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From the Galery of GARY R. LUCY
Biography of Gen. Robert Edwin Lee Name: ROB'T E. LEE The 1st one Type: Sidewheel wooden hulled packet Size: 285.5' X 46' X 9', 1,456.31 tons Power: 40s- 10 ft., eight 42" X 28' boilers allowed 120 lbs steam Launched: 1866, New Albany, Ind. by DeWitt's "lower yard" Destroyed: 1876, dismantled at Portland Ky.. Hull went to Memphis to serve as a wharfboat. Area: L. Miss. R. Owner: Capt. John W.Cannon of New Orleans. Captains: 1870, June 30, during race with NATCHEZ Pilots, Pell, James, Clayton, George, King, Enoch and Jameson, Jesse 4. 1870, Dec., Master, John Smoker Comments: 1870, Jun 30, raced the NATCHEZ. : 1870, Dec. 22, 2:00AM, collided with The POTOMAC. LEE had to be grounded to avoid sinking. Was raised and repaired. : 1870, JUNE 30, 4:55PM: Left N.O. for race with NATCHEZ. 1870, July 4, 11:25 PM; Made St. Louis Won by 6 hr, 36 min. 1870: Made run N.O. - Natchez, 0/17/11 1870: Set and held record, N. O. to St. Louis, 3/18/14 1870: Made run N.O. - Cairo, 3/1/0 1870: Made run N.O. - Donaldsville, 0/4/59 : 1870, Aug. Was fitted with new stacks of a plainer nature. : Wooden Model of Robt. E. Lee. : See this letter Name: ROB'T E. LEE The 2nd one ("Hoppin' Bob")
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James E. York Collection
Type: Sidewheel, wooden hull packet Size: 315' X 45.8' X 10.5', 1,467 tons Power: 40s- 10 ft., nine, 42" x 32'. Wheels, 40' dia., 17' buckets. Launched: 1876,, Apr. 25 AT 4:00 P.M., Jeffersonville, Ind. by Howard Yard. Completed at Portland Ky. and New Albany, Ind. Finishing touches were made mid-summer at Cairo. She 1876, Aug. 15, entered trade Destroyed: 1882, Sept 30, 3:30am, Yacatan Plantation, Burned killing 30 persons. Loss was placed at $118,000. Area: Miss. R. Owners: John W. Cannon *When burned, W. S. Cannon with Captain William Campbell Captain(s): Cannon, John W. *When burned, William Campbell of Louisville Comments: Much of her equipment came from the 1st ROB'T E. LEE : 1877, Feb. 16, blew a cylinder head killing one of crew. : 1877 season she ran total of 43 round trips. : 1882, fall, boat was refirbished
: *When she burned both Capt. Campbell and Capt. Cannon were on board and escaped harm. *10-01-1882 from the Atlanta Constitution newspaper, and others
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Name: ROBERT E. LEE The 1st. 
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James E. York Collection
Type: Sidewheel wooden hull packet Size: 238 X 38 X 5 Launched: 1898, Jeffersonville, Ind. by Howard Yard Destroyed: 1904, Dec. 22, Opposite Craighead Point, Sank. No lives lost. Carvel was her master at time. Area: L. Miss. R., Memphis - Ashport Owner(s): Lee Line? of Memphis, Tenn.. Captain(s): Conners, Dennis : 1904, Dec. 22, Carvel, George Comments: This LEE was named for boat Capt. Robert E. Lee, not for the military commander. Name: ROBERT E. LEE The 2nd. Originally the CHARLES J. MILLER. Then the GENERAL then the WARREN JOHNSON Name: ROBERT E. LEE The 3rd. Type: Sternwheel steel hull ferry boat Size:100.8' X 36' X 4.2' Power: 8's- 4 ft. Launched: 1939, Antiquity, Oh. by O.E. Sayer of Riverside Mill Destroyed: 1947, Feb. 14, Dammaged in collision with diesel towboat GEORGE C. PRICE. Soon retired and dismantled. Area: Owner(s): Fullerton-Portsmouth Ferry Company, Fullerton, Ky. Captain(s): Comments: Name: BOB LEE Jr./CORONA/ROBALO/CORONA Type: Sternwheel, steel hull packet/towboat Size: 145' X 32' Power: cross compound 15's - 30's- 6' stroke and firebox boiler. Launched: 1912, by Southern Tank and Boiler Works, on shore. Destroyed: 1932, Island 35, c., flopped over lost. Area: Miss. R., later Panuco R. , Mexico, then back to Miss. R. Owner(s): 1912, Lee Line of Memphis, Tenn.. : 1913 or so, Standard Oil : Transcontinental Oil, a Standard subsidiary, then re-purchased by Standard Oil Captain(s): Comments:
Nearly all of the information on this page came from Way's Packet Directory, 1848 - 1994
4. She Takes The Horns, by Fredrick Way, Jr.

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