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Name: Bailey, Charles M. Born: 1835, McKeesport, Pa. to Joseph M. and Nancy Bailey Boats: Sub-Pilot on SHRIVER and JENSEE, Pittsburgh - West Newton, Pa. 1854-60, mate on HERCULES Comments: info from Memoirs of Allegheny County, Pennsylvania; personal and genealogical. Vol. 2 Name: Baird, Abner Area: 1866, U. White R. Boats: 1866, JUSTICE Comments: Mentioned in this Article *Name: Bagby, James Thompson Boats: 1876, summer, took command of the VIGO Comments: Was brother-in-law of John McAllister, builder of the FANNIE DUGAN Name: Baker, Charles K. Boat(s): 1865: With Conrad, Jacob, was Co-owner of CORNELIA Home: St. Louis More information: from Way's Packet Directory, compiled by John Hartford, river musician. Comments: see genealogy query Also See Name: Baldwin, C. H. Area: West Coast Boat(s): BROTHER JOHNATHAN/COMMODORE Name: Ball, Bill Boats: 1882, was master of LADY LEE when was snagged and lost. Associated with: The Star Line while master of LADY LEE Name: Ballard, Joe Died: 1911 Area: Kentucky R., Boats: TELL CITY, Source: Historic Harrison County Riverboats Name: Ballard, Richard Boats: TELL CITY c. early 1880s?, JAMES GUTHRIE Source: Historic Harrison County Riverboats Name: Barlow, Augustus Area: 1840 - ? St Croix and Miss. Rs. Source: ARTICLE Name: Barr, John Christie Boat(s): Companies worked for: Powers and Raker Line 1. Name: Barre, William E. Died: 1914, Feb. 14, when GEM burned Area: 1910, Nov. 23,- 1914, Feb. 14, N.O. - Bayou Sara trade Boats: 1910, Nov. 23,- 1914, Feb. 14, GEM 1. Name: Barren, George Area: 1903, L. Miss. R. Boat(s): 1903, Sept., W.T. SCOVELL Name: Barnes, Robert Comments: From The Tribune Telegraph, Pomeroy, Meigs County, Ohio, Wed. May. 12 1897 * Name: Bartlett, A Boats: cir. 1845, REVENUE 1. Name: Batchelor, Charles W. of Pittsburgh, Pa. 1823 - 1896 Born: Was a native of Steubenville, Oh. Area: 1839-52, Mostly Pittsburgh-Cincinnati trade but also Allegheny, Monongahela, Ohio and Mississippi Rs. Boats: 1841, Apprentice pilot on TIOGA, Captain Henry Mason, when she went up Missouri R.to the site which was later to become Kansas City. 1845, Pilot on FULTON. Pilot on the 1st PRAIRIE BIRD 1846 - ?48?, Piloted CLIPPER #2 for three seasons. Said she was hard to steer. He finally got off to "go home to die", which he didn't. 1848, made one trip as capt. of the SHENANDOAH 1849, piloted the NOMINEE 1849-52, Capt. and part owner of HIBERNIA #2 1850, 1852, Capt and part owner of the 1852 ALLEGHENY; 1853, supervised construction of AMERICUS 1859, Apr. purchased the ALLEGHENY BELLE #3 for Louisiana Tehauntepc Co. 1862, Supeintended construction of the MARY E. FORSYTH 1863, Supeintended construction of the NORMAN, purchased the hull of the 3rd PARAGON, under construction, then sold the finished boat to a Capt. Donnally of Cincinnati. 1863-64, Owned DARLING 1864, E & N Porter Yard, Louiville, Ky.: Directed the building of the W. R. ARTHUR for Capt Dan Able 1864, Supervised building of GUIDON, Supervised building of the W.R. ARTHUR 1885, Oct 7, master of GENEVA during parade at west Bellevue, Pa. *At one time Also owned or built EUNICE, LUCY GWIN, PARAGON, GEORGE W. GRAHAM, EMMA DUNCAN, and the LAC LABELLE 1885, Master GENEVA - F.Y. BATCHELOR Companies associated with: 1853, Pittsburgh and Cincinnati Packet Line 1864 with DARLING of the Dean Line Comments: 1841, on Kansas City trip this pilot was so attracted to a white girl who was living with the the Indians there, that he considered leaving the boat and marring her, but he didn't. : Capt. Batchelor's Obituary : More information and a photo: from Way's Packet Directory, compiled by John Hartford, river musician. : See Letter Name: Batchelor, Frank Y. Boats: 1870, Feb.-1871, Jan. 15, Owner with others of EDINBURGH Name: Bateman, Morgan Magness Area: 1858, Upper White R., Ark. Boats: 1852, MARY L. DAUGHERTY 1858, MARY PATTERSON 1866, SALLIE LIST 1870, R.P. WALT Name: Bates, David G. Boat(s): PUTNAM Comments: Source 1. Name: Beard, Hugh H. Area: 1857-60 at least, of New Orleans Boats: 1857, Sept. - 185?9?, UNION (The 6th one) 1860-61: Built and owned DE SOTO 1. Name: Beasley, Benjamin F. Area: 1859-60, Mo. R. 1870, U. Miss. R. Boats: 1856, EXCEL 1859-60, COL. GUS LYNN 1861, MEDORA 1865, owner with others, PRINCESS 1875, owner with Thomas Voorhees, UTAH

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Name:Beatty, J.F. Boats: 1897, owner and captain of JOHN D. LEWIS Area: 1897, Ohio R., Paducah, Kentucky Comments:From The Tribune Telegraph Pomeroy, Meigs County, Ohio, Wed. Feb. 24 1897 Name: Beauchamp, Joseph Boats: During Civil War, RED ROVER, hospital ship. Comments:The information that I have came from a Civil War Pension file claimed by my ancestors widow. My ancestor was first known as Actg. Ensign Jos. Beauchamp, then later refered to Capt. Joseph Beauchamp. (USS Red Rover/Civil War) His family states he left on the steamer Glasgow from St. Louis bound for New Orleans, final destination was Vera Cruz. (Going south for health) This was in April 1871. He died in Vera Cruz May 21 1871. : This info is from site visitor, Pat Hammons Name: Beebee, James Boat(s): 1836, towboat TIGER, owner : 1839? towboat AMAZON : 1841, towboat PLANTER owner Area: Ohio R. Commets: Notes from WHEELING, WEST VIRGINIA, WHEELING NEWS-REGISTER, June 24, 1951 1. Name: Beaver, George S. of St. Marys, W. Va. Boats: 1904, Capt. of T.N. BARNSDALL and possibly LEROY and ROYAL 1912,May-1913, Jan., part owner, ORIOLE Companies Associated with: 1904-Ohio and West Virginia Transportation Company Comments: George was associated in ownership of ORIOLE with family members Elmer and Charles Beaver, New Matamoras, Oh.. Name: Beedle, Hi Area: 1882, U. Miss. R. St Louis - St. Paul Boats associated with: 1882 or so, Pilot on GEM CITY Companies associated with: 1882, St. Louis and St. Paul Packet Company Name: Belk, John M. Boats: At times commanded the FAR WEST Area: Mo. R. Comments: was co-owner of refreshment stand on steamboat at 13. 5 yrs. later got his first experience at the wheel on the when he signed on as errand boy on the EVENING STAR. Name: Belt, Francis T. Boats: 1852, Apr. 9, was master of SALUDA when she blew her boilers Comments:, Died when SALUDA blew up. See boat for info. : Brother to Lloyd T. Belt, below. See Name: Belt, Lloyd T. Area: 1847, Ill. R. 1868, Mo. R. 1870s, St. Louis - Shreveport 1876, New Orleans - Bayou Teche trade Boats: 1847, owner w/ brother Francis of PLANTER, the 1st one. 1868, ARABIAN 1873, GEORGE C. WOLFF Was master when boilers blew up. 1878, owner, JOHN M. CHAMBERS 1886, TECHE, the 2nd one. Companies Associated with: Bayou Teche Packet Company Comments: Brother to Francis T. Belt, above. See Name: Benjamin, Frank Area: Coosa R. Boat: 1870's: Magnolia Comments: Source Name: Benson, John, G. Areas: 1868, Louisville-New Orleans 1869, New Orleans-Vicksburg Boats: 1868-69, master of JOHN KILGOUR * 1870s, late, Part owner and master of GOVERNOR ALLEN Comments: Name: Bernstein, Alan Area: Covington Boats: RIVER QUEEN Name: Bersie Area: 1846, U. Miss. R. Boat(s):MONONA Comments: Mentioned in this Article 1. Bezeau Boats: 1866, May 16, CITY of MEMPHIS when she blew up. Comments: See Name: Bickerstaff, S.J. Area: Miss. R., Ohio R. Boats: 1847, VICTRESS; 1878, JOHN PORTER Name: Biggs, R.M. or P.M. of Ashland, Ky. Died: Killed when HARRY DEAN exploded. Comments: Mentioned in this Article Name: Bixby, Horace E. Born: 1826, May 8, Genesco, NY Died: 1912, Aug. 1, Maplewood, Mo. Note: Many of these links will not work until I get the time to complete the other ends. Dave. Boats: 1844, Clerk on OLIVIA, 1846, Pilot on same. HUNGARIAN first pilot job. 1850s?, Pilot of PAUL JONES, 1852 or so, MATTIE WAYNE piloted her at one time. 1862, Feb., Pilot of ALECK SCOTT 1865, BERTRAND No. 2 1866, RUBICON 1870s?, CITY OF BATTON ROUGE 1871, OCEANUS 1874, CITY of ALTON No. 2, ownde 1/4 of her. 1881, CITY of BATON ROUGE 1885, CITY of NATCHEZ 1887, CRYSTAL CITY 1895, BELL MEMPHIS Companies Associated with: 1850s, Railroad Line 1864, Eads, James B. 1865, Montana and Idaho Transportation Company 187?-90, Anchor Line Comments: 1860, Married Susan Weibling, she died 1867 1868, Jan. 2, Married Mary Sheble, daughter of Capt. Edwin A. Sheble of St Louis, she outlived him. : A grand old man of the Lower Mississippi, New Orleans trade. Took young Samuel Clemens on as cub pilot on the PAUL JONES. Primary Source: 1. Name: Blair, Walter Area: U. Miss. R. Boats: 1870s? SILVER WAVE 1880s? SILVER CRESCENT 1901-19, Owner, URANIA/HELLEN BLAIR 1912-12, Owner of COLUMBIA *Name: Blake, William Boats: 1862, Apr., FAR WEST 1. Name: Blake, W.C. Area: 1873-76, L. Miss.R Boats: 1873-?76?, JULIA Name: Blakeley, Russell Area: 1847, U. Miss R. Boats: 1846, ARGO: 1854, Apr., NOMINEE 1847, fall, DR. FRANKLIN Comments: Mentioned several times in this Article : 1854, Was one of Stockholders of the Galena and Minnsota Packet Company Name: Blakeman, C. (See) Note: Over time, The Blanks Family owned 20-some boats. There were 5 Capts. Blanks. Some of the links in the "Blanks" listings will not yet lead to the boat. In many instances it is difficult to tell if one Blanks or another owned a given boat or was just the captain. Will fill in all all the blanks when I get the time. Name: Blanchard, Max Area: 1890, Running New Orleans-Bayou Lafourch Boat(s): 1890, E.W. COLE Name: Blanks, Fred A. See Obituary Boats: 1867, OUACHITA (No. 1). 1868, Feb., Capt. VICKSBURG (No. 2) 1869, Master, TAHLEQUAH (No. 2) 1870-78, Part owner and capt. of OUACHITA BELLE 1879, FRED A. BLANKS (No. 1) 1867, May, Master, IDAHOE 1867 and '74, sometime between, Lottawana 1873-'77, sometime between, Bannock City 1877, Master, BASTROP, 1880-89, Sometime between, H. Hanna Blanks 1885, JOHN H. HANNA ?1900? or so, FRED A. BLANKS No. 2 RUTH Companies Associated With: Part owner, Ouachita River Line Part owner, Ouachita River Consolidated Line Associated with - New Orleans and Ouachita Transportation Company Name: Blanks, J. W. Boat(s): 186?8?-69, July, OUACHITA 1868, IDAHOE 1869, CORNELIA, 1877, JOHN H. HANNA 1880, Owner, H HANNA BLANKS More information: from Way's Packet Directory, compiled by John Hartford, river musician. 1. Name: Blashford, David, of Cincinnatti, Oh.. *Also lived in Newport, KY. Born: *Pennsylvania Area: 1841, Made trip up Mo. R. to what later became the town of Kansas City. *1860 census, Campbell County, KY, listed as Riverboat pilot, age 55. Boats: 1841, TIOGA Comments: *from site visitor, Sue Taylor : C.W. Batchelor was pilot on Kansas City trip.
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Name: Blue Area: Cir. 1848, out of Zanesville, Oh. Boats: built the PUTNAM Comments: Mentioned in this Article Name: Blunt Area: 1853, Dec. California - Panama Boat: 1853, Dec., WINFIELD SCOTT Comments: See Source Name: Blunt, Charles Sr. Comments: rose from deck hand to Capt. in just 3 yrs. Lost one boat to a boiler explosion while transporting Civil War troops. Lost another in an ambush by rebels. Name: Blunt, Charles, Jr. Comments: Stayed with same co. for 45 yrs. Rode out a tornado that took the boat's superstructure from behind his head. Name: Boardman, W. T. of New Orleans Boats: 1871 had built the JOHN T. MOORE 1. Name: Bofinger, James Boats: 1862, Nov. Purchased part of CITY of MEMPHIS Area: 1862, St. Louis - New Orleans 1. Name: Bofinger, John N. Companies Associated with: 1869, Pres. of St. Louis and New Orleans Packet Company 1. Name: Boies Boats: 1850, late or early 1860s, ALVIN ADAMS Companirs Associated With: 1850, late or early 1860s, U.S. Mail Line 1. Name: Boisseau, Joseph of Shreveport, La. Born: *1829, January 23, Dinwiddie County, Va. Died: Area: 1854, Alexandria-Shreveport Boats: 1854, Owner, MARION (The 1st one) 1861, Owner, M.E. ALLEN *186? Capt. of COTTON and of NEWSBOY, owner of *TRENT Comments: *From Boisseau Biography Name: Boland, Asa P. Boats: 1889, Sept. 15: BENTON Comments: BENTON was snagged and sank on that day. Boat was raised. Name: Boland, James P. Boats: 1889: With T.J. Sims, purchased the BENTON Comments: 1897, was captain on 1875 Benton when she came to drawbridge and got sideways and backed into submerged piling, holing her hull. In sinking condition the boat floated down under the bridge and tore off her upper works, and was wrecked. 1. Name: Booth, Asa Boats: 1900, owner and Capt., LIBERTY Comments: I suspect this man is same as Capt. A.B. Booth, below - d. Name: Booth Name: Booth, A.B. Boats: 1876, master of EXPRESS No. 2 1879, DIURNAL Name: Booth, Charles H. Born: October 3, 1816, Parkersburg, W. Va. Died: Friday, August 23, 1884, Parkersburg, W. Va. of Malarial Fever. See Obituary Boat(S): 1876, part owner with Capt. Steve Thompson of TELEGRAM 1879, MALLIE RAGON : 1882, WELCOME 1883, Clerk on PRINCE, Wheeling-Clarington Area: Ohio R. Companies: 1882, Pres. of Wheeling, Parkersburgh & Cincinnati Transportation Co. Later(?) was vice chairman * Comments: From the WHEELING NEWS-REGISTER, June 24, 1951 : From the Wheeling Intelligencer, July 6, 1882, : Name: Booth, Horatio 1. Name: Booth, John K. Area: 1857-62, Apr., Wheeling-Parkersburgh, occasionally to Cincinnati 1860's, Ohio R. Boats: 1857-62, Apr.,owner of LIBERTY with others 1861, built LIBERTY No. 2 to replace 1st. LIBERTY, above. (The dates are from Way's, 1.. They do not match up. ???) 1863, sometinme after, owner, ALLEGHENY BELL No. 4 1879, built the DIURNAL 1884, *Dec. 4, Purchased 1/3 interest in the TELEGRAM From Capt. James Gatt 1885, purchased control of the TELEGRAPH 1889-96, LIBERTY (the 3rd one) Comments: Mentioned in article, The Wheeling Register, March 31, 1879 Name: Booth, J. Wilkes Name: Booth, Sam D. Name: Booth, T. Kent Name: Booth, Walter C. Name: Booth, William F. Name: Boren, Cole Area: 1890, July-Oct. Cairo-Tiptonville Boats: 1890, July, with others purchased the EVANSVILLE Comments: Possibly a principal in the Cairo and Tiptonville Packet Company Name: Bosworth, Benajah of Lexington, Ky. Boat: KENTUCK' Comments: father to Collin, below. *Name: Bosworth, Collin, d. 1824, Aug., of feaver. Wife: Nancy, d. 1824, Aug. of feaver. (Lexington, KY newspaper report) Area: Miss R., probably Nashville-New Orleans Boats: 1819?-24, HOPE (listed as owner by 1820 New Orleans Census) Comments: Son to Benajah, above. : 1824, summer, Capt. was in a steamboat explosion the summer before his death. (Lexington, KY newspaper report.) : * information from Ella R. Hauser, Mich.. Name: Bowen, William Flint, of Zanesville, Ohio Died: ?1849 or 50? in Mexico, See Area: 1846, Pittsburgh-Zanesville Boats: At one time MUSKINGUM out of Zanesville 1846, owner at least in part of DEL NORTE later, part owner of same with Ellmaker & Viosca of New Orleans Comments: Capt. Bowen was killed in 1849 o4 50 after he took the DEL NORTE to Texas sometime after 1846. See Family History Name: Bowen, William Boats: 1868, EMMA No. 2
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1. Name: Bowers, E.Eugene Area: L. Miss. R. Boats: 1864-66, Feb. 26., PEYTONA Companies associated with: 1864-66, Atlantic and Mississippi Steamship Company 1. Name: Bowman, George W. Area: 1848, Pittsburgh - St. Louis Boat(s): 1848, SHENANDOAH; 1856, Apr. 3, J.M. CONVERS Name: Bowman, Sam, of Hannibal, Mo. Brother to Capt. Bart Bowmen Area: Miss. R. Boats: 1861 or so, G. W. GRAHAM 1866, pilot on HENRY VON PHUL 1871, pilot on MOLLIE MOORE Comments; Died of yellow feaver and was burried on Miss. R. Bank. Years later the riverbank began to crumble and Samuel Clemens paid to have body properly reburied. 1. Name: Bowman, W.S. Area: Cumberland R. Boats: 1879, owner with J.W. Lovell of the C.N. DAVIS cir. 1867, clerk on ELLA HUGHS 1895, master of I.T. RHEA 1898, Was first master of J.B. RICHARDSON Comments: Mentioned Here Name: Brasie Comments: Source Name: Braun, Rick Area: 1999, Louisville Boats: 1999, SPIRIT OF JEFFERSON Name: Brazure, John of Cincinnati, Oh. Boats: 1845, Dec. 19, when she was snagged and sunk, BELLE ZANE Name: Breitenbach, Harold Area: 1999, Ill. R, Peoria , Ill. Boat: 1999, July, SPIRITE of PEORIA Name:Briggs Boats: 1897, May, Purchased FRANK GILMORE Comments: From The Tribune Telegraph, Pomeroy, Meigs County, Ohio, Wed. May. 12 1897 Name: Brink, Andrew Area: 1807, Hudson Bay Boat: 1807, CLERMONT Comments: See Name: Brinkley Boats: 1913, July, JAMES LAUGHLIN Source 1. Name: Brinker, H.J., Jr. Area: New Orleans - Shreveport Boats Associated With: 1903, Sept., W.T. SCOVELL Owners Associated With: 1903, Sept., Red River Line Comments: 1903, Sept, The W.T. SCOVELL sank. Was re-floated. Name: Brisco, A.J. Area: 1853, Apr. To leave Louisville for Ohio and Tenn. Rivers. Boats: 1853, Apr., TISHOMINGO Name: Broadfoot, Leslie R. See: Obituary Name: Broadwell, Lewis W. Boats: 1856, ECLIPSE 1. Name: Brolaski, Harry C. Boat(s): 18?? - 1871, Jan., W. R. ARTHUR : 1904, CORWIN H. SPENCER Owners Assoiated With: 1904, World's Fair Navigation Company Comments: 1871, Jan., Island 40; W. R. ARTHUR'S boilers exploded. Burning, she floated down to Redman's Point and sank. Lost 45 souls. Chief Engineer was blamed. His licence was revolked. : More information: from Way's Packet Directory, compiled by : John Hartford, river musician. 1. Name: Brookhart, John Boats: 1879, clerk on W.N. CHANCELLOR * 1884, become master of HARRY D. KNOX More At one time, CHESAPEAKE 1. Name: Brookhart, Henry, of Belpre - Pilot Boats: * 1884, Oct., was schedualed to be pilot on HIBERNIA 1896, Wheeling-Parkersburg trade, With Jesse P. Hughes, was pilot of the ARGAND under Capt. Mary B. Green 1896, was pilot with Henry Ollom on KANAWHA under Capt. I.B. Huntington Comments: Mentioned in this Document. 1. Name: Brookhart, William F. - pilot Boats: *1884, pilot on the ST. LAWRENCE 1885, Nov. 26, was pilot on watch when EMMA GRAHAM backed over stave barge and sank. 1886, pilot with Aaron McLaughlin on BENTON McMILLIN 1890, pilot with Aaron McLaughlin on CONGO 1922, a pilot on the GENERAL CROWDER Name: Brooks, Benjamin Area: Mo. R. Comments: Source - From a site visitor; I have a ggg-uncle, a CAPT. BENJAMIN BROOKS, who made trips on the Missouri River for the U.S. government. He brought supplies to the Northwest Territory in the early 19th Century When he retired he opened a ship's Chandlers shop on the riverfront in St. Louis. His two sons, Clarence and Benjamin were both boat carpenters in 1852. I am sorry I do not know the name of the ship he may have captained. I searched your listings, but did not find him. I am hoping you may have run across these names in your historical searches, or you can direct me to someone who might know about the ferrys on the Merrimac River. I would appreciate any help you could provide. Regards, Bonnie Name: Brown Area: Ohio R. Comments: Notes from The Tribune Telegraph, Pomeroy, Meigs County, Ohio, Wed. Aug. 18 1897 Name: Brown, William T. Died: 1857, Nov. 26 in PENNSYLVASNIA'S collision with the VICKSBURG. Boats: 1850: Owner/Capt. NEW WORLD 1857: Nov. 26, was a pilot on PENNSYLVANIA when she collided with the VICKSBURG Comments: In his book Life on the Mississippi Mark Twain described Brown as a tyrant. Name: Bryant, Billy and Family Boats: 1907, PRINCESS Comments: Showboatsman Name: Bryson, Lon Boats: 1873, R.W. DUGAN Name: "Captain Buck" Reference Name: Buckman Boats: NORTH AMERICAN Area: Hudson R. Comments: Source Name: Budd, P. R. Boat(s): 1890's:IDA BUDD, PACIFIC Area: Ohio R. Comments: From: Notes from The Tribune Telegraph, Pomeroy, Meigs County, Ohio, Wed. Aug. 18 1897 Name: Buisson, Nicholas See Owners B 1. Name: Bumgardner, Harry Area: 1907, Vicksburg, short trades Boats: 1906-08, Master, ROSALIE M Comments; from site visitor Ben Denison Harry Bumgardner worked aboard two snagboats, the J.S. Wright, and the McComb. They worked the Mississippi River from Natchez to Alton Ill. If anyone has any info would sure appreciate knowing about it. Name: Bunn, Pearl Areas: 1881-88 (give or take) Sabine and Neches Rs., Tex. Boats: pre 1881-88, owned with Capt. Bill Loving the VICKSBURG 1888, built with Capt Loving, the NECHES BELLE Comments: See source Article Name: Burch, Hiram, of Marietta Boats: * 1868, Jan. 4, Pilot on HARRY DEAN when she blew a boiler. Comments: Severly injured in HARRY DEAN explosion. Name: Burch, Shewrood, of Sabine, Tex. Area: 1874, Angelina R., Tex. Boats: CAMARGO Comments: See source Article Name: Burdeau, J. T. Boat(s): 1861, PLANET Area: 1861, Miss. R. out of New Orleans 1. Name: Burke, Owen F. of Mobil, Ala. Area: L. Miss. R. Boats: 1912-14, ELECTRA 1916-19, owner, M.A. BURKE Name: Burke, William Source and Pictures Boats: 1879 - 1906: PITTSBURGH/DEBUQUE (same hull) Comments: PITTSBURGH was destroyed by tornado. DEBUQUE was built on its hull. Burke remained the Captain of her through this and a sinking by snag, raising and through two owning companies, The Diamond Jo Line and Strekfus Steamers, for a total of 27 years of service on this hull. Name: Burleigh, T.(Tim) B. Area: 1875, U. Mo. to Fort. Benton Boats: 1875, Mar. - 1876, May 14 at least, CARROLL Comments: took CARROLL to Fort Benton, 1876. May, 14 was first to arrive that spring. Name: Burnsides, Joe Area: 1881 and 82 Big Kanawa R. Boats: 1881-82 at least, towboat LIBERTY No.4
Comments: Source Name: Burton, Walthall Area: Atchafalaya, Miss. and 1. Mo. Rs. Boats: 1. 1863, possibly the CALYPSO. Capt. listed only as "Burton" Comments: from Tulane University's web site "Burton, Walthall , papers, 1840-1866, 84 items, Manuscripts Collection 431. Business papers of Walthall Burton, a steamboat captain on the Atchafalaya and the Mississippi Rivers. He later became a plantation owner in St. Landry Parish" Name: Burr, G.B. Area: 1870s, early, Neches R. Tex. Boats: 1870s, early, ERA No. 8, FLORA Comments: See source Article Name: Burrass, John Area: ?Mo. R.? Comments: A bell said to have been used by this captain on his boats is on display in Arrow Rock Missouri. The bell was cast by C.W. Coffin of Cincinnati, Oh. at the Buckeye Bell Foundry in 1855. Name: Bushnell, Daniel Boats: 1840s?, WALTER FORWARD 1. Way's Packet Directory, 1848 - 1994
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