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Some years ago a site visitor submitted photos of these pages to me.
I honestly do not know from what publication they came.
Due to computer changes over the years, and e-mail changes, I do not even know the name of the good person who submitted them.

If anybody knows where these pages were originally printed, in what publication, please let me know.

Allegheny County's
Boat Building

pg 112
(Cont. from Page 111)

1856.-Alligator, Arcola, Argonaut, Argo, Arkansas, Appleton Belle, Adriatic, Boone, Belmont, B. I. Smith, Cambridge, Chas. Avery, Cabinet, Clara Hine, Capt. Mark Sterling, Cremona, Commerce, Cora, Chevalier, Coal Hill, Chicago, Charles Avery, Dick Evans, Dunleith, Denmark, Dick Gray, Energy, Era, Echnonia, Fire Fly, Gen. Scott, Gray Eagle, Great Western, Grenada Belle. Gen. G. Washington, Gold Hunter, Grampus No. 2, Hunter, Hartford City, Hannibal, Hibernia, Harmonia, Hiawatha, James Wood, John S. Pringle, James Wilson, Jennie Davis, J. M. Convers, James Park, James Raymond, Jos. S. Conn, Island City, Jeddo, Iowa, Lake Champlain, Lacrosse, Lightfoot, Lizzie Bay, Lucy, Lake Erie No. 2, Metropolis, Melnotte, Medora, Morning Star, Metropolitan, Moderator, Melrose, Muscle, Marmer, Monongahela, Orphan Boy, Nathaniel Holmes, Prima Donna, Pittsburgh Glass Trader, Rocket, R. F. Lass, Resolute, Red Wing, Stillwater, Samuel P. Hibberd, Sir Wm. Wallace, Storm, Sligo, Tom Jones, Tom Brierly, Thos. Scott, Talisman, Telegraph, Time, Variety, Virginia Belle, Vixen, W. I. Maclay, W. B. Terry, W. M. Porter, Yankee Notions.

1857.-Atkinson, Anglo Saxon, Alps, Acacia Cottage, Advance, A. McCartney, Brady, Aurora, Banner, Boon, Charley Bowen, Columbus, Celeste, Cremona, Commodore Perry, City of Memphis, Chippewa, Council Bluff, Chippewa Falls, Charlie Watson, Cheviot, Col. S. H. Judson, D. W. Martin, Dan Pollard, Dr. Kane, Decalion, D. D. Dickey, Decota, Diamond, Daniel Bushnell, Dew Drop, Dick Fulton, Eau Claire, Endor, E. K. Kane, Economy, E. M. Ryland, Era No. 2, Eagle, Florence, Fred Loven, Francis, Fortune, Fame, Fulton City, Fort Wayne, George Boyce, Goody Friends, Geo. C. Veach, G. H. Wilson, G. D Bates, Glenwood, G. N. Abbey, Greensboro, Grey Fox, Hastings, Harmonia, Henry Clay, Hazel Dell, J. W. Hailman, Isadore, Isaac Halford, J. Barnett, John Flack, James Plunkett, Jennie Grey, Jennie Whipple, Judge McClure, Indian, J. L. Hyatt, Key West, Lady Washington, Lady Elgin, Lizzie Lynch, Little Dorrit, Lizzie Martin, Medora, Minnetonka, Mill Boy, Marmora, Mary Cook, Mist, Northerner, Norway, Norwester, Niota Belle, New Cumberland, North River, Neptune, Newcastle, Olean, Orb, Ocean Spray, Omaha City, Paul Jones, Peru, Poland,. Potomac, Quapaw, Rodolph, R. B. Miller, Rosalie, Robt. C. Yates, Roebuck, Spread Eagle, Southerner, Star No. 2, St. Paul, Stillwater, Stephen Decatur, Thomas Moore, Tom Jones, V. B. Horton, Watossa, Wyandott, Wild Pigeon, W. S. Walker, W. Bartle, W. P. Reynolds, Wisconsin, White Rose, Wm. Rhodes, W. H. Brown, Wm. C. Robinson, Utah, J. W. Cook, S. Kennedy, Lake City, St. Paul, D. Z Brickell, John N. Shunk, G. C. Dunwell, Spray, Lewis, S. L. Vandergrift, John Edie, E. N. Tracey, Jeremiah Forse, D. T. Brown, I. Whistler, Arizonia, Aurora.

From 1858 to 1875, inclusive, a period of eighteen years, there was constructed in the vicinity of and enrolled in the district of Pittsburgh, six hundred and forty-nine steamboats, whose aggregate tonnage was one hundred and fifty-five thousand two hundred and fifty-three tons, and whose value was twenty-one millions eight hundred and eighty-six thousand and seventy-three dollars. In the same period


there was constructed five, hundred and eighteen barges, whose tonnage was one hundred thousand eight hundred and eighty-three tons; also four hundred and ninety-six: keel and flat boats, having a tonnage of twenty-one thousand six hundred and sixty-two tons, and twenty-six ferry boats, with a tonnage of twenty-six hundred and eighty-one tons; being an aggregate tonnage construction of two hundred and eighty thousand four hundred and seventy-nine tons, having an aggregate value of over twenty-two millions of dollars.

The following list gives the names, it is thought, of all the steamboats in that period : their tonnage, as well as the other craft built, being given in the foregoing; paragraph:

1858.-Venango, Lake Erie No. 3, Sky Lark, Echo, Rowena, Pembinaw, Canada, Decotah, Ida May, Silver Lake, Victoria. Keokuk, Panola, Cedar Rapids, Jim Watson, C. Rogers, J. S. Cosgrave, Elmira, Diana, Fannie, A. G. Brown, Robt. Watson, FIora Temple, Emma Bett, Eagle, Vulcan, Era No. 3.

1859.-Conestoga, Niagara, Sam Clark, Allegheny Belle No. 4, Northener, John Hay, Des Moines City, J. N. Kellogg, Coloma, Col. Gus. Linn, Post Boy, Emma, Jacob Painter, Red Chief No. 2, Leon, Nile, South Bend, Undine, Uncle Ike, Julia Roane, Indianola, Era No. 4, John C. Calhoun, Mimmerlyn, Pine.Bluff, Two Kings, News Boy, Indian No. 2, Andy Fulton, Grey Eagle, Cotton Plant, Laclair, Lucy Gwin, Lioness, Mingo, Marisanna, Picayune No. 3, T. D. Horner, St. Cloud, Izetta, Collier, Telegraph, Dunbar, Clara Poe, Belle Peoria, Persia, Bellwood, Dan'l B. Miller, George Thompson, Southern Flora, Vigo, Lone Star, David Lynch.

1860.-West Wind, Storm No. 2, Hawkeye State, Mohawk, Sucker State, Porter Rhodes. Sunny Side, Diadem, Gen. Anderson, Science, Arago, Dolphin, Porter, Alfred Robb, Webster, Maquota City, S. C. Baker, Chas. Miller, Alamo, Gallatin, Rose Douglass, Sabine, Frontier City, Wild Cat, Mustang, Arab, May Duke, Gazelle, Jackson, Cricket No. 2, Franklin, Time, Ad. Hine, Linden, Talequah, Lily, Era No. 5, Key West No. 2, Judge Fletcher, Era No. 6, Uchee, Wm. H. Young, Jonas Powell, Cornie, Liberty No.3, La Salle, Arkansas, Emma Duncan, Matamoras, Commercial, O. H. Ormsby, John F. Carr, Sampson, Dick Fulton No. 2, Tycoon, "W. H. B.", V. F. Wilson, Isaac Hammett, John T. McCombs, Kenton, Sunshine, Robt. Fulton, Daniel Bushnell, James Hale, Robert Lee, Westmorland, Col. Stelle, Citizen.

1861- Silver Lake No. 2, Lexington, Continental, Bill Henderson, Florence, Lelia, G. W. Graham, Igo, Emma Graham, Billy Hodgeson, Cottage, W. H. Dinnis, Eglantine, Warren Packard, Geo. W. Stone.

1862-Lacon, Monterey, Petrel, Tiber, Estella, Monitor No. 2, Express, Market Boy, Parthenia, Navigation, Silver Lake No. 3, Uncle Sam, New York, R. H. Barnum, Glide, Grampus No. 2, Exchange, Laura Bell, Golden Era, Juliet, Marmora No. 2, Saint Clair, Brilliant, Forest Rose, Romeo, New Era, B. C. Levi, Monitor, Tigress No 2, Volunteer, Silver Cloud, Key West No. 3, White Rose, Liberty No. 3, Coal Bluff, Ella Faber, Nellie Rogers, Tempest, Starlight, Orient,

(Cont. on pg. 114)

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