The Obituary of Captain George G. Keith

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    Steamboat flags up and down the
Mississippi River within a radius of 200
miles of St. Louis will be at half-mast
this afternoon when the funeral of
Capt. George G. Keith, veteran river
pilot and master is held.
The funeral will be at 3 o'clock from
the Waggoner Chapel, 3621 ollive Street,
and the body will be taken to Lexing-
ton, Mo. for burial to-morrow.
Capt. Hunter Ben Jenkins, a life-long
friend and admirer of the dead river
veteran, yesterday found the following
poem in the pocket of an old coat be-
longing to Capt. Keith, written by the
late Col. Will B. Hays, for thirty-five
years river editor of the Louisville
Courier-Journal, and dedicated to him.
Mate, get ready down on deck:
I'm heading for the shore:
I'll ring the bell, for I must land
This boat for evermore.

Say, pilot, can you see the light -
I do - where the angels stand?
Well, hold her flagstaff hard on that.
For there I'm going to land.

That looks like Death that's hailing me;
So ghastly, grim and pale;
I'll tole the bell - I must go in;
I never passed a Bell.

Stop her! Let her come in slow;
There! That will do - no more.
Thelines are fast, and angels wait
To welcome me ashore.

Say, pilot, I am going with them
up younder through that gate;
I'll not come back - you ring the bell
And check her out - don't wait.

For I have made the trio of life,
and found my landing place;
I'll take my soul and anchor that
fast to the Throne of Grace.
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Capt.'s obituary page was
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site visitor Robert Eckhoff
Captain George G. Keith. (Ice King, Lion Heart, Little Giant, Nonpariel).
Lexington, Mo., knew him when he was a boy but he soon drifted away on the
river and started his climb to fame. He was a little man of Scotch
ancestry, but no man ever outdid him on the river. What he did with
the big Dacotah and 17,000 sacks of wheat is still a legend on the
Missouri. As a famed pilot and a famed master, his memory still lives
on with that great stream. Capt. George Keith sleeps the long sleep on the plesand hills of Lexington and his famed steamboats sleep
the long sleep with him. - - Dr. E.B. Trail
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