Heritage Quarterly. 1. Name: Campbell, James W. Area: 1857, U. Miss. R. Boat(s): 1858, HENRY CLAY 1861, half owner with Capt. Hillhouse of JENNIE WHIPPLE Companies associated with: 1858, Northern Line Packet Company Comments: Mentioned in this Article Comments: This could be one of the above Captains. The article above does not mention first names. Name: Cannon, John W. Born: *1820, June 17, Cannon farm above Hawksville, Hancock Co., Ky. Died: *1882, Apr. 18, burried at Frankfort, KY. Boats: 18?? - 1849, LOUISIANA Source 1854-Oct. 55, W.W. FARMER, owned 5/8ths. 1857, Part owner and Capt. of THE 1st VICKSBURG 1869, Became part owner of ERA No. 8 *1866-76, Owner and Capt of ROB'T. E. LEE *1876-82, Apr. 18, Owner and sometimes Capt of ROBT. E. LEE No 2 Name: Capehart, S.C. Boats: 1879, owner of ROBERT T. ANDERSON Comments: *1881, Circuit Court of Morgan County, this captain brought suit against L&N Railroad Company *Name: Carlisle, Absalom Area, 1830s, Early? U.Miss.R, St. Louis-Dubuque Boat: Owner, WILLIAM WALLACE Comments: *Mentioned in this Article Name: Carroll, John W. Boats: 1864-67, owner with others, PAULINE CARROLL 1864, Sept. captain of the ILLINOIS Name: Carter, Henry S. Boats: 1867, Capt. on HENRY SHREVE 1873, Capt. on GEORGE WOLFE ? 1. Name:Carter, W. R. Area: 1870, Miss. R. Boats: 1868, May, 25- 1870, Feb 28, MISSISSIPPI
Name: Castrop, Henry
Area: 1880s early-1888, Lower Osage R., Mo.
      1880- Osage R, mouth to Warsaw, Mo. and Mo. R. as part of
            Osage and Missouri River Packet Company
Boats: 1880s early-1888, DAN B. HURLBURT
       1888, FREDERICK
       Mentioned in this Article.
1. Name: Champromere
Area: 1845 Miss. R., N.O. - Bends
Boat: 1845, BELLE CREOLE

1. Name: Chandler, Joseph P.
Area: 1858, Cincinnati-New Orleans
Boat: 1858, TELEGRAM, the first one.
Comments: from site visitor Diane
           My great-great grandfather was a captain of a riverboat on
           the Illinois River. His name was Joe Chandler. My great
           grandmother was raised on this boat. My older relatives do
           not remember its name. I would like to find out more
           information about the Illinois River and its river boats.
           His brother, Sid Chandler was a pilot of a river boat that
           came up the Mississippi River to Quincy, Illinois and perhaps
           further. My uncle says that his boat was an excursion boat.
           I think that grandpa Chandler's boat may have hauled livestock
           and goods to the St. Louis markets. I would love to find out
           more information if anyone has any. Thanks, Diane  

Name: Chancellor, E.P., 1833-1927, of Parkersburg, W. Va.
Boats: 	1864, had built the LEWELLIN
		1857. clerk on PARKERSBURG
		1879, owner and master of  W.N. CHANCELLOR
Comments: Mentioned in this Document

Name: Chandler, Sid
Area: Miss. R.
Comments: See "Comments" in above listing.

Name: Chapman, William

Name: Chengery, Gabriel
Area: 1999, Cincinnati and New Orleans
Boat: 1999, DELTA QUEEN

Name: Child, George
Died: 1840, Jan 13 in LEXINGTON disaster.
Area: 1830s to 1840, Long Island Sound
Boats: 1830, late, MOHEGAN
       1840, Jan. 13, replaced ailing Jacob Vanderbilt as master on

Name: Childress
Boats: 1852, May, Captain of YOHOGANY
Comments: Source

Name: Chittenden, Hiram M.
Comments: from article from Elk Point~Jefferson High School, Elk Point,
          South Dakota.

Name: Chouteau, Pierre M.
Boats: KATE SWINNEY (often misspelled Sweeney)
Comments: from article from Elk Point~Jefferson High School, Elk Point,
          South Dakota.
        : Mentioned in this Article

Name: Christain, Al
Area: 1999, New Orleans
Boats: 1999, CREOLE QUEEN

Name: Christian, Pat  (See)

Name: Clark, David B.
Area: 1861-89, Mo. R.
Comments: from the Boone’s Lick Heritage Quarterly.

*Name: Clayton, George
Area: L. miss. R.
Boats: 1870, June, Was one of the pilots aboard the ROB'T E. LEE
             when she raced the NATCHEZ

Name: Clemens, Samuel Langhorn (Mark Twain) 1835-1910 Pictures
Boats: Apprenticed on at 12 yrs old, PAUL JONES under Horace Bixby;
       A. T. LACY;
       A. B. CHALMERS No.2;
       JOHN J. ROE;
       * 1860, Nov. was pilot on ALONZO CHILD
       1862, cub pilot on ALECK SCOTT under Horace Bixby
Comments: Was cub pilot under Marsh, Grant.
		: Stood first pilot watches on the CRESCENT CITY
		: Mentioned in this Article

Name: Clements, John M.
Area: Sabine R., Texas
Boat(s): *1843, Fall, SABINE
         * Purchased between 1852-62, the PEARL PLANT, DOCTOR MASSIE,
                                     MARY FLAVEY, JUANITA 
          1852-60, SUNFLOWER 

Name: Coe, Joseph
Area: 1800-29, Ohio R.
Comments: This entry prompted by a query from site visitor Jenni:
          "I am researching info on my ggggrandfather who was Joseph COE a
          steamboat captain on the Ohio and other rivers time period 1800-1829.  
Holiday 25
1. Name: Cole, J. H.
Boats: 1851, some time after, was part owner and master of ST. PAUL

Name: Coleman
Boats: 1840s, Capt. on SALADIN
Comments: Kidnapped President Zachary Taylor in place of boat that was
        supposed to take him somewhere.  Just for the honor of having
        transported the President.

Name: Coles, Charles
Area: U, White R.
Boats: 1869-71, BATESVILLE
Comments: brother-in-law to Captain Albert B. Smith

Name: Collins, Brian
Area: 1999, New Orleans
Boats: 1999, CREOLE QUEEN

1. Name: Comeaux, Eddie
Died: 1914, Feb. 14, when GEM burned
Area: 1910, Nov. 23,- 1914, Feb. 14, N.O. - Bayou Sara trade
Boats: 1910, Nov. 23,- 1914, Feb. 14, GEM

Name: Conn, George H.
Born: 1860, New Cumberland, West Va.
Comments: from site visitor . . .
    Dear Dave,
    You have a wonderful site and I've only scratched the surface enough
    to see that my great-grandfather George H. Conn is missing from the
    ranks of captains. We know little about him because my grandfather
    died young and didn't talk about him much anyway. My dad remembered
    him as a flamboyant character who wore flashy jewelry and hung around
    pawnshops. He had three wives, the first of whom was an heiress from
    Toledo, and the last a former showgirl who smoked and drank. George
    was born in New Cumberland WV in 1860, but we've no information on
    where his boat operated from or its route or function. I suspect he
    was a womanizer,too; he had a fake diamond engagement ring which he
    may have used for nefarious purposes. If you should run across this
    colorful character, would you give me a holler?
    Betsy (Conn) French

Name: Connor, Dave E. (See)
Area: Trinity R., Tex.
Boats: *1867, purchased the SUNFLOWER
Comments: 1867, SUNFLOWER sank at Patrick's Landing, north of Swarthout

1. Name: Convers, J. M. of St. Louis
Area: Miss. R.
Boats: 1842, J.M. WHITE #1, 1844 -1848, J.M. WHITE #2
       1846 - 1848, WAKENDAH
       1856 - 1857, J.M. CONVERS

1. Name: Conwell, Willis S., Ohio
Area: 1850, Pittsburgh-Wheeling
Boats: 1850, DIURNAL, when boat was new. 

Name: Cooley, LaVerrier
Died: 1931
Comments: from  Tulane University's web site
              "Cooley Family papers, 1980-1960 1,177 items,
               Manuscripts Collection 301. Mainly the correspondence
               and writings of LaVerrier Cooley (d. 1931) as owner and
               captain of the America and the Ouachita. The collection
               also includes the papers of his daughter Esther, who also
               wrote on river related topics. 

Name: Cooper, Edmund B. 
Boats: 1870, SIOUX CITY
       1873, Apr. master of CHESAPEAKE, Parkersville-Huntington trade
				Later Parkersburg-Gallipolis trade
       1870s, late, purchased the EMMA GRAHAM
       1877, W.P. THOMPSON
       1883, HARRY D. KNOX
       1880s?, purchased FASHION
Area: Ohio R., Mo. R.
Associated with: 1873, 76, Parkersburg and Ohio River Transportation Company
Comments: From Way's Packet Directory
		: Mentioned in this Document

Name: Cooper, Frank
Boats: at one time, HARRY D. KNOX
Comments: Mentioned in this Article and Here

Name: Corbett, James N. 
Boat(s): C.E. HILLMAN

Name: Cormack, John
Area: 1840s, U. Miss. R and ST. Croix R.
Died: 1885, Mich., Princeton, Mille Lacs County
Home: from 1845, Stillwater, Mich.
Source: ARTICLE  Also see  Coulson Line

* Name: Cosper, Samuel A.
Area: 1890s, sometime during, Coosa R.
Boats: Master of CLIFFORD B. SEAY

Name: Cotton, J.A.
Area: 1852, New Orleans-Bayou Sara
Boats: 1852, EMPEROR

Name: Coulson, Martin (Mart)
Boats: 1876 or so, Capt. FAR WEST
        Also see  Coulson Line

Name: Coulson, Sanford (Sallie) B. see Owners
        Also see  Coulson Line

Name: Coulson, William W.
Area: 1871, Ohio and Mo. Rs., Pittsburg-Fort Benton trade.
Boats: 1863-65, JULIA	
       1871, Owner and capt., E.H. DURFEE
       1879, part owner of 1879 MONTANA
         Also see  Coulson Line

Name: Cox, Michael
Area: 1884, Monongahela R.
Boats: 1884, Owner of JAMES G. BLAINE

Name: Craig, Thomas P.
Boats: 1924-29, DECATUR, 1930s, FRANKLIN D. ROOSEVELT
Area: out of Rocheport, Mo. on Mo R.
Comments: from the Boone’s Lick Heritage Quarterly.

1. Name: Cramer, Lanford of Clarington, Oh.
Died: 1906,Sept. aboard the AVALON near Ambridge, Pa.
Area: u. Miss. and Ohio Rs.
Boat(s): 1898 - 1907, AVALON
Comments:  Was head of the Cramer family boat holdings.

Name: Cravens, Albert G.
Died: 1931, June 
Areas: U. White R.
Boats: 1866, June, ARGOS
		1881, was clerk on ALBERTA NO.2  See
		1893, MYRTLE
		1896, T.E. MORRISON, owner and Capt.
Comments: Mentioned in this Article
		: Also see his strange adventure
		: Obituary

Name: Crawford, Thomas L.  Source
Boats: 1864 HENRY AMES, New Orleans to St Louis

Name: Crooks, Horatio Nelson
Born: Belfast, Maine, Sept. 16, 1801
Died: May 16, 1873, Bellville Island near Belleville, W. Va.
Boats: 1828, with brother, Benjamin Crooks, worked aboard the WILLIAM D DUNCAN
       1830's, early, became partners with brother and brother-in-law, James Cargill in ARGUS
       1842, spring, MONTEZUMA
       1843, with partners Thomas K. Litch and Ezra Porter built the CLIPPER
	   1846, built CLIPPER No. 2 with George Black, Robert S. Hays,
			William Bingham, Thomas K. Litch, Alex Miller and David Holmes
       1854, sometime after, master of THOMAS SWANN
       1854-60, sometime between, Owned CHALLENGE
       1856, was stockholder in the JOSEPH H. CONN
       1860, His last boat was the KENTON
Comments: See brief Biography

Name: Crosby, John K.
Area: South eastern seaboard rivers
Boats: 1865, Mar., U.S.S. HARVEST MOON
Comments; Source

Name: Crouch, John A.
Area: Cumberland R. 
Boats: 1897, master of W.K. PHILLIPS
       1899, purchased THE 1887 CHARLESTON
       1914, purchased the NETTIE JOHNSON
Comments: Mentioned Here

Name: Cullin, George
Boats: 1863, had built with Capt. Frank Maratta, the PRINCESS

Name: Cunningham, Robert A.
Area: Ohio R., out of Middleport
Comments: From The Tribune Telegraph,
          Pomeroy, Meigs County, Ohio, Wed. July. 12 1897

Name: Cummins
Area: 1859 or so, White R.
Boats: 1859 or so, the NEBRASKA
Comments: Mentioned in this Article

1. Way's Packet Directory, 1848 - 1994
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