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I was a boy back in the 70's and have been on her many times while she was still "alive" and functioning with her own heartbeat and power. I remember her many decks and her stainless steel shell. She cruised up and down the Mississippi River based in St. Louis near the stairs that lead up to The Gateway Arch. I remember the sound of her loud horns when she embarked for a river voyage and the calliope that was played at the aft deck while underway. She had much to do while onboard.

There were decks for dancing, eating, skill and pinball games. I can remember some of the interior decks being air conditioned, but the action was on the outside watching the river bank and other boats go by. The stainless steel boat was hard to miss on the muddy brown river. She could also be easily spotted from planes and buildings nearby as the sun reflected off her shiny surface.

The boat is now moored where she once only slept waiting for her next trip. She is a casino boat or merely a barge with shiny clothes. She sits patiently as people come and go trying their luck in the hopes of striking it big. Most not even realizing the charm and allure she once possessed. She is as much a part of St. Louis as any landmark, but one that used to move about the river as much alive as the river itself.

Chris Johnson
Atlanta, Georgia

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The information and images for the ALABAMA are borrowed from the
City of Bridgeport, Alabama's
Bridgeport, Alabama and Steamboatin' on the Tennessee

The  Paddlewheeler Alabama

Sternwheeler "ALABAMA", built in 1912 at Point Pleasant, West Virginia. She was 170' Long, 32.6' wide, and had a wooden hull. She was owned by the St. Louis and Tennessee River Packet Company. The Alabama when first built had no Texas deck, but one was added later. She ran from Paducah, Shiloh, Decatur, Guntersville, and Chattanooga until 1929. She was the last regular packet boat operating on the Tennessee River. She was chartered to the Cincinnati-Louisville trade, under the charter to the Louisville & Cincinnati Packet Company in the Spring of 1931.

Please take a look at the City of Bridgeport's site.
Bridgeport, Alabama and Steamboatin' on the Tennessee



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