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Residents of the new frontier community of Sioux City in 1856 anticipated the arrival of Spring and the rising river as only an isolated, winter-weary settlement could. Among the most welcome sounds of Spring for them were the incessant hiss of the arriving boat's steam exhaust, and the glorious echoing tone of the whistle. The arrival of THE OMAHA meant supplies, mail, visitors with news from back home and, perhaps, a long-awaited family member.

THE OMAHA was commissioned in 1856 by the firm of Tootle & Jackson to carry $70,000 worth of merchandise to the western frontier. Her inventory included food, fabric, hardware, china, glassware, perfume, mirrors, firearms and gunpowder, books, reading glasses, liquor and much more.

The arrival of THE OMAHA at Sioux City after her 771-mile from St. Louis was equally welcome to the boat's passengers, who were overjoyed to have behind them a lengthy journey on
the Missouri, one of America's most unpredictable rivers whose log-jammed waters earned it the frontier rivermen's title of "River of Sticks."

The Omaha - Sioux City
Image size 16" x 28 1/2"
1,250 s/n
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