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Maps of the Missouri River
Riverboat Landings and Riverboat Wrecks

Giving credit where credit is more than due -
These maps of the Missouri River have been compiled by site contributor Wayne Johnson, the webmaster for the Kingdom of Callaway Historical Society
in Fulton Missouri.
Wayne has allowed me to link directly to his work at Google Maps.

A few of Wayne's words about the locations markers you will find on the maps -

"Google maps use the center of the pin to mark the location rather than the presumed point of penetration of the pin. Consequently, the true location only becomes more accurate as one zooms in at higher and higher resolution. Oh well, a small price to pay. I doubt that many of the users will be that discerning. As one views the map they might observe that the inland pins are improperly placed without realizing the tremendous changes of the course of the Missouri River over the past 150 years. In working with locations along the river which I am most familiar with, I have come to realize the accuracy of those maps which amazes me. Surveying along a river is most difficult as is evidenced with the irregularities in the PLSS section lines on both sides of the river. Their accuracy really astounds me since they were working in difficult conditions with rather primitive tools. Comparison of scaled latitude and longitude to those taken onsite was extremely accurate."

This series of maps starts at the confluance of the Mississippi and Missouri rivers and is numbered from east to west and northward.
They show both steamboat landings and wrecks.

Clickable Overviews
Eastern Missouri
Western Missouri North Into Nebraska

Detail Maps

Map 1 - St Louis, Mo. to N. of Florissant, Mo.
Map 2 - N. of Florissant, I-64, Weldon Spring Heights, Mo
Map 3 - I-64, Weldon Spring Heights, Washington @ State Highway 47
Map 4 - Washington @ State Highway 47 to Just East of Hermann, Mo.
Map 5 - Just East of Hermann, Portland, Mo.
Map 6 - Portland, Mo. to Jefferson City, Mo.
Map 7 - Jefferson City, Mo. to Lupus, Mo.
Map 8 - Lupus, Mo. to just East of Boonville, Mo.
Map 9 - Boonville, Mo. north to Glasgow, Mo.
Map 10 - Glasgow, Mo. to South of Brunswick, Mo.
Map 11 - Brunswick, Mo. to Waverly, Mo.
Map 12 - Waverly, Mo. to Lexington, Mo.
Map 13 - Lexington, Mo. to Missouri City, Mo.
Map 14 - Missouri City, Mo. to Riverside, Mo. (Kansas City area)
Map 15 - Riverside, Mo. (Kansas City area) to Weston, Mo.
Map 16 - Weston, Mo. to Atchison, Ks.
Map 17 - Atchison, Ks. to St. Joseph, Mo.
Map 18 - St. Joseph, Mo. to White Cloud, Ks.
Map 19 - White Cloud, Ks. to Indian Cave State Park, Neb.
Map 20 - Indian Cave State Park, Neb. to Brownville, Neb.
Map 21 - Brownville, Neb. to Just north of Nebraska City, Neb.

Other Maps of Missouri's Rivers

Steamboat Wrecks, Jefferson City, Mo to Kansas City, Mo.

From Callaway County Cultural Resources
Web Site

Missouri R. Steamboat Landings, Callaway County Mo.
Mo. R. and Osage R. in Mo.


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