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Submitted by Site Visitor
Brent J. Martin

Just checked out the river boat site. I was checking on a genealogy question and appreciate you having your site available.

Thought I'd pass on a related "history". My ancestor, Nathaniel Cooper Weede (1808-1887), wrote a bit of autobiography which was printed in "The Midland" April 27, 1895 and excerpt of which is:

"On Tuesday morning Nov. 10, 1829 I left my father's house and arrived at Hamilton on the Miami River, 20 miles from my home, in company with William M. Boyse, a classmate who was also going to the Seminary at Pittsburgh. On Wednesday, the 11th, at ten o'clock A.M., I left Hamilton on the canal boat for Cincinnati, where we arrived in the evening. The following day at 12 M. we took a deck passage on the steamer, Highlander, for Pittsburgh. The fare for the trip was four dollars and we found our own board, and we had to sleep on a pallet on the floor. We were much delighted with the scenery which was presented to our view as we wended our way up the grand and placid Ohio. Well was it named by the French when discovered by them, "Le Belle Riviere", the Beautiful River. The varied and changing landscape, with the flourishing cities and towns on each side of the stream; the many islets dividing it's course; the beautiful steamers swiftly floating up and down the channel; all were new and fraught with interest to us. Three successive nights, toward the dawn, the dense fog that enveloped the river obliged the pilot to stop the advance of the boat and wait for the return of day to dispel the darkness. But on Nov. 17, about four o'clock P.M. we safely arrived at the place of our destination, the Smokey City of Pittsburgh."
I thought you might enjoy that. I wonder if the boat wasn't actually the Highland Laddie built in 1824.

I thought you might enjoy that. I wonder if the boat wasn't actually the Highland Laddie built in 1824.

Best Wishes,


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