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"A Union Gunboat"

From site visitor Carl Winkler

"The Queen City #26 is not listed. It was a Union gunboat that was sank in the White river at Clarendon Arkansas during the civil war. Folklore tells that it was carrying a union payroll of 150,000 dollars in Gold 20 dollar Golden Eagle coins and that it was retreived from the wreckage by a man named John Crittenhouse who then buried it in a cave in the area after Government demanded its return after the war. He then died carrying the secret of its location to his grave.

My investigation actually shows that this isn't true. According to my sources the boat could not have been transporting payroll to Little Rock. It had actually been sitting in the white river for over a month under orders to gaurd and keep waterway clear for troop transports in the area it also terrorized the citizens of Clarendon for a while. Hearing that the boat was there Gen. Joseph O. Shelby confederate gen. went to the area and brought a big gun and hid on the banks of the white rive and shelled the gunboat, crippling it He brought to shore Military records showthat there was a captured paymaster store amount unknown. The ship was then set ablaze and returned to the river to burn and sink.

In 1977 divers from the University of Missouri Underwater Archeologist dove for the ship They found a vessel and carried debris back to Missouri to be tested but could not confirm it was the QueenCity #26."


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