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Built in Madison, Indiana in 1856, THE OMAHA covered the 771-mile Missouri River route between St. Louis and Sioux City, Iowa.

On this voyage, commissioned by the firm of Tootle and Jackson, the boat was carrying some $70,000 worth of goods, including hardware, sawmills and even prefabricated buildings. All were destined for the Sioux City settlement, which would become an important staging area for the Montana gold fields.

Here THE OMAHA has stopped for the night and the crew is replenishing their supply of firewood. It was not uncommon for a steamboat to burn between ten and twenty five cords of wood a day.

The Omaha
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 An essay on the history of THE OMAHA, written by noted author John Madison, accompanies each print of this work. (NOTE: ORIGINAL OIL OF THIS WORK AVAILABLE)

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