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Last of four Western American steamboats to bear the same magic name, THE BENTON - - christened for the gateway riverport to Montan's fabled gold fields - - would in time be nicknamed "Old Reliable."

Launched on the Ohio River near Pittsburgh in 1875, she was a spoon-bowed, no-nonsense freight and passenger hauler in the best tradition of the FAR WEST, DEER LODGE and other "mountain class" steamers of the Upper Missouri River trade.

In 1877 THE BENTON established a speed record (10 days/18 hours) for the Bismarck to Fort Benton run. She served the U.S. Army as a transport against the Sioux and bore troops and rifles against Chief Joseph's Nez Perce.

THE BENTON earned her name "Old Reliable" by carrying more freight than any other boat serving Fort Benton. In 1889 she struck a snag near Washington, Missouri and sank, but was refloated and repaired. She went down two more times but was again patched and refloated until finally, her days ended in 1897 when she struck a bridge at Sioux City and spun into the Nebraska shore.
Information furnished by B. Paul Chicoine)

The Benton
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