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Name: Able, Barton
Area: L. Miss. R.
Boats: 1864, YELLOWSTONE
       1862-??, MARY E. FORSYTH
Companies Associated with: Atlantic and Mississippi Steam Ship Company

Name: Able, Dan, St. Louis
Boats: 1856, EDINBURGH
	   1864: Had the W. R. ARTHUR built.
       1864, Spring, Purchased with others, the 1859 ATLANTIC
	   1865, Purchased with Capt. Richard C. Gray the GLEANER, Ran Memphis to Ark. R.
	   More information: from Way's Packet Directory, compiled by
       John Hartford, river musician.

Name: Able, Charles W.
Boats: 1888, July 29, master of  JUDITH when she was snagged and lost

Name: Able, M. b. 1821, Ill. Boat: 1850, TIME and TIDE Comments: Info from 1850 St. Louis. census Name: Adams, John D. See his listing under Owners Name:Ailes, John Boat(s):1897, July, purchased DAUNTLESS Area: Ohio R. Comments: Notes from The Tribune Telegraph, Pomeroy, Meigs County, Ohio, Wed. July. 12 1897 Name: Agnew, Robert R. Boats:1897, May, HUDSON:1897, June, QUEEN CITY Comments: From The Tribune Telegraph, Pomeroy, Meigs County, Ohio, Wed. May. 12 1897 Name: Allidice, Sam (Possibly Alladice or Allardice) of Burkeville, Tex. Area: Sabine R., Tex. Boats: *1888, sometime after, owner with Capt. John M. Liles, of the NECHES BELLE Comments: See source Article 3. Name: Allen Area: 1862?, San Joaquin R. Calf. Boat: 1862?, PERT Name: Alvord, Pliny A. Area: 1858, U. Miss. R. Boats: 1858, NORTHERNER Companies associated with: 1858, Northern Line Packet Company Name: Angle, George T.

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Born: 1867, Alabama Wife: Carrie B., born 1975, Alabama. Died befor 1930 Area: Coosa R. Comments: 1910 Census of Gadsden, Etowah County, AL, is listed as a Steamboat Pilot : 1915, Dec. 13 issue of the Gadsden Evening Journal has him in Gadsden visiting his family and involved in the construction of Lock 3 on the Coosa R. : 1920 Census of Gadsden, he is listed as a Steamboat Captain. : 1944, Dec. 18, Will I. Martin's column in The Gadsden Times has him as watchman of the WILLIE C. WAGNON : Thanks to Ken McCulloch for the information on this captain. Name: Anderson, George Boats: 1855, KATE SWINNEY Name: Anton, Robert Boats: JULIA BELLE SWAIN : 1988-1993: SPIRIT OF PEORIA Comments: 1993: He went to teaching school. Name: Armstrong, Andrew J. of Ouachita County, Ark. Boats: owner with James Scott of YALOBUSHA Name: Armstrong, A. T., probably Alvin Tillman. Family records indicate this Armstrong was called Tim Area: Ohio R., Cumberland R. Died: 1895, Feb. 2, See comments below. Boat(s): 1879, owner of NAIL CITY and MONITOR, 1885, Master, H.K. BEDFORD 1886-92, sometime between, master of JOHN FOWLER 1893-95, Feb. 2, P.D. STAGGS Comments: From the WHEELING NEWS-REGISTER, June 24, 1951 : 1. 1895, Feb. 2, Capt. Armstrong died as a result of a knife wound he received on this boat when he tried to stop trouble caused by drinking. : Mentioned Here

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1. Name: Armstrong, John Died: 1880, Feb. 2. See comment below. Area: Ohio R. Boats: 1844-47, PIKE No.7 c. 1867, purchased OSAGE, formerly one of Eads designed gunboats, a Civil War ironclad. Owned this craft for one month before selling it. Companies Associated With: 1844-47, United States Mail Line Comments: This captain was the last master of PIKE No. 7, off of which in 1847 he retired. He lived many years on a farm abreast of Locust Bar, above Madison, Ind. He lived to be 90. Name: Armstrong, John A. Area: 1906, Ouachita R., Ark. Boats: 1906, purchased the 1900 GATE CITY Name: Armstrong, J.S., pilot Area: 1850, pilot on YANKEE on exploritory trip up Minn. R. Name: Armstrong, Thomas H., of Nashville, Tenn. 1. Way's indicates this Armstrong was called Tim Area: Cumberland R. Boats: 1874, owner of ALEX KENDALL 1879, Master, DORA CABLER 1882, Owner SAM J. KEITH 1888, owner with Major L.T. Armstrong of L.T. ARMSTRONG 1889-90, Capt. of WILLIAM PORTER 1895, Capt. on WILL J. CUMMINS 1903, Pilot on M.T. BRYAN Comments: Mentioned Here Name: Armstrong, William, clerk Area: 1882, Mareitta-Parkersburg-Charleston Boats: 1882, clerk on the 1882 LOUISE Name: Ash, Leon, Madison, Ind. Boats: trip Pilot, AVALON; master, towboat JASON: pilot/captain of towboats EVERGREEN, J.F. BUTTS, IROQOUIS Comments: Very briefly, he was a trip pilot aboard the Belle of Louisville when it was the Avalon. He was Master of the sternwheel towboat Jason in the 1940's. It was the last big steam powered towboat built (180' hull). He was also captain/pilot of the steam towboats Evergreen, J.F. Butts and Iroqouis (which became the Calvin Verity). Name: Atchinson, Mark Boat(s): FORTUNE: 1846, Apr., LYNX : 1849, Apr. 9, Capt. of HIGHLAND MARY Area: U. Miss. R. Comments: Mentioned several times in this Article Name: Atkins, Carrol J. Comments: 1865, was capt. of LIVE OAK when a lady waved him ashore, where the boat was set upon by confederate theives. Name: Aumiller, Ephraim Boats: late 1870's: Captain on the W. H. HARRISON : late 1890's: Engineer on the JESSIE Area: Ohio R. Born: 1833, on Horse Cave Creek, Meigs County, Ohio. Died: 1897, Feb. 21, Pomeroy, Ohio Comments: From The Tribune Telegraph, Pomeroy, Meigs County, Ohio, Wed. Feb. 24 1897 *Name: Avant, Nathan T. Area: Miss and White Rs. Boat: 1860, DR. BUFFINGTON *Source: (see ** in DR. BUFFINGTON's listing) 1. Way's Packet Directory, 1848 - 1994 3.Steamboats in the Valley
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