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TRADGEDY of the steamboat J.C. RAWN

On Dec 7 1939 the J.C.RAWN was tied up at 20th street, when one of her three boilers exploded, blowing out the entire front end of the boat, killing three men and badly burning several others.

Per Huntington News Paper Jan 8, 1939
Dead were ;
Jesse Franklin PLANTS, 60, fireman,
Pt Pleasant,WV
Fred G. GEBHARDT, 41, mechanic
520 Thirtheenth Street , Huntington, WV
Lloyd MAYES , age unreported, second engineer , Pt Pleasant, WV

Injured and hospitalized were ;
Capt William McKinley WRIGHT, 54,
916 Tenth Street, Huntington, WV.
Major burns on right leg, back and face, severe shock; condition critical, not expected to live (Capt WRIGHT lived twenty - one more years, he died 1960)

Robert SMITH, 21, pilot, of Gallipols, OH
ajor burns on legs ,face and back , eyes injured; condition critical, not expected to live. (no info on him living or dying )

Thomas ASH, 25, deckhand of Robertsburg ,WV. Head and scalp injuries ,slight burns, condition fair.

J.E. BEAVER, 34, mate, of Grimms Landing ,WV, severe burns and head injury.
Condition fair

Mrs. Myriam KIRKPATRICK, 52.
Chambermaid, of Chesapeake, WV.
Condition, good .

Others injured ;
Warren VIRGIN,of Parkersburg WV.
Fireman, scratches and bruises.

Paul STARCHER, watchman , ST Albans, WV,
Deck hand, scratches and bruises.

Clenny Burton HEDRICK , of Stattes, WV,
Fireman, unhurt.

Rex Casto , of Gallipolis Ferry, WV.
Deck hand. Off the boat.

Mrs Maude AUSTIN , of Pt. Pleasant, WV,
Cook, no info.

26 Dec 2004

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