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Josephus Todd
Submitted 10/22/02

You list the Captain of the Rose Bud in 1887 as Joe Todd. There are no other
references to him in your database. He was really Josephus Todd, I, as was
his son, my grandfather Josephus Todd, II, and his son, my father, Josephus
Todd. There was also Captain John Todd who was the father of the first
Josephus Todd and was my great, great grandfather. The family came to St.
Louis from Wellsville, Ohio. John is referred to in "The Conquest of The
Missouri" by Joseph Mills Hanson (A.C. McClurg & Co. 1906) He worked with
Grant Marsh and the Coulsons. He Captained the Jospehine and the Key West
among other Coulson boats during the Custer Campaign against the Sioux in the
summer of 1873 along with Captain Grant Marsh, evenutallly bringing survivors
back from the Little Bighorn.

I wondered if you knew of other reference sources which might help me
researching my riverboat family. We still live in St. Louis. You've got a
great web site. Thanks, Barry Todd

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